Consequence (US rapper)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Kanye West & Consequence 2:16
The Incredible Hulk Consequence feat. John Legend 3:44
The Jam ('96 remix) Consequence ?:??
The Jam (remix) Consequence 2:43
The Kumate Consequence 4:09
The More I Get Consequence feat. Rick Ross 1:11
The More I Get (feat. Rick Ross) Consequence 2:23
The People Saying Consequence ?:??
The Riot (Laid Back mix) Consequence ?:??
They My Juniors Consequence 4:00
They Say Common feat. Kanye West, Consequence ?:??
They Say (original version with Consequence verse) Common feat. John Legend & Consequence ?:??
Tic Toc Consequence 2:48
Trains Consequence 3:03
Tuck Your Release Consequence ?:??
Turn Ya Self In Consequence 3:14
Turn Yourself In Consequence 3:16
Uncle Raheim Consequence 4:09
Uncle Rahiem Consequence 4:08
Uncle Rahiem (skit) Consequence 0:18
Untitled (skit) Consequence 0:24
Up Against the Wall Consequence feat. Roc Marciano & Kendrick Lamar 4:33
Uptown Consequence 3:44
Uptown Consequence 3:43
Wack Niggas Consequence feat. Kanye West, Common & Talib Kweli 4:34
Wack Niggas Common feat. Consequence, Kanye West & Talib Kweli 2:04
Wack Niggaz Talib Kweli feat. Common, Kanye West, & Consequence 3:52
Wack Niggaz Talib Kweli feat. Common, Kanye West & Consequence 3:52
Wack Niggaz, Part 2 Kanye West feat. Common, Consequence & Talib Kweli 2:30
Waiting on You Consequence feat. John Legend 4:08
Waiting on You (a cappella) Consequence feat. John Legend 3:43
Waiting on You (instrumental) Consequence feat. John Legend 4:08
Watch Us Touch The Creators feat. Consequence 3:49
We Fight, We Love Kanye West feat. Q‐Tip & Consequence 3:13
We Fight/We Love (remix) (feat. Q-Tip & Kanye West) Consequence 3:50
Weekendz A Tribe Called Quest feat. Consequence 2:55
Weekendz ('96 remix) Consequence ?:??
Weekendz (remix) Consequence 3:12
Wet the Block Consequence feat. Rell, Lil' Fame & Bun B 4:08
Whack Niggas 2004 Kanye West feat. Consequence & Talib Kweli 3:45
Whatever U Want G.O.O.D. vs. Bad Megamix (feat. Kanye West, P. Diddy, Common, Kid Cudi, the LOX & John Legend) Consequence 3:49
Whatever You Want (DJ Emi remix) Consequence feat. Diddy, The LOX, John Legend, Kanye West, Common, Big Sean & Kid Cudi 4:22
Whatever You Want (JWLS Bootleg) Consequence feat. Kanye West & John Legend 3:36
Whatever You Want (remix) Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West, Common, John Legend, Consequence & Big Sean 4:04
Whatever You Want (remix) Consequence feat. Kanye West, Common, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, John Legend 4:05
Who Knew My Luck Would Change Consequence 5:15
Willy Overnight (Broke Niggaz) Consequence feat. Lo-Income 4:44
Willy Overnight (Broke Niggaz) (feat. Lo) Consequence ?:??
Word Play ('95 remix) Consequence ?:??
Word Play (remix) Consequence 3:02
Yard 2 Yard Consequence feat. Rhymefest 3:24
Yo, Dex! (skit) Consequence 0:46
You & Your Nigga Consequence 4:15
Your Luck's Gonna Run Out Soon Consequence 3:00

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