Big Twins (QB rapper of Infamous Mobb)

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member of:Infamous Mobb West (Big Twins (NY) & XP of Rhyme Addicts (L.A))
QueensBridge United (QB hip hop collective)
Soul Assassins (Rap collective affiliated with Cypress Hill)
member of (as Twin Gambino):Infamous Mobb (QB hip hop trio aka IM3)
siblings:Twin Scarface (QB rapper, twin of Twin Gambino)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
B.I.G. T.W.I.N.S.
Back in the Days
Bacon & Cheese
Born Again
Bringin' That Heat
Can't Call It
Come Clean
Die 4
Do It for the Hood
Drop 'em Off
Everybody Talkin?
Fourth of July
Get 'em
Get Dead
Good and Evil
Hit the Ground
How I Feel?
How Long a N*gga Gonna Last
Just Don't Give a F*ck
Just Imagine?
Live at the Amphitheatre
Make A Livin'
Mobb Ni**az (The Sequel)
Money Rolls
Number One
Reality Rap
Silent Murder
Smart N**gaz
Sold My Soul
Special Edition
Street Theme
The Project Kid
Thunn Street
Time to Shine
To the Top
Trip Thru the PJ's
Twin and 'em
Wanna Be Down
War / Get High Get Bent
We Don't Give A ...
We Strive
When I Say G
When I Walk Away
Different WorldsTwin GambinoThe Alchemist feat. Twin3:57
Different WorldsTwin GambinoThe Alchemist feat. Twin4:10
DinamitaguestAnubis Metal Jack feat. Big Twins2:50
DramaTwin GambinoProdigy feat. Twin4:16
The Grimey CollectionexecutiveBig Twins
Marry the Night (David Jost & Twin radio mix)Twin GambinoLady Gaga3:32
video appearance
It’s Nothing (official video)Prodigy of Mobb Deep ft Big Noyd3:53
8 Shots (video)QueensBridge United4:36
B.I.G. T.W.I.N.S.Infamous Mobb3:05
B.I.G.T.W.I.N.S.Big Twins3:02
Back in the DaysInfamous Mobb feat. Chinky4:11
Bacon & CheeseBig Twins feat. Prodigy3:08
BiblicalBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. Co$$3:46
Billy Martin RapBig Twins & DJ Skizz3:44
Black CaesarguestBenny & Cuns feat. Big Twins2:41
Bobby FlayBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. Ras Kass4:06
Born AgainInfamous Mobb feat. Hostyle3:54
Bringin' That HeatBig Twins2:31
Can't Call ItBig Twins3:38
Cant ComplainTwin GambinoguestProdigy feat. Twin Gambino & Chinky4:19
CelebrateBig Twins & DJ Skizz feat. Royal Flush3:18
Cola Cash StankBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. Gibby2:45
Come CleanBig Twins feat. Godfather3:12
Dark NightsBig Twins & DJ Skizz3:25
Die 4lead vocalsQB Finest feat. Infamous Mobb4:01
Die Slow (video)Big Twins feat. Young Aura4:09
Do It for the Hood (official video)Big Twins4:03
Drop 'em OffBig Twins feat. Prodigy3:35
Everybody Talkin?Big Twins2:30
EverythingBig Twins feat. Ty Nitty4:16
FeelingsBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. LMNO3:32
Fourth of July (dirty)1st Infantry feat. Evidence, Prodigy & Twin4:55
Get 'emBig Twins feat. Dog2:21
Get DeadBig Twins feat. Big Noyd2:44
Good and EvilBig Twins feat. Prodigy & Un Pacino2:38
Here We Go AgainguestJamo Gang feat. Big Twins3:19
Hit the GroundBig Twins2:48
How I Feel?Big Twins feat. Un Pacino & Boogz From Hard White3:16
How Long a N*gga Gonna LastBig Twins2:43
I Ain’t Wit the Evil EmpireguestTherman Munsin feat. Big Twins2:22
IM3Infamous Mobb4:47
Infamous (official video)Big Twins feat. Prodigy of Mobb Deep5:42
Just Don't Give a F*ckBig Twins1:59
Just Imagine?Big Twins2:12
Keith Sweat Murda MuzikBig Twins & DJ Skizz feat. Conway3:15
Killa QueensInfamous Mobb feat. Prodigy & Rapper Noyd4:06
Legacy/Silent Murder (video)Big Twins feat. Godfather Pt. 3 & Ty Nitty (IM3)7:46
Live at the AmphitheatreBig Twins feat. Alchemist2:49
Live to DieBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro3:20
Make A Livin'Infamous Mobb feat. V-12 & Chinky4:02
Mobb Ni**az (The Sequel)Infamous Mobb feat. Prodigy4:27
Money RollguestBig Noyd feat. Prodigy, Illa Ghee, Twin Gambino & Godfather3:30
Money RollsguestBig Noyd3:25
More Than MoneyBig Twins & DJ Skizz feat. Fashawn4:11
Now Or NeverBig Twins & DJ Skizz3:09
Number OneBig Twins feat. Prodigy1:48
Organized (video)Big Twins3:46
ParanoidBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. Godfather Pt III3:26
Queens (official video)guestBig Noyd ft Prodigy & Infamous Mobb5:05
Queens Bridge Murders (video)QueensBridge United4:58
QueensBridgeBig Twins featuring Mike Delorean5:04
Queensbridge MurdererQueens Bridge United feat. Mike Delorean, Bronshay, Big Twins3:22
Rap StarBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro3:10
Rap Star (video)Big Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro3:41
RasclatguestMilano Constantine feat. Big Twins & Conway4:14
Reality RapInfamous Mobb feat. Blitz, Kaos & Uno-Dos5:10
Rotten Apple (video)Big Twins & Big Twiz Beat Pro feat. Prodigy3:58
Smart N**gazBig Twins feat. Krondon2:26
Sold My SoulBig Twins feat. Prodigy2:59
Special EditionInfamous Mobb3:30
Straight FaceBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. Killer Ben2:17
Street ThemeBig Twins1:07
Take Away the LiesBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. The Alchemist & Evidence3:11
That’s How You Get DeadguestBig Noyd feat. Twin Gambino2:32
The Beginning (Intro)Big Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro1:10
The Project KidBig Twins3:42
The Rotten AppleBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. Prodigy3:11
Thun Did It (Intro)Big Twins & DJ Skizz2:12
Thunn StreetBig Twins feat. Chinky3:15
Time to ShineBig Twins2:28
To the TopBig Twins feat. Evidence & Alchemist2:32
Trip Thru the PJ'sBig Twins2:39
Twin and 'emBig Twins feat. Ty Nitty & Un Pacino3:31
Twin CityBig Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. Tri State3:33
Wanna Be DownBig Twins3:24
War / Get High Get BentInfamous Mobb7:07
We Don't Give A ...Infamous Mobb feat. Havoc4:20
We StriveInfamous Mobb feat. Ty-Maxx4:40
When I Say GBig Twins feat. Blacq Mobb4:26
When I Walk AwayBig Twins feat. Alchemist3:07
Wild!Big Twins & DJ Skizz feat. Chinky3:05
Episodes of a HustlaTwin Gambinobackground vocalsBig Noyd