Julie Cooper

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Delicate Beauty (a) 2:03
A Delicate Beauty (b) 1:53
A Delicate Beauty (c) 0:29
A Delicate Beauty (d) 0:16
A Face in the Crowd (a) 1:24
A Face in the Crowd (b) 1:21
A Face in the Crowd (c) 1:15
A Special Place (a) 2:20
A Special Place (b) 0:14
A Special Place (c) 0:27
A Special Place (d) 2:01
A Special Place (e) 0:41
A Study in Time (a) 1:46
A Study in Time (b) 0:47
A Study in Time (c) 1:45
A Summer's Day (a) 1:26
A Summer's Day (b) 0:14
A Summer's Day (c) 1:45
Beyond the Horizon (a) 3:49
Beyond the Horizon (b) 0:18
Calm Waters (a) 0:54
Calm Waters (b) 0:20
Down Country Lanes (a) 1:17
Down Country Lanes (b) 1:15
Down Country Lanes (c) 0:14
Down Country Lanes (d) 1:17
Down Country Lanes (e) 1:15
Down Country Lanes (f) 0:27
Down Country Lanes (g) 0:26
Drifting By 0:46
Echoes of Home (a) 0:40
Echoes of Home (b) 0:11
Evening Light (a) 2:32
Evening Light (b) 2:09
Gossamer Dreams (a) 1:06
Gossamer Dreams (b) 1:02
Hearth and Home (a) 1:29
Hearth and Home (b) 0:14
Hearth and Home (c) 0:17
Light on the Water (a) 2:05
Light on the Water (b) 0:13
Light on the Water (c) 0:16
Light on the Water (d) 0:34
My Journey Begins (a) 2:39
My Journey Begins (b) 0:14
My Journey Begins (c) 2:35
My Journey Begins (d) 1:27
My Wish 0:57
New Day Dawning (a) 1:21
New Day Dawning (b) 1:17
Only Daydreams (a) 1:43
Only Daydreams (b) 0:26
Out of the Mist (a) 1:36
Out of the Mist (b) 1:33
Out of the Mist (c) 0:19
Ripples on the Water (a) 2:11
Ripples on the Water (b) 2:03
Ripples on the Water (c) 2:07
Rural Pastimes 1:15
Secret Paths (a) 1:42
Secret Paths (b) 0:19
Secret Paths (c) 0:29
Secret Paths (d) 0:29
Shades of Summer (a) 2:16
Shades of Summer (b) 1:46
The River Source 1:25
The Seasons Change (a) 2:08
The Seasons Change (b) 1:32
The Seasons Change (c) 0:45
The Seasons Change (d) 0:20
The Seasons Change (e) 0:10
The Seasons Change (f) 2:01
The Seasons Change (g) 1:02
The Winding Path (a) 1:58
The Winding Path (b) 1:51
The Winding Path (c) 0:12
The Winding Path (d) 0:15
The Winding Path (e) 1:45
The Winding Path (f) 0:59
This Is My Story (a) 1:44
This Is My Story (b) 0:16
This Is My Story (c) 0:12
This Is My Story (d) 1:41
This Is My Story (e) 1:39
This Is My Story (f) 0:35
Time Drifts By (a) 2:11
Time Drifts By (b) 0:34
Time Drifts By (c) 2:05
Time Drifts By (d) 0:27
To Believe (a) 1:36
To Believe (b) 0:13
To Believe (c) 0:19
To Believe (d) 0:59
To Believe (e) 0:35
Twice Is Nice 3:20
Twice Is Nice 1:00
Twice Is Nice 0:30
Twice Is Nice 0:20
Uncertain 1:49

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