The Johns Hopkins University Glee Club was founded in 1883 by, among others, Woodrow Wilson.

The group's first concert was held on February 14, 1884.

Several instrumental groups have spawned off from this group, including the Banjo Club in 1888, the Mandolin Club in the 1890's, the Blue Jay Orchestra in the early 1900's, the Hawaiian Troupe in 1927, and several quartets, trios, and locally noted soloists. Only the Blue Jay Orchestra and the main group itself survived World War II.

In 1972, the group merged temporarily with the Goucher Chorus to allow women to also become members. In the late 1970's, the two groups separated again into separate organizations.

In 1985 the group's name was officially changed to the Johns Hopkins Choral Society. In 1998, ECCO became the first group since World War II to spawn off from the Choral Society.

1884 Group photo

1883-1927: ?
1928-1958: Osmar Steinwald
1959-1990's: ?
1990's-Spring 2001: David Neal
Fall 2001-present: Mark Hardy

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