bLiNd (video game arrangement)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Born For This bLiNd ?:??
Break Addix bLiNd 3:45
Call 911 (The House is on Fire) bLiNd ?:??
Castlevania 'I Am Dracula (Club Mix)' OC ReMix bLiNd 6:35
Chrono Trigger 'Dream of Zeal' OC ReMix bLiNd 3:04
Chrono Trigger 'Pipe Dream Mystics' OC ReMix bLiNd 5:24
Donkey Kong Country 'Blue Vision' OC ReMix bLiNd 4:18
Donkey Kong Country 'Industrial Fear' OC ReMix (OverClocked ReMix version) bLiNd 5:39
Extreme-G 'G-Storm' OC ReMix bLiNd 5:36
Final Fantasy X 'White Skies (Club Mix)' OC ReMix bLiNd 7:44
Final Fantasy XIII 'Blue Skies' OC ReMix Ashleigh Coryell & bLiNd 4:45
God's Eye bLiNd ?:??
Gradius III 'Space Ace' OC ReMix bLiNd 4:38
Lift Me Up bLiNd 5:22
Liquid Raver bLiNd ?:??
Lost In Trance bLiNd 4:21
Luminescence bLiNd ?:??
My World bLiNd 4:24
Shaded bLiNd ?:??
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I 'The Obsequious Heterophobia of Dr. Melefam Buttfink' OC ReMix Meteo Xavier & bLiNd 4:14
Star Fox 'Meteorave' OC ReMix bLiNd 3:45
Star Fox 'Space Cowboys' OC ReMix bLiNd 4:26
Super Mario Bros. 'Dirty Coins' OC ReMix bLiNd 5:44
Super Mario World "Nine Inch Super Mushrooms" OC ReMix Chimpazilla & bLiNd 5:22
The Last Hymn (Alternate Version) bLiNd ?:??
Top Gear 2 'Dance Nation' OC ReMix bLiNd 5:56
Trenches 'Burning Vigil' OC ReMix bLiNd 8:01
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 'Temple Trance' OC ReMix bLiNd 5:05

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