Scorpions (German rock band)

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members: Karl-Heinz Vollmer (guitar, background vocals) (1965 – 1970)
Lothar Heimberg (background vocals, bass guitar) (1965 – 1973)
Klaus Meine (lead vocals) (1969 –)
Michael Schenker (guitar, background vocals) (1969 – 1973)
Achim Kirschning (keyboard) (1973 – 1974)
Hans-Jürgen Rosenthal (background vocals, membranophone, percussion) (1973 – 1975)
Uli Jon Roth (background vocals, lead vocals, guitar) (1973 – 1978)
Francis Buchholz (background vocals, bass guitar) (1973 – 1992)
Rudy Lenners (membranophone, percussion) (1975 – 1977)
Joe Wyman (membranophone, percussion) (1977)
Herman Rarebell (drummer) (background vocals, membranophone, percussion) (1977 – 1996)
Michael Schenker (background vocals, guitar) (1978 – 1979)
Matthias Jabs (background vocals, guitar) (1979 –)
Ralph Rieckermann (background vocals, bass guitar) (1993 – 2002)
Curt Cress (membranophone, percussion) (1996)
James Kottak (membranophone) (1996 – 2016)
Ken Taylor (background vocals, bass guitar) (2000)
Ingo Powitzer (background vocals, bass guitar) (2004)
Barry Sparks (bass guitar) (2004)
Paweł Mąciwoda (background vocals, bass guitar) (2004-01-10 –)
Mikkey Dee (Motörhead/Scorpions drummer Micael Delaouglou) (membranophone) (2016 –)
original members: Rudolf Schenker (background vocals, guitar) (1965 –)
Wolfgang Dziony (background vocals, membranophone, percussion) (1965 – 1973)
tours: Acoustica Tour
Savage Amusement Tour
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Backstage Queen Scorpions 3:14
Catch Your Train Scorpions 3:37
Crying Days Scorpions 4:41
Hell-Cat Scorpions 2:58
In Your Park Scorpions 3:46
Pictured Life Scorpions 3:25
Polar Nights Scorpions 5:08
Virgin Killer Scorpions 3:43
Yellow Raven Scorpions 5:01
Savage Amusement Scorpions
Unbreakable Scorpions
Unbreakable Scorpions
Across the Universe Scorpions 3:19
All Day and All of the Night Scorpions 3:16
Blackout (2011 version) Scorpions 3:51
Children of the Revolution Scorpions 3:35
Nights With Alice Cooper: 2004-10-26: Scorpions Interview guest Alice Cooper 11:00
No One Like You (2011 version) Scorpions 4:07
Rhythm of Love (2011 version) Scorpions 3:39
Rock You Like a Hurricane (2011 version) Scorpions 4:16
Ruby Tuesday Scorpions 3:55
Still Loving You (2011 version) Scorpions 6:44
Tainted Love Scorpions 3:28
The Zoo (2011 version) Scorpions 5:38
Tin Soldier Scorpions 3:15
Wind of Change (2011 version) Scorpions 5:10
phonographic copyright
2002 Bad for Good Scorpions 4:02
2002 Cause I Love You Scorpions 3:45
Alien Nation (single version) Scorpions 5:01
Ave Maria no morro Scorpions 3:23
Big City Nights (live) (live, 1989-08-12/13: Moscow Music Peace Festival, Moscow, Russia) Scorpions 5:13
Don’t Believe Her Scorpions 4:56
Hit Between the Eyes Scorpions 4:31
No Pain, No Gain Scorpions 3:28
Remember the Good Times (Retro Garage mix) Scorpions 4:25
Restless Nights Scorpions 5:48
Send Me an Angel Scorpions 4:33
Tease Me Please Me Scorpions 4:45
White Dove Scorpions 4:19
Wind of Change Scorpions 5:12
Crazy World Scorpions
Crazy World Scorpions
Crazy World Scorpions
Face the Heat Scorpions
Face the Heat Scorpions
Face the Heat Scorpions
Unbreakable Scorpions
Unbreakable Scorpions
Remember the Good Times (Retro Garage mix) Scorpions 4:25
A Tribute to Scorpions: Songs of Change Various Artists
A Tribute to the Scorpions Various Artists