Name ISRCs Rating Length
Better in French 3:50
Better in French (acoustic version) 3:12
Blame Game 4:27
Boy in Paris 3:34
Chasing You GBARL1000104 4:07
Cinderella 3:44
Cinderella 3:44
Cinderella (acoustic version) 3:47
Cold Kiss (Demo) 3:17
Dead Heat 3:48
Four Leaf Clover GBARL1000173 4:11
Hit GBARL1000103 3:09
Jumping Into Rivers GBARL1000100 3:37
Just Say Yes (live, BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, 2010-04-22: Maida Vale, London, UK) 4:12
Just Say Yes (Radio 1 Live Lounge) 4:13
Lightning Strikes 3:31
Mad at Me 3:16
Me & You GBARL1000105 3:05
Mr. Postman 3:42
Music to Make Boys Cry 3:31
Music to Make Boys Cry (acoustic version) 3:27
My Hip GBARL0901697 3:24
My Wicked Heart GBARL1001342 2:57
My Wicked Heart (Black Box radio edit) 3:45
My Wicked Heart (BlackBox mix) 6:12
My Wicked Heart (Campfire acoustic version) 3:42
My Wicked Heart (Gareth Wyn mix) 6:30
N.U.M.B. GBARL1000098 3:59
Notice GBARL1000101 3:34
Once GBARL0901652 3:10
Once 3:22
Once 3:10
Once 3:08
Once 3:09
Once (live, BBC radio 1's live Lounge, 2010-04-22: Maida Vale, London, UK) 3:02
Once (Manhattan Clique remix club version) 5:52
Once (Manhattan Clique remix edit) (part of “Scott Mills Presents Big Ones” DJ‐mix) 3:08
Once (Radio 1 Live Lounge) 3:00
Put It Back Together GBARL1000242 4:04
Remake Me + You GBARL0901696 3:35
Smoke 3:56
Sunlight (Adventure Club Remix) 4:20
The Boy Who Murdered Love GBARL0901664 3:21
The Boy Who Murdered Love (Glam as You radio edit) 3:27
The Way You Say It (demo) 3:39
You'll Never Get to Heaven GBARL1000102 4:02

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