Suicide Commando (Johan Van Roy)

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1988Suicide CommandoSuicide Commando31
1989This Is HateSuicide Commando1
1990CrapSuicide Commando1
1991Into the GraveSuicide Commando41
1992Black FlowersSuicide Commando43
1992BürokratieMØHR / Das Konzentrat / Bestattungsinstitut / Suicide Commando1
1993Electro Convulsion TherapySuicide Commando33
1994Critical StageSuicide Commando41
1995Stored ImagesSuicide Commando42
1998Construct >< DestructSuicide Commando34
2000MindstripSuicide Commando33
2003Axis of EvilSuicide Commando35
2006Bind, Torture, KillSuicide Commando44
2010Implements of HellSuicide Commando4.355
2013When Evil SpeaksSuicide Commando35
2017Forest of the ImpaledSuicide Commando44
2022GoddestruktorSuicide Commando42

Album + Compilation

1999Chromdioxyde 1Suicide Commando1
2002AnthologySuicide Commando2
2003Critical Stage + Stored ImagesSuicide Commando1
2007X.20: 1986-2006Suicide Commando2
2011The Suicide SessionsSuicide Commando1
2016Compendium X30: Dependent 1999–2007Suicide Commando1
2022Collective Suicide - Best OfSuicide Commando1

Album + Live

2013Rewind (Live Vintage Set)Suicide Commando1

Album + Remix

2007X.20 (Remixes)Suicide Commando1
2020Mindstrip ReduxSuicide Commando3


1984No MoreSuicide Commando1
2000Comatose DelusionSuicide Commando1
2000HellraiserSuicide Commando3
2003Face of DeathSuicide Commando1
2004Cause of Death: SuicideSuicide Commando1
2004Cause of Death: Suicide / One Nation Under GodSuicide Commando1
2005Godsend / MenschenfresserSuicide Commando1
2007F*** You Bitch!Suicide Commando1
2009Until We Die / Severed HeadSuicide Commando2
2010God Is in the RainSuicide Commando2
2010Death Cures All PainSuicide Commando1
2012Attention WhoreSuicide Commando1
2013UnterweltSuicide Commando2
2015The Pain That You LikeSuicide Commando3
2020Dein Herz, Meine Gier / Bunkerb!tchSuicide Commando2
2021Trick or TreatSuicide Commando1
2022Bang Bang BangSuicide Commando2
2023God of DestructionSuicide Commando2

Single + Remix

2012REMIX - Suicide Commando: Conspiracy With the Devil (Psyclon Nine revision)Psyclon Nine + Suicide Commando1
2019Conspiracy With the Devil (Areal Kollen remix)Suicide Commando1
2020Love Breeds Suicide (Areal Kollen Soft Piano-Tears mix)Suicide Commando1
2023The Pain That You Like (Ziguo Chen remix)Suicide Commando1
2023My New Christ (Ziguo Chen remix)Suicide Commando1


1996ContaminationSuicide Commando3
2001Love Breeds Suicide EPSuicide Commando1
2009Die Motherfucker DieSuicide Commando42
2017The Devil - EPSuicide Commando1
2018Death Will Find YouSuicide Commando2

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