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DateTitleCredited asAttributesArtistLength
Army BandLeebert "Gibby" Morrisonbass guitar [bass]Black Uhuru4:24
Children of TomorrowLebert "Gibby" Morrisonacoustic guitarGentleman ft. Jack Radics4:44
Freedom FighterLeebert "Gibby" Morrisonbass guitar [bass]Black Uhuru3:58
GlasshousebassPeter Tosh5:53
If There Is a SongLeebert MorrisonbassBeres Hammond4:35
ImposterLeebert "Gibby" Morrisonbass guitar [bass]Black Uhuru4:56
Johnny B. GoodebassPeter Tosh4:03
Maga Dog (1983 re-recording)bassPeter Tosh4:25
Mama AfricabassPeter Tosh7:57
New DayGibbyacoustic guitarGentleman3:35
Not Gonna Give It UpbassPeter Tosh5:46
Peace & LoveLeebert "Gibby" Morrisonbass guitar [bass]Black Uhuru3:36
Take HeedLeebert "Gibby" Morrisonbass guitar [bass]Black Uhuru4:36
The HeathenLeebert "Gibby" Morrisonbass guitar [bass]Black Uhuru3:42
Where You Gonna RunbassPeter Tosh4:10
Word SoundLeebert "Gibby" Morrisonbass guitar [bass]Black Uhuru3:46
Pure LoveLeebert MorrisonguitarSonia Spence
Word Sound 'Ave Power: Dub Poets and Dubguitar [Lead]Various Artists