Lex de Azevedo

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Praise the Lord 2:31
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 2:33
Princesses on Parade 4:07
Prólogo 3:04
Prologue 3:04
Pullin' Together 2:57
Pullin' Together 3:20
Redeemer of Israel 4:08
Reverently, Quietly 5:08
Reverie on a Theme by McGranahan 7:06
Reverie on a Theme by Meyerbeer (Jesus, Once of Humble Birth) 4:49
Rhapsody in Blue 3:42
Rhapsody on a Theme by George Coles (A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief) 8:39
Rose Garden 3:09
Sailing On 3:50
Sailing On 4:37
San Jaun 4:50
Saturday's Warrior 3:59
Saturday's Warrior 4:32
Saturday's Warrior Finale 3:23
Saturday's Warrior Finale 3:42
Saturday's Warrior Reprise 1:13
Se acabó el chico bueno 2:40
Serenade in C 5:30
Shame on the Moon 3:17
Singin' the Blues 2:35
Slickrock 5:19
Song From Moulin Rouge 2:27
Stairway to Lasting Joy 2:35
Stairway to Lasting Joy 2:28
Stand by Your Man 3:14
Step by Step 3:31
Stop in the Name of Love 2:56
Stop, Look, Listen to Your Heart 2:25
Stormy 2:58
Summer of Fair Weather 2:06
Summer of Fair Weather 2:25
Sweet Hour of Prayer 5:05
Sweet Is the Feeling 2:54
Sweet Life 3:26
Tahoe 6:06
Teach Me to Walk in the Light 4:10
Teach Me Tonight 2:20
The Enchanted Castle 2:14
The First Noel 2:27
The Girl Is Mine 3:09
The Lord Gave Me a Temple 4:01
The Lord Gave Me a Temple 3:58
The Lord Is My Light 3:59
The Lord Is My Shepherd 3:01
The Lord Is My Shepherd 3:02
The Lord's Prayer 3:09
The Lord's Prayer 3:06
The Mountain 9:39
The Promised Land 3:55
The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning 3:48
The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning 3:48
The Wassail Song 2:09
The Way of Love 3:08
The Wayward Wind 2:32
The Word Is a Seed 3:10
The Words of a Prophet 3:15
Theme From "Camelot" 3:20
There Is a Green Hill Far Away 3:27
There Is an Hour of Peace and Rest 3:55
This Is My Idea 6:10
This Night Won't Last Forever 2:22
Through the Years 2:44
Till 3:04
Time 2:48
Time After Time 2:32
Tiro al blanco 2:23
To Love Somebody 3:13
Today 3:01
Tonight's the Night 3:09
True Love Ways 2:24
Truly 3:13
Up Where We Belong 3:21
Variations for Oboe, Cello, and Piano on a Theme by Wm. H. Monk (Abide With Me) 14:17
Variations on a Theme by L.D. Edwards 9:04
Variations on an English Melodie (If You Could Hie to Kolob) 7:22
Voices 3:29
Voices 3:38
Volare 2:23
Volare 2:26
Waiting for a Girl Like You 2:38
We May Never Pass This Way Again 2:53
What a Fool Believes 2:16
What Child Is This? 3:39
What Kind of Fool 2:09
When He Comes Again 3:14
Whenever I Think About the Pioneers 4:46
Who Am I 3:17
Who's Sorry Now 3:53
Wildflowers 4:23
Will I Wait For You? 2:42
Will I Wait For You? 2:43
Winds of War Theme 2:52
Windy 2:54
Yes, I'm Ready 2:40

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