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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Jah Jah U-Roy 4:18
Jah Jah U-Roy 4:21
Jah Jah Call You U-Roy 3:05
Jah Jah Love U-Roy 4:15
Jah Jah Love U-Roy 4:00
Jah Son of Africa U-Roy 7:40
Jah Son of Africa U-Roy 7:38
Jah Son of Africa U-Roy 7:37
Joyful Dreadlocks U-Roy 3:16
Joyful Locks U-Roy 3:13
Joyful Locks U-Roy 3:10
Joyful Locks U-Roy 3:10
Joyful Locks U Roy 3:10
Joyful Locks U-Roy 3:14
Joyful Locks U-Roy ?:??
Joyful Locks U Roy ?:??
Joyful Locks U-Roy ?:??
Joyful Locks U-Roy ?:??
Joyfull Locks U-Roy 3:13
Jump for Joy U-Roy 2:26
Jump for Joy U-Roy 2:28
Jump for Joy U-Roy ?:??
Jump For Joy U Roy ?:??
Jump Up Soca U-Roy 2:26
Justice Tiken Jah Fakoly feat. U-Roy FRZ010102300 3:42
Justice Tiken Jah Fakoly feat. U-Roy 3:42
Keep on Running U-Roy 2:32
Keep on Running U-Roy 2:20
King of the Road U-Roy 4:03
King Of The Road U Roy & Lennox Brown ?:??
King Tubby Shank U Roy ?:??
King Tubby's Skank U-Roy 2:46
King Tubby's Skank U-Roy 2:56
King Tubby's Skank U-Roy 2:45
King Tubby's Skank U-Roy 2:48
King Tubby's Special King Tubby & U Roy 1:31
King Tubby's Special U-Roy 2:52
King Tubby's Special U-Roy ?:??
King Tubby's Special U Roy 2:52
Kingston 12 Shuffle U-Roy 2:48
Kingston 12 Shuffle U-Roy & Bob Marley & The Wailers 2:48
Kingston 12 Shuffle Version U-Roy & Peter Tosh 2:47
Know Who I Am U-Roy feat. Third World 3:59
Know Yourself U-Roy feat. Ernest Wilson 4:00
Leaders of the World U-Roy 4:01
Les raggamans sont dans la ville RIC feat. URoy 6:24
Lip Service U-Roy 4:39
Listen to the Teacher U-Roy 2:40
Listen To The Teacher U-Roy 2:34
Long Time in Bondage U-Roy 3:18
Love & Tender U-Roy 2:23
Love Fe Me U-Roy feat. Jimmy London 3:35
Love Fe Me 3 The Hard Way U-Roy feat. Jimmy London & Manu from Baobab 8:41
Love I Bring U Roy & Slim Smith 3:11
Love I Bring Hugh Roy & Slim Smith ?:??
Love I Tender U-Roy 2:26
Love I Tender U-Roy 2:28
Love I Tender U-Roy 2:29
Love I Tender U-Roy ?:??
Love in the Arena U-Roy 6:45
Love in the Arena U-Roy 6:44
Lovers Rock Love Trio feat. U-Roy 4:38
Lovers Rock (Deadbeat Knockout) Love Trio feat. U-Roy 6:18
Loving Gone Forever U-Roy 4:03
Luv n' Liv Dub Gabriel feat. U-Roy 5:36
Material Man U-Roy 3:53
Material Man U-Roy 3:52
Material Man U-Roy 3:50
Medley Train U. Roy & Ken Boothe 2:47
Medley Train U-Roy ?:??
Merciful Dub U-Roy 3:03
Merciful Dub U-Roy 3:01
Merry Go Round U-Roy 2:52
Merry Go Round U-Roy 2:46
Merry Go Round U-Roy 2:53
Merry Go Round U-Roy 2:51
Mi Brethren U-Roy 3:36
Midnight Hour U-Roy 2:46
Mine Field U-Roy 2:40
Miss Till I Kiss U-Roy feat. Jimmy London 3:43
Missiri Tiken Jah Fakoly feat. U-Roy FRZ010102320 4:10
Missiri Tiken Jah Fakoly feat. U-Roy 4:09
Money U-Roy feat. Horace Andy 3:54
Money Honey U-Roy 3:59
More Love U-Roy 3:21
More Mercy More Dub Mighty Diamonds & U-Roy 6:10
Moses Dub U-Roy 4:03
Mr Slave Driver U-Roy 3:50
Mr Slave Driver U-Roy 3:48
MR. Slave Driver U-Roy 3:49
Music Addict U-Roy 4:26
Musical Addict U-Roy ?:??
Musical Vision U-Roy 2:44
Musical Vision U-Roy 2:46
Musical Vision U-Roy 2:48
Musical Vision U Roy ?:??
My Girl U-Roy 2:30
My Girl U Roy & The Techniques 2:40
My Girl U-Roy ?:??
My Girl U-Roy 2:41

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