Alive Behind the Green DoorFlogging MollyCD10
26f records639217970129639217970129
Salty DogFlogging Molly7" Vinyl2
26f records639217000178639217000178
SwaggerFlogging MollyCD13
  • US2000-03-07
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1219603967121926
SwaggerFlogging Molly(unknown)13
Drunken LullabiesFlogging MollyCD12
  • US2002-03-19
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1230603967123029
Drunken LullabiesFlogging MollyCD12
  • XE2002-08-05
Burning Heart RecordsBHR 1527391946115228
SwaggerFlogging MollyCD12
  • SE2003-10-27
Burning Heart RecordsBHR 1817391946118120
Swagger (The European Release of "Swagger", contains the Song "Juan El Sentimental", a different Version of "Sentimental Johnny" with spanish Lyrics, instead of the Original-Version.)Flogging MollyCD13
Burning Heart RecordsBHR1817391946118120
Within a Mile of HomeFlogging MollyCD15
  • US2004-09-14
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1251603967125122
Within a Mile of HomeFlogging MollyCD15
  • DE2004-09-20
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1251603967125122
Within a Mile of Home (Jewel Case)Flogging MollyCD15
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1251603967125122
Within a Mile of HomeFlogging MollyVinyl15
  • US2005-03-08
SideOneDummy Records603967126112
Alive Behind the Green DoorFlogging Molly(unknown)10
  • AU2006-04-24
Alive Behind the Green DoorFlogging MollyCD10
  • US2006-04-25
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1292603967129229
Whiskey on a SundayFlogging MollyCD + DVD-Video10 + 9
  • US2006-07-25
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1287603967128727
Drunken LullabiesFlogging MollyVinyl12
  • US2007-02-06
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1325-1603967132519
SwaggerFlogging MollyVinyl13
  • US2007-03-06
SideOneDummy Records603967132410
Within a Mile of HomeFlogging MollyVinyl15
  • US2007-03-06
SideOneDummy Records603967132618
Whiskey on a SundayFlogging MollyVinyl10
  • US2007-03-06
SideOneDummy Records603967132793
Complete Control SessionsFlogging Molly(unknown)6
  • XW2007-03-13
Drunken LullabiesFlogging MollyCD13
  • GB2008-02-11
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1230-24024572325701
FloatFlogging MollyCD11
  • US2008-03-04
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1348-2603967134827
Float (Bandcamp)Flogging MollyDigital Media11
  • XW2008-03-04
SideOneDummy Records[none][none]
FloatFlogging MollyCD11
  • DE2008-03-07
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1348-24024572325725
SwaggerFlogging MollyCD14
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1219-24024572325695
Live at the Greek TheatreFlogging MollyDigital Media22
  • XW2010-02-23
Live at the Greek TheatreFlogging MollyDVD-Video + 2×CD30 + 12 + 10
  • US2010-03-02
SideOneDummy RecordsSD1413-2603967141320
Speed of DarknessFlogging MollyCD12
  • DE2011-05-27
Cargo Records (German label)489464024572489465
Speed of DarknessFlogging MollyCD12
  • XE2011-05-31
Borstal Beat RecordsBBR002CD4024572489465
Speed of DarknessFlogging MollyDigital Media13
  • US2011-05-31
Borstal Beat Records[none]
Speed of DarknessFlogging MollyCD12
  • US2011-05-31
Borstal Beat RecordsBBR002626570612032
Speed of DarknessFlogging MollyCD15
  • AU2011-06-03
Other Tongues (Australian independent label)OTH94023
Speed of DarknessFlogging MollyCD + Vinyl12 + 2
  • XW2011-06-20
Borstal Beat RecordsBBR002CDX4024572489472
Speed of DarknessFlogging MollyDigital Media16
  • FR2011-10-31
Borstal Beat Records
Speed of Darkness / Revolution 5"Flogging MollyCD + Vinyl + Digital Media12 + 2 + 2
Borstal Beat RecordsBBR002626570613664
The Hand Of John L. SullivanFlogging MollyDigital Media1
  • US2016-03-11
Vanguard (imprint of Vanguard Records)
Life Is GoodFlogging MollyCD12
  • US2017-06-02
Vanguard (imprint of Vanguard Records)VAN00111888072024090
Life Is GoodFlogging MollyDigital Media12
  • XW2017-06-02
Vanguard (imprint of Vanguard Records)[none]
Drunken Lullabies (Jewel Case)Flogging MollyCD12Burning Heart RecordsBHR 152 / CMV 5.0152.20.562 [ACY]7391946115228
2002-07-11: Vans Warped Tour: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA, USAFlogging Molly(unknown)7
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