Amnon Wolman (Israeli composer)

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member of:Amnon Wolman Ensemble
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Increased Fines
2006-10-03Increased Fineselectronic instruments [live laptop]Amnon Wolman9:58
Aircraft, One Volume Missing, the Charmelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman5:12
Company, The Oriental Ballerinaelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman10:42
Courtship Diligence, Promises, Dustingelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman5:43
Gospel, Roast Possum, The Strokeelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman9:32
Jiving, Straw Hat, Courtshipelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman7:44
Taking in Wash, Magicelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman7:25
The Event, Variation on Painelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman7:04
The Great Palaces of Versailles, Sunday Greens, Wingfoot Lakeelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman9:05
The Zeppelin Factory, Under the Viaduct 1932, Compendiumelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman5:58
Thomas at the Wheelelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman5:46
Weathering Out, Mothering, Daystarelectronic instrumentsAmnon Wolman10:30