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At first, Radiadio was a small three man band. The founding members Jared & Drew started out as an acoustic cover band. Jared and Drew, being brothers grew up listening to a mixture of Blues, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, & R&B. From Snoop Dogg & Dre, to Zeppelin, & Hendrix their musical influences have grown far and wide. Drew is a very talented song writer & lyricist. He brings a bluesy feel with his harmonicas, & is very versatile with his vocals and acoustic guitar. Jared takes care of most of the recording, editing, beats, & is a major contributor the sound, style, & the general direction of their music. He mainly plays the rhythm guitar, & will occasionally play lead. His powerful voice, his ability to create music, write lyrics, & engineer their music, are key. Over the years, they have been through an assortment of band names, such as, "The Old #7 Band", & "Dawgs of War". Their hip-hop influences drove the band to collaborate with a local rapper, Matt Gilley. With Gilley, the band was known as "Cali Soca". They recorded 7-10 original songs, performed live, and together they created a different style and sound. Gilley's aggressive, energetic voice, his massive vocabulary, freestyles, & his extraordinary way with words made his unmistakable flow. His encouragement & driving motivation to make music changed everything. Cali Soca was together for a short period of time before Gilley went his seperate way. Shortly after Gilley left, the band went on to record two albums. Their debut album "Because of You", & their follow up album "Horseshoes & Hand Grenades". Along with their second album, an opportunity had presented itself to team up with a close friend and fan. He was going to be a featured artist on their third album, but after recording a just few songs, the chemistry of them working together was unreal. He is now an official member. He's constantly coming up with crazy lyrics, and is always singing about something. His name, is ThomasCrown. He has a certain swagger, a sauce, an undeniable talent, & a sex appeal like no other. With his unique flow and style, he's altered the sound of Radiadio forever. Creating their own form of Rock/Hip-Hop with incredible guitar solos, rap, bluesy vocals, and a touch of R&B. It's a whole new feel. Their most recent album, "The ThomasCrown Effect" is filled with catchy songs, impressive vocals, & killer beats. The recording takes place in their home studio. The band has recently aquired new equipment that will improve the quality of their recordings. Radiadio has never had a permanent drummer, or bass player. Through co-workers, friends, & posting on their website, the guys were able to meet David and Eric. David is a very impressive drummer that has been playing for over 12 years is the biggest addition to the band since Mr.ThomasCrown. Jared and Justin both have handled the bass when the band is recording, but in order to practice & play live, the band needed a bassist. Eric is the newest member of Radiadio. He has a great deal of experience and knowledge of recording, and is also a guitarist. He has been playing for about twelve years. Unlike some musicians, Eric doesn't mind playing a different instrument like the bass guitar. Like David, he fit right in. It's been a long time coming, Radiadio has played a few live shows, and lots of parties in the past, but with David & Eric in the picture now, you can expect to see them out playing very soon. The band is currently practicing and working on their fourth album.

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2009 The ThomasCrown Effect 1

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