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Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Creation (Die Schöpfung), Part 1, No 14 Chorus, "Die Himmel erzählen" 3:24
The Creation (Highlights), Hob. XXI:2, Part 1: Chorus and Soli: The Heavens Are Telling The Glory of God 4:55
The Creation (Highlights), Hob. XXI:2, Part 1: in The Beginning God Created Heaven and Earth 3:08
The Creation (Highlights), Hob. XXI:2, Part 1: Recitative: in Splendour Bright Is Rising Now, The Sun 3:37
The Creation (Highlights), Hob. XXI:2, Part 1: Recitative: Now Vanished By The Holy Beams 4:16
The Creation (Highlights), Hob. XXI:2, Part 1: The Representation of Chaos 6:15
The Creation (Highlights), Hob. XXI:2, Part 2: Chorus: The Great Work Is Complete 9:44
The Creation (Highlights), Hob. XXI:2, Part 2: Recitative: and God Saw Everything 0:31
The Creation (Highlights), Hob. XXI:2, Part 3: Final Chorus and Soli: Sing The Lord, Ye Voices All! 3:56
The Creation, Hob 21:2: Auf starkem Fittige 7:22
The Creation, Hob 21:2: Mit Stauen sieht das Wunderwerk 2:01
The Creation, Hob 21:2: Nun beut die Flur das frische Grün 5:37
The Creation, Hob 21:2: Und Gott sprach: es bringe die Erde Gras hervor 0:33
The Creation: Chorus "The Heavens are Telling" 1:31
The Creation: Chorus, "The Heavens are telling" ("Die Himmel erzählen") 3:48
The Creation: No. 10 Chorus - "Stimmt an Die Saiten" 2:05
The Creation: No. 18 Trio "In holder Anmut stehn" (Most Beautiful Appear) 4:25
The Creation: No. 19 Trio with Chorus - "Der Herr ist Gross" 2:28
The Creation: No. 28 Chorus - "Vollendet Ist Das Grosse Werk" 2:55
The Creation: No. 30 Duet with Chorus - "Von Deiner Güt" 9:28
The Creation: No. 34 Chorus - "Singt dem Herren alle Stimmen" 3:34
The Creation: Part I, I. Introduction "Chaos" 5:48
The Creation: Part I, II. Recitative with Chorus (Raphael) 2:28
The Creation: Part I, III. Aria with Chorus (Uriel) 4:26
The Creation: Part I, IV. Recitative (Raphael) 1:49
The Creation: Part I, IX. Aria (Gabriel) 5:59
The Creation: Part I, V. Chorus with solo (Gabriel) 2:06
The Creation: Part I, VI. Recitative (Raphael) 0:46
The Creation: Part I, VII. Aria (Raphael) 4:07
The Creation: Part I, VIII. Recitative (Gabriel) 0:29
The Creation: Part I, X. Recitative, Chorus (Uriel) 2:31
The Creation: Part I, XI. Recitative (Uriel) 0:31
The Creation: Part I, XII. Recitative (Uriel) 3:07
The Creation: Part I, XIII. Chorus with soloists 6:06
The Creation: Part II, I. Recitative (Gabriel) 0:26
The Creation: Part II, II. Aria (Gabriel) 7:37
The Creation: Part II, III. Recitative (Raphael) 2:47
The Creation: Part II, IV. Recitative (Raphael) 0:24
The Creation: Part II, IX. Recitative (Uriel) 0:35
The Creation: Part II, V. Trio (chorus) 7:16
The Creation: Part II, VI. Recitative (Raphael) 0:33
The Creation: Part II, VII. Recitative (Raphael) 3:23
The Creation: Part II, VIII. Aria (Raphael) 4:15
The Creation: Part II, X. Aria (Uriel) 3:35
The Creation: Part II, XI. Recitative (Raphael) 0:35
The Creation: Part II, XII. Chorus - Trio - Chorus 9:39
The Creation: Part III, I. Recitative (Uriel) 3:58
The Creation: Part III, II. Adam and Eve with chorus 11:13
The Creation: Part III, III. Recitative (Adam) 2:16
The Creation: Part III, IV. Recitative (Uriel) 8:39
The Creation: Part III, V. Recitative (Uriel) 0:24
The Creation: Part III, VI. Chorus with soloists 4:05
The Creation: Singt dem Herren alle Stimmen 3:23
The Creation: The Heavens Are Telling 3:38
The Creation: The Heavens Are Telling - No. 13 ?:??
The day returns, Hob. XXXIa:259 2:37
The death of the linnet, Hob. XXXIa:138 1:50
The death of the linnet, Hob. XXXIa:138/bis 2:06
The east neuk o' Fife 2:50
The ewe-bughts 3:16
The ewie wi' the crooked horn, Hob. XXXIa:116/bis 2:56
The ewy wi' the crooked hom, Hob. XXXIa:116 2:14
The exile of Erin. Erin-gobragh, Hob. XXXIa:203/bis 3:01
The flowers of Edinburgh 2:16
The flowers of Edinburgh, Hob. XXXIa:90 2:05
The flowers of the forest, Hob. XXXIa:212 3:28
The gard'ner wi' his paidle, Hob. XXXIa:45 1:26
The glancing of her apron, Hob. XXXIa:88 1:11
The Greatest Symphonies 1:06:59
The happy trio, Hob. XXXIa:243 4:19
The Heavens Are Telling 4:42
The Heavens Are Telling (from Creation) 4:03
The Heavens are Telling (The Creation) GBAYD8800083 4:47
The Heavens Are Telling From The Creation 3:26
The Joke 1:19
The lady's looking-glass 1:29
The lamentation of Cambria, Hob. XXXIb:43b 2:43
The Lark - 1st movement: Allegro moderatto 5:39
The Lark Quartet (Finale) 2:16
The lass of Livingston, Hob. XXXIa:23 2:46
The lass of Lochroyan, Hob. XXXIa:209 4:27
The lass of Patie's mill 2:12
The lass of Patie's mill, Hob. XXXIa:160/bis 3:22
The last time I came o'er the muir, Hob. XXXI:199/bis 4:23
The last time I came o'er the muir, Hob. XXXIa:199 4:36
The lea-rig 2:00
The Lea-Rig 2:05
The looking glass, Hob. XXXIa:158 1:46
The maid in Bedlam, Hob. XXXIa:13/ter 4:31
The maid that tends the goats 3:14
The maid that tends the goats, Hob. XXXIa:221 3:33
The maid's complaint, Hob. XXXIa:84 2:25
The mermaid's song, Hob. XXVIa:25 3:25
The Mermaid's Song, Hob. XXVIa:25 3:37
The mill, mill O!, Hob. XXXIa:92 1:03
The miller's daughter, Hob. XXXIa:80 1:12
The minstrel, Hob. XXXIa:115/bis 2:59
The mucking o' Geordie's byre, Hob. XXXIa:51/bis 3:26
The mucking of Geordie's byer, Hob. XXXIa:51 2:03
The night her silent sable wore (She rose, and let me in) 3:24

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