Chuck Berghofer (Jazz bassist)

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member of:The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra (bass)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1961-03A Gem from Tiffanydouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men3:01
1961-03Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbyedouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men4:31
1961-03How Could It Happen to a Dreamdouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men7:01
1961-03If I Were a Belldouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men12:33
1961-03Love for Saledouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men10:38
1961-03On Green Dolphin Streetdouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men13:14
1961-03Softly, as in a Morning Sunrisedouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men9:16
1961-03The Champdouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men11:06
1961-03What's New?double bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men6:58
1961-10Checkmatedouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men7:54
1961-10Cyanide Touchdouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men7:45
1961-10En Passantdouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men5:42
1961-10Fireside Eyesdouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men3:49
1961-10The Black Knightdouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men6:37
1961-10The Isolated Pawndouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men6:07
1961-10The King Swingsdouble bass [bass]Shelly Manne & His Men5:31
1962-11 – 1963-01Alone TogetherbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends7:57
1962-11 – 1963-01Falling in Love With LovebassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends4:32
1962-11 – 1963-01Little BirdbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends2:18
1962-11 – 1963-01My Favorite ThingsbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends4:25
1962-11 – 1963-01Never Never LandbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends6:33
1962-11 – 1963-01Spring Can Really Hang You Up the MostbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends2:55
1962-11 – 1963-01Three-Four-FivebassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends2:55
1962-11 – 1963-01To Kill a MockingbirdbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends2:20
1962-11 – 1963-01Toot Toot Tootsie (Goodbye)bassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends5:11
1963-11-15Any Number Can WinbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends2:30
1963-11-15Can't We Be FriendsbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends6:24
1963-11-15I Have DreamedbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends4:12
1963-11-15I'm Beginning to See the LightbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends5:45
1963-11-15Kiss Me BabybassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends1:50
1963-11-15No Other LovebassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends6:30
1963-11-15OleobassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends3:18
1963-11-15Soft WindsbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends3:00
1963-11-15Sweet SeptemberbassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends2:35
1963-11-15Yours Is My Heart AlonebassThe Pete Jolly Trio And Friends6:53
1964-08A Hard Day's NightbassPete Jolly & His Trio2:28
1964-08A Sleepin' BeebassPete Jolly & His Trio2:40
1964-08Blues Two WaysbassPete Jolly & His Trio2:45
1964-08Hello DollybassPete Jolly & His Trio1:50
1964-08Here's That Rainy DaybassPete Jolly & His Trio2:48
1964-08PeoplebassPete Jolly & His Trio3:11
1964-08Sweet SeptemberbassPete Jolly & His Trio2:28
1964-08The First of WaybassPete Jolly & His Trio2:39
1964-08The Grass Is GreenerbassPete Jolly & His Trio2:16
1964-08The Moment of TruthbassPete Jolly & His Trio2:15
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-2417 Mile DrivebassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra4:12
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24A Patch of BluebassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra2:42
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24Batucada SurgiubassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra2:25
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24Blues for a DebutantebassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra2:35
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24I’m in the Mood for LovebassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra3:37
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24Latin LadybassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra5:37
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24Night FlightbassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra3:03
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24Our Man FlintbassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra3:02
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24See SawbassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra3:36
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24Sweets For My SweetbassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra2:51
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24Tin Tin DeobassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra2:54
1965-12-14 – 1965-12-24Wild ChestnutsbassJames Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra2:20
1965-12A Patch of Bluedouble bassGil Fuller & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra Featuring James Moody2:40
1965-12Batucada Surgiudouble bassGil Fuller & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra Featuring James Moody2:20
1965-12Night Flightdouble bassGil Fuller & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra Featuring James Moody2:58
1965-12Seesawdouble bassGil Fuller & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra Featuring James Moody2:40
1965-12Sweets for My Sweetdouble bassGil Fuller & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra Featuring James Moody2:30
1965-12Tin Tin Deodouble bassGil Fuller & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra Featuring James Moody2:52
1966-02-14I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (instrumental stereo mix)double bassThe Beach Boys3:24
1966-02-14I Just Wasn’t Made for These Timesdouble bassThe Beach Boys3:14
1966-02-14I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times (stereo)double bassThe Beach Boys3:21
1966-02-14I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times (mono)double bassThe Beach Boys3:16
1968-11-24Art Pepper Introduces the MusiciansbassArt Pepper Quintet1:24
1968-11-24Blues RockbassArt Pepper Quintet10:18
1968-11-24CherokeebassArt Pepper Quintet19:40
1968-11-24Everything Happens to MebassArt Pepper Quintet13:35
1968-11-24Groupin'bassArt Pepper Quintet21:38
1968-11-24Lover, Come Back to MebassArt Pepper Quintet22:06
1968-11-24Stompin' at the SavoybassArt Pepper Quintet21:08
1969-07-12 – 1969-07-26Don't Worry About MebassThe Pete Jolly Trio10:12
1969-07-12 – 1969-07-26Hey JudebassThe Pete Jolly Trio9:12
1969-07-12 – 1969-07-26I Should CarebassThe Pete Jolly Trio7:02
1969-07-12 – 1969-07-26MilestonesbassThe Pete Jolly Trio11:53
1969-07-12 – 1969-07-26Stars and Stripes ForeverbassThe Pete Jolly Trio7:25
1969-07-12 – 1969-07-26Tea For TwobassThe Pete Jolly Trio4:40
1969-07-12 – 1969-07-26That Old Devil MoonbassThe Pete Jolly Trio12:35
1976-05-03 – 1976-05-12All by MyselfbassCarmen McRae6:03
1976-05-03 – 1976-05-12Can't Hide LovebassCarmen McRae3:54
1976-05-03 – 1976-05-12I Wish You WellbassCarmen McRae3:17
1976-05-03 – 1976-05-12Lost Up in Loving YoubassCarmen McRae4:38
1976-05-03 – 1976-05-12Only Women BleedbassCarmen McRae4:57
1976-05-03 – 1976-05-12You're EverythingbassCarmen McRae2:51
1984-03-20 – 1984-03-21A Time for LovebassZoot Sims7:53
1984-03-20 – 1984-03-21Cinnamon and ClovesbassZoot Sims5:46
1984-03-20 – 1984-03-21EmilybassZoot Sims9:46
1984-03-20 – 1984-03-21Low LifebassZoot Sims6:20
1984-03-20 – 1984-03-21Quietly TherebassZoot Sims6:11
1984-03-20 – 1984-03-21ZootbassZoot Sims6:51
1985Adelaide's Lamentdouble bassBarbra Streisand3:25
1987-06-20Never Make Your Move Too SoonbassErnestine Anderson10:27
1987-06A Jug or NotbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut3:56
1987-06Candy BarbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut6:12
1987-06Cat NapbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut3:35
1987-06I Let a Song Go Out of My HeartbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut3:31
1987-06It Might as Well Be SpringbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut4:10
1987-06Never Make Your Move Too SoonbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut10:40
1987-06Queer StreetbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut3:08
1987-06Spring Is HerebassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut4:01
1987-06Street of DreamsbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut4:37
1990-02-16Bit 'o' SweetsbassBob Cooper, Pete Christlieb10:32
1990-02-16Come SundaybassBob Cooper, Pete Christlieb7:34
1990-02-16Limehouse BluesbassBob Cooper, Pete Christlieb11:54
1990-02-16Passion FlowerbassBob Cooper, Pete Christlieb8:21
1990-02-16RainbassBob Cooper, Pete Christlieb10:52
1990-02-16Shaw 'NuffbassBob Cooper, Pete Christlieb5:57
1990-02-16The Late, Late ShowbassBob Cooper, Pete Christlieb7:09
1990-02-16The Touch of Your LipsbassBob Cooper, Pete Christlieb6:22
1993A Gal in CalicobassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:49
1993Darn That DreambassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:06
1993Dear Old StockholmbassThe Pete Jolly Trio7:02
1993Like Someone in LovebassThe Pete Jolly Trio6:37
1993Little BirdbassThe Pete Jolly Trio2:49
1993Old FolksbassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:37
1993On Green Dolphin StreetbassThe Pete Jolly Trio4:35
1993Speak LowbassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:48
1993Stardust (Verse)bassThe Pete Jolly Trio1:17
1993While My Lady SleepsbassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:17
1993You and the Night and the MusicbassThe Pete Jolly Trio3:58
1993You Stepped Out of a DreambassThe Pete Jolly Trio6:42
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11Ah-MoorebassThe Pete Jolly Trio7:00
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11CrazeologybassThe Pete Jolly Trio3:57
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11Diablo's DancebassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:40
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11Dream DancingbassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:39
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11Ill WindbassThe Pete Jolly Trio6:39
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11Lullaby of the LeavesbassThe Pete Jolly Trio4:47
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11Never Never LandbassThe Pete Jolly Trio4:31
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11The Man I LovebassThe Pete Jolly Trio6:21
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11The Red DoorbassThe Pete Jolly Trio4:22
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11VariationsbassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:11
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11Wonder WhybassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:18
1995-10-10 – 1995-10-11Yeah!bassThe Pete Jolly Trio4:56
1995-12-01Harlem Mist '55double bassTony Williams4:03
1995-12-01Infant Wildernessdouble bassTony Williams2:30
1995-12-01Sea of Wildernessdouble bassTony Williams3:06
1995-12-01Wilderness Risingdouble bassTony Williams7:36
1995-12-01Wilderness Voyagerdouble bassTony Williams2:07
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Blues Up and Downdouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard4:12
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Eternal Triangledouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard5:17
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Fried Bananasdouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard5:41
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Groovin' Highdouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard5:42
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Here's to Alvydouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard5:48
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Holy Landdouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard6:07
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Little Ponydouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard5:30
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Love for Saledouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard6:29
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Moten Swingdouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard5:52
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06St. Thomasdouble bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard4:04
1997-03-04 – 1997-03-06Strollin'double bass [bass]Ernie Watts / Pete Christlieb / Rickey Woodard7:23
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-153x5+16bassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!4:35
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15Berne, Baby Berne!bassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!3:57
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15ContebassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!5:10
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15Ike, Mike And SpikebassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!4:13
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15Quiet RiotbassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!6:26
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15Summer LovebassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!5:55
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15The AdmiralbassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!4:38
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15The Intimacy Of The BluesbassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!7:20
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15To C.P. With LovebassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!4:36
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15Who Brings You The Good News?bassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!6:30
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15With Bells OnbassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!4:52
1997-10-14 – 1997-10-15Your Wake Up CallbassLouie Bellson's Big Band Explosion!6:13
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13Alice in WonderlandbassJohn Proulx4:04
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13Do Nothin' Til You Hear From MebassJohn Proulx4:18
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13East of the SunbassJohn Proulx4:02
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13I Can't Make You Love MebassJohn Proulx4:26
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13I Should CarebassJohn Proulx4:12
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13I've Never Been in Love BeforebassJohn Proulx2:50
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13Moon and SandbassJohn Proulx5:02
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13My Love for YoubassJohn Proulx4:26
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13So in LovebassJohn Proulx5:04
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13Stuck in a Dream With MebassJohn Proulx4:55
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13There Is No Greater LovebassJohn Proulx2:57
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13What a Difference a Day MakesbassJohn Proulx3:42
2004-05-24 – 2006-03-13You'd Be So Nice to Come Home TobassJohn Proulx4:53
2008-06-13 – 2008-10-18Beatles Medley: Golden Slumbers / Here, There and EverywherebassRoberta Gambarini5:58
2008-06-13 – 2008-10-18CrazybassRoberta Gambarini5:02
2008-06-13 – 2008-10-18Day in Day OutbassRoberta Gambarini2:50
2008-06-13 – 2008-10-18EstatebassRoberta Gambarini4:51
2008-06-13 – 2008-10-18Get Out of TownbassRoberta Gambarini5:07
2008-06-13 – 2008-10-18I See Your Face Before MebassRoberta Gambarini6:15
2008-06-13 – 2008-10-18This Is AlwaysbassRoberta Gambarini4:42
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28AutobiographybassThe H2 Big Band5:22
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28B in CbassThe H2 Big Band5:15
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28Black Lace Freudian SlipbassThe H2 Big Band6:56
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28C.P. YoubassThe H2 Big Band6:41
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28Hocus PocusbassThe H2 Big Band6:59
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28I Like YoubassThe H2 Big Band5:19
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28It Could Happen To YoubassThe H2 Big Band6:31
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28Lynda BbassThe H2 Big Band5:45
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28The Healing HymnbassThe H2 Big Band7:45
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28The Look of LovebassThe H2 Big Band5:34
2013-08-27 – 2013-08-28You Go To My HeadbassThe H2 Big Band5:31
2014-08-20I Want to Drive My Car (big band)bassNeil Young3:11
2014-08-20Like You Used to Do (big band)bassNeil Young2:41
2014-08-20Say Hello to Chicago (big band)bassNeil Young4:57
2014It Had to Be YoubassBarbra Streisand with Michael Bublé4:23
'Round MidnightbassDennis Rowland7:11
88 Basie StreetbassGregg Field6:09
88 Basie StreetbassSammy Nestico5:53
A Gem From TiffanybassShelly Manne1:45
A Second Chancedouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers2:15
A Thousand Kisses DeepbassCohen & Robinson3:59
A Warm BreezebassSammy Nestico7:17
All BluesbassDennis Rowland6:55
Amusement Parks U.S.A. (mono)double bass [upright bass]The Beach Boys2:31
And So It Goesdouble bassJohn Proulx5:30
Angeldouble bassJohn Proulx5:56
Angel EyesCharles BerghoferbassBarry Manilow4:09
Angel EyesbassLyn Stanley?:??
At SeventeenbassLyn Stanley?:??
Back Home in Indianadouble bassRosemary Clooney2:06
Basie's Deep FrybassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut5:42
Before We Say Goodnightdouble bassJohn Proulx5:33
Bewitched, Bothered and BewilderedbassDiane Schuur9:06
Blackbirddouble bassLincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues3:00
Both Sides NowbassJohn Proulx4:43
Can I Call You SugarbassLorraine Feather4:06
Capp This!bassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut5:08
Carmeldouble bassDavid Benoit3:11
Cherokeedouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers2:31
China Moondouble bassTony Williams3:24
Come Dance With Me / Come Fly With MeCharles BerghoferbassBarry Manilow3:00
Come Rain or Come ShineCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:57
Corcovado (Quiet Nights)double bassRosemary Clooney3:12
CrazybassDiane Schuur3:57
Dearly BelovedbassRay Walker, John Pisano3:44
Detour Aheaddouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers2:50
Easy LivingbassDennis Rowland5:41
Fan TanbassShelly Manne2:25
Fascinanting RhythmbassSammy Nestico3:24
Fascinating RhythmbassGregg Field3:25
Fiesta in BrassbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut3:57
Gentle RainbassJohn Proulx4:26
GentlefolkbassRay Walker, John Pisano5:50
Good Morning HeartachebassDiane Schuur5:18
Green Dolphin StreetbassShelly Manne2:19
Green Eggs and Hamdouble bassDr. Seuss7:25
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmasbass guitarKatharine McPhee feat. Chris Botti4:27
Here's to "The Chuckster"double bassJohn Proulx3:46
Hey TherebassBette Midler3:31
How Are Things in Glocca Morradouble bassRosemary Clooney5:05
How Deep Is the OceanbassLyn Stanley?:??
How Deep Is the Oceandouble bassRosemary Clooney4:17
How InsensitivebassLyn Stanley?:??
How Many Hearts Have You BrokenCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:57
I Can't Give You Anything but Lovedouble bassJohn Proulx4:51
I Concentrate on Youdouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers2:42
I Could Write a BookbassDennis Rowland3:54
I Cover the WaterfrontCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino3:13
I Don't Worry About a ThingbassJohn Proulx4:36
I Feel a Song Comin' Ondouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers2:25
I Hear a RhapsodybassThe Pete Jolly Trio3:55
I Love YoubassThe Pete Jolly Trio2:51
I Only Have Eyes for YoubassDiane Schuur3:56
I See Your Face Before Medouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers1:53
I Should CarebassThe Pete Jolly Trio6:20
I'll Be Seeing YoubassLyn Stanley?:??
I'll Close My Eyesdouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers2:18
I'm in Lovedouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers1:42
Ifdouble bassLincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues3:05
If I Were a Bell (I’d Be Ringing)bassThe Pete Jolly Trio4:46
In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the EveningbassBette Midler2:44
In the Days of Our Lovedouble bassJohn Proulx5:05
It Could Happen to YoubassShelly Manne3:23
It Could Happen to YoubassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:03
It Had to Be YouCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:33
It's a Wonderful WorldbassSammy Nestico5:44
It's a Wonderful WorldbassGregg Field5:34
Jingle Bellsbass guitarKatharine McPhee2:52
Joe's BluesbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut10:52
Jogger Chroniclesdouble bassJohn Proulx4:32
Johann's StepsbassRay Walker, John Pisano5:10
Keepin’ Out of Mischief NowbassDiane Schuur3:15
Let's Eat Homedouble bassRosemary Clooney3:04
Let's Get Away From It Alldouble bassRosemary Clooney4:11
Look Out!double bass [bass]Joanie Sommers1:38
Love for SalebassShelly Manne1:56
Love Is for Dreamersdouble bassJohn Proulx5:17
Love Me or Leave MebassLyn Stanley?:??
Lover Never DiesbassThe Pete Jolly Trio4:32
Lumpy Gravy, Part OnebassFrank Zappa15:51
Lumpy Gravy, Part TwobassFrank Zappa15:51
Makin' WhoopeebassLyn Stanley?:??
Medley: O Little Town of Bethlehem / Away in a Mangerbass guitarKatharine McPhee3:20
Memories of YoubassBette Midler3:20
Moonlight Mississippidouble bassRosemary Clooney3:29
Morris MinorbassShelly Manne2:37
Music Is My LifebassDiane Schuur4:10
My Kind of TownCharles BerghoferbassBarry Manilow3:00
My RomancebassThe Pete Jolly Trio6:08
My ShipbassDennis Rowland6:29
Norwegian Wooddouble bassLincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues2:53
Ol' Man Riverdouble bassRosemary Clooney2:01
On a Slow Boat to ChinabassBette Midler feat. Barry Manilow2:32
On the Road Againdouble bassRosemary Clooney3:40
Only a RosebassThe Pete Jolly Trio6:08
Only Our HeartsbassPaul McCartney4:21
Over the RainbowbassLyn Stanley?:??
Peace Traindouble bassLincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues3:01
Pennies from HeavenCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:53
Pfrancing (No Blues)bassDennis Rowland6:54
Please Don't Bug MeCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:21
Pleasin'bassGregg Field4:00
Pressure CookerbassSammy Nestico3:56
Priscilla's BluesbassRay Walker, John Pisano4:11
Proulx's Bluesdouble bassJohn Proulx5:07
Push Hands Annadouble bassJohn Proulx4:39
Road to Moroccodouble bassRosemary Clooney2:35
Rules of the Roaddouble bassRosemary Clooney4:30
SamanthabassSammy Nestico3:40
SamanthabassGregg Field3:58
Satin DollbassGregg Field5:04
Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night in the Week)Charles BerghoferbassBarry Manilow2:13
Say ItbassJohn Proulx4:53
Say Si SibassThe Pete Jolly Trio3:00
ScatsvillebassJohn Proulx3:48
September in the RainbassDiane Schuur5:08
She Was Too Good To MebassThe Singers Unlimited3:55
Silver Bellsbass guitarKatharine McPhee3:14
Since I Fell for YoubassLyn Stanley?:??
Singdouble bassJohn Proulx5:36
Singin' in the RainbassRay Walker, John Pisano7:00
SistersbassBette Midler feat. Linda Ronstadt2:54
Smack Dab in the MiddlebassGregg Field7:00
Small TalkbassGregg Field7:55
Small TalkbassSammy Nestico7:55
SmilebassLyn Stanley?:??
Softly as in a Morning SunrisebassShelly Manne2:01
Someday My Prince Will ComebassDennis Rowland4:52
Something to Live ForbassJohn Proulx4:50
Sometimes I'm HappyCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:38
SouvenirbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut4:36
Speak LowbassShelly Manne1:50
Stained GlassbassJohn Proulx4:26
Still Crazy After All These Yearsdouble bassRosemary Clooney4:04
Still on the Roaddouble bassRosemary Clooney4:39
Strangers in the NightCharles BerghoferbassBarry Manilow3:08
SundaybassThe Pete Jolly Trio6:05
Sweet Georgia Brown (Waltz)Charles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:23
Sweet Georgie FamebassRay Walker, John Pisano7:22
Swing ShiftbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut4:44
Take Me Back to Manhattandouble bassRosemary Clooney5:14
TarragonbassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut5:02
TenderlybassBette Midler3:12
That Old Black MagicCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:46
That Old Devil Called LovebassDiane Schuur4:36
That Old FeelingbassLyn Stanley?:??
The 101bassLorraine Feather3:14
The April Foolsdouble bassLincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues3:23
The Best Thing for Youdouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers1:40
The Best Thing for You (Would Be Me)double bassJohn Proulx5:57
The Blues MachinebassSammy Nestico6:32
The Blues MachinebassGregg Field6:33
The Breeze and IbassShelly Manne2:02
The ChampbassShelly Manne2:10
The Heat's OnbassGregg Field3:02
The King SwingsbassShelly Manne2:22
The Last GoodbyebassJohn Proulx3:54
The Meaning of the Blues / LamentbassDennis Rowland10:44
The Navy SwingsbassShelly Manne1:19
The Summer KnowsbassLyn Stanley?:??
The Summer KnowsbassJohn Proulx4:12
The Very Thought of YoubassLyn Stanley?:??
This Can't Be Lovedouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers2:30
This Heart of Minedouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers3:04
This Ole HousebassBette Midler3:03
Till We Meet Againdouble bassRosemary Clooney3:08
Too Marvelous for WordsCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:17
Two of a Kinddouble bassJohn Proulx4:13
VoyagebassThe Pete Jolly Trio4:00
Wabashdouble bassJohn Proulx5:25
Warthog RhapsodybassNathan Lane & Ernie Sabella3:06
Watch What HappensbassJohn Proulx3:32
We've Only Just Begundouble bassLincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues3:19
What the World Needs Now Is LovebassThe Capp-Pierce Juggernaut2:39
Whatcha Gonna Do on MondayCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:21
When April Comes AgainbassThe Singers Unlimited3:26
White Christmasbass guitarKatharine McPhee3:03
Who's Sorry NowbassGregg Field3:10
Who's Sorry Now?bassSammy Nestico4:25
Without Your LovebassThe Pete Jolly Trio5:36
Wouldn't YoubassShelly Manne2:01
YesterdaysbassShelly Manne2:37
You Better Go Nowdouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers2:08
You Don't Know What Love IsbassDennis Rowland5:33
You Make Me Feel So YoungCharles BerghoferbassBarry Manilow3:00
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home TobassDiane Schuur3:11
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home Todouble bass [bass]Joanie Sommers1:42
You're a SweetheartCharles C. BerghoferbassFrank Rosolino2:41
You've ChangedbassLyn Stanley?:??
A Time for LovebassArturo Sandoval
Black MessiahstringsD’Angelo and The Vanguard
Both Sides NowbassJoni Mitchell
Give a DamnbassPete Jolly
Herb Alpert Presents Pete JollybassPete Jolly
Herb Alpert Presents Pete JollybassPete Jolly
My Griffin Is GonebassHoyt Axton
Rocky IIbass guitarBill Conti
Something's Cookin'bassHoward Roberts Quartet
TestifybassThe Simpsons
Testify: A Whole Lot More Original Music From the Television SeriesbassThe Simpsons
The Grand TourbassAaron Neville
White ChristmasbassRosemary Clooney
Blue HawaiiadditionalJan Lundgren4:25
Dreamland JazzTrent Reznor & Atticus Ross3:17
Easy LivingadditionalJan Lundgren5:47
Faithful ForeveradditionalJan Lundgren4:12
For These Memories... Thanks!additionalJan Lundgren10:50
Havin' Myself a TimeadditionalJan Lundgren4:24
Here Lies LoveadditionalJan Lundgren5:52
I Wished on the MoonadditionalJan Lundgren5:33
If I Should Lose YouadditionalJan Lundgren5:08
June in JanuaryadditionalJan Lundgren5:28
Love in BloomadditionalJan Lundgren4:15
Miss Brown to YouadditionalJan Lundgren5:09
Moanin' LowadditionalJan Lundgren4:42
Nostalgia BluesTrent Reznor & Atticus Ross3:28
PleaseadditionalJan Lundgren4:36
Sweet Is the Word for YouadditionalJan Lundgren5:05
Thanks for the MemoryadditionalJan Lundgren3:49