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children (as Eric Wright): Eric Wright, Jr.
collaborator on: The West Coast Rap All-Stars
married (as Eric Wright): Tomica Woods-Wright
member of: N.W.A (former US hip hop group) (1986 – 1992)
founded: Ruthless Records (Compton, LA hip-hop)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Gangsta Gangsta Eric Wright
We Want Eazy Eric Wright
dedicated to
Straight Outta Compton: Music From the Motion Picture Various Artists
Tha Crossroads (DJ U-Neek’s Mo Thug remix)
Gangsta Gangsta
BNK Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony 5:01
Foe tha Love of $ Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony feat. Eazy‐E 4:10
Foe tha Love of $ Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony feat. Eazy‐E 4:32
Foe tha Love of $ Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony feat. Eazy E 9:05
Foe tha Love of $ Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony feat. Eazy E 4:04
So Sweet Erick Onasis feat. Eazy E 3:18
Still Cruisin’ Cutmaster C feat. Eazy E ?:??
100 Miles and Runnin’ N.W.A
2 Hard Mutha’s executive Eazy‐E 4:27
Boyz‐N‐The Hood (remix) executive Eazy‐E 6:22
Eazy‐Chapter 8 Verse 10 (B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.) executive Eazy‐E 2:10
Eazy‐Duz‐It executive Eazy‐E 4:22
Eazy‐Er Said Than Dunn executive Eazy‐E 3:42
I’mma Break It Down executive Eazy‐E 3:29
It’s Funky Enough executive The D.O.C. 4:29
No More ?’s executive Eazy‐E 3:55
No More Lies executive Michel’le 3:42
Nobody Move executive Eazy‐E 4:49
Radio executive Eazy‐E 4:59
Ruthless Villain executive Eazy‐E 2:59
Still Talkin’ executive Eazy‐E 3:50
We Want Eazy executive Eazy‐E 5:01
100 Miles and Runnin’ executive N.W.A
5150: Home 4 tha Sick Eric Wright executive Eazy‐E
Addictive Hip Hop Muzick executive Who Am I?
Cha-Licious executive Menajahtwa
Creepin on ah Come Up executive Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony
Flere ho's executive Den Gale Pose
Gang Related executive Brownside
Michel'le executive Michel’le
N.Y./L.A. Rappers executive Bobby Jimmy and The Critters
No One Can Do It Better executive The D.O.C.
Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin’ Compton executive Eazy‐E
Straight Outta Compton executive N.W.A
Straight Outta Compton (original vinyl LP) executive N.W.A
Straight Outta Compton executive N.W.A
Supersonic: The Album Eric (Eazy‐E) Wright executive J.J. Fad
Supersonic: The Cassette Eric (Eazy‐E) Wright executive J.J. Fad
Supersonic: The Compact Disc Eric (Eazy‐E) Wright executive J.J. Fad
Boyz-N-The Hood N.W.A feat. Eazy‐E 5:14
Dopeman N.W.A 5:46
Down 2 tha Last Roach Mr. Roach Clip Eazy‐E 7:51
Fuck tha Police N.W.A 5:15
Game Wreck-Oniz-Iz Game guest Above the Law 5:12
Parental Discretion Iz Advised N.W.A 5:16
Sa Prize, Part 2 N.W.A 5:59
Straight Outta Compton N.W.A 4:18
The Grand Finale guest The D.O.C. & N.W.A. 4:39
The Grand Finalé additional The D.O.C. 4:37
The Last Song guest Above the Law 6:21
We Want Eazy Eazy‐E 5:01
We’re All in the Same Gang The West Coast Rap All-Stars 7:27
We’re All in the Same Gang (radio special) The West Coast Rap All-Stars 4:14
100 Miles and Runnin’ Eric Wright
Automobile Eric Wright
Boyz n tha Hood (G‐mix)
Boyz-N-The Hood Eric Wright
Boyz‐n‐the Hood (remix) Eric Wright
Down 2 tha Last Roach
Exxtra Special Thankz
Findum, Fuckum & Flee
Gimmie That Nutt
Real Muthaphuckkin G’s
Real Niggaz Eric Wright
Real Niggaz
Real Niggaz Don't Die Eric Wright
Real Niggaz Don’t Die
Sa Prize, Part 2
Still a Nigga
Straight Outta Compton Eric Wright
This Is a Collective Eric Wright