Ian MacKaye

~ Person


member of: Embrace (USA 80s punk band)
The Teen Idles (1979 – 1980)
Skewbald (1981)
Egg Hunt (1986)
Fugazi (1987 –)
The Evens (2001 –)
original member of: Minor Threat (lead vocals) (1980 – 1983)
romantically involved with: Amy Farina
siblings: Alec MacKaye
Amanda Mackaye
founded: Northern Liberties
Dischord Records (1980)
Allmusic: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/mn0000087605 [info]
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/254168 [info]
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1235334/ [info]
SecondHandSongs: http://www.secondhandsongs.com/artist/11235 [info]
Wikidata: Q455545 [info]
other databases: https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/ian_mackaye [info]


Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Brendan 1
Closed Captioned
Combination Lock
Floating Boy
Guilford Fall
I Don't Wanna Hear It
Joe Number One
Lusty Scripps
Rend It
Screaming at a Wall
Shaken All Over
Slo Crostic
Small Man, Big Mouth
Stand Up
Straight Edge
Afterthought keyboard Fugazi 1:29
Deadhead bass guitar The Teen Idles 1:21
Fiorucci Nightmare bass guitar The Teen Idles 0:44
Fleeting Fury bass guitar The Teen Idles 1:20
Floating Boy (demo) guitar family Fugazi 3:35
Get Up and Go bass guitar The Teen Idles 0:53
Getting in My Way bass guitar The Teen Idles 1:04
Guilford Fall (demo) guitar family Fugazi 3:29
H.B. bass guitar Fugazi 1:19
I’m So Tired piano Fugazi 1:59
Link Track guitar family Fugazi 1:27
Little Debbie guitar family Fugazi 1:49
Lusty Scripps guitar family Fugazi 3:42
Pink Frosty (demo) guitar family Fugazi 3:47
Shaken All Over guitar family Fugazi 0:58
Slo Crostic guitar family Fugazi 2:41
Sneakers bass guitar The Teen Idles 1:28
Swingset guitar family Fugazi 1:38
Teen Idles bass guitar The Teen Idles 0:45
Too Young to Rock bass guitar The Teen Idles 2:04
Trio’s guitar family Fugazi 2:16
Turkish Disco guitar family Fugazi 2:35
Youth Against Fascism additional and guitar Sonic Youth 3:36
liner notes
Subject to Change Plus First Demo Faith
I Don't Wanna Hear It
Screaming at a Wall
Small Man, Big Mouth
Stand Up
Straight Edge
All Day and All Night Long Lungfish 3:47
Another Victim Faith 0:41
Blue Sky Lungfish 3:51
Confusion Faith 1:33
Cross Road Lungfish 2:16
Don't Tell Me Faith 0:55
Eternal Nightfall Lungfish 2:39
Face to Face Faith 1:02
Hanging Bird Lungfish 4:00
I’m So Tired Fugazi 1:59
In Control Faith 1:09
In the Black Faith 1:42
It's Time Faith 0:59
Me and Thumbelina Fugazi 0:46
Necrophones Lungfish 2:08
Nightmare Faith 1:11
Occult Vibrations Lungfish 3:11
Sex War Lungfish 4:14
Shapes in Space Lungfish 3:52
The Way Lungfish 3:53
The Words Lungfish 3:48
Trapped Faith 0:46
What You Think Faith 0:49
What's Wrong With Me? Faith 0:41
You're X'd Faith 1:06
Black Eyes Black Eyes
Black Eyes Black Eyes
Reflector Antelope
Repeater Fugazi
Repeater Fugazi
Repeater Fugazi
1986-02 Dance of Days (alternate version) Embrace 2:41
1986-02 End of a Year Embrace 2:37
1986-02 If I Never Thought About It Embrace 2:32
1986-02 Last Song Embrace 2:40
1986-02 Money (alternate version) Embrace 2:49
[untitled] Faith 1:07
3x2 Slow Bluetip 4:00
103 (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 2:33
Anarchy is Dead Government Issue 0:31
Angelina Jolie Edie Sedgwick 3:14
Another Victim Faith 0:41
Another Victim (demo) Faith 0:44
Anthony Perkins Edie Sedgwick 3:15
Anything Tribal Branch Manager 3:54
Ask Them Why Void 1:12
Asshole Government Issue 1:08
Aware Faith 1:41
Baby (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 3:41
Bambi / G.W. Bush Edie Sedgwick 3:22
Bass Soul Side 3:30
Bored to Death Government Issue 0:57
But Wait Branch Manager 3:36
Change Places Void 0:52
Condensed Flesh Void 0:39
Confusion Faith 1:33
Confusion (demo) Faith 1:42
Cowboy Fashion Government Issue 0:45
Do It Rollins Band 2:40
Don't Tell Me Faith 0:55
Don't Tell Me (demo) Faith 0:59
Edie Sedgwick II Edie Sedgwick 4:32
Explode Void 1:32
Face to Face Faith 1:02
Fashionite Government Issue 0:38
For Want Of Rites of Spring 3:09
Forgiveness (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 2:58
Frozen Sneakers, IN Branch Manager 4:45
Gainer Bluetip 3:30
Grass Widow Lois 3:38
Hey! Antoinette Lois 1:57
I'm James Dean Government Issue 0:18
If I Ever Sleep Again Bluetip 3:18
Ignorant People Void 1:16
In Control Faith 1:09
In Control (demo) Faith 1:07
In the Black Faith 1:42
In the Black (demo) Faith 1:49
Irrationally Yours Branch Manager 2:35
It's Time Faith 0:59
It's Time (demo) Faith 1:00
K.T.T.K. (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 2:54
L.M.N.O.P. Bluetip 3:12
Limitations Faith 1:26
Mapped Out Bluetip 1:58
March of the Penguins Edie Sedgwick 3:03
Mary-Kate Olsen Edie Sedgwick 2:49
More of the Same Faith 1:34
Move Right In Rollins Band 7:19
Mr. Weekend Branch Manager 4:14
My Rules Void 0:56
Name in Mind (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 4:11
Nathan's Pets and Auto Supplies Branch Manager 2:39
Next Time Rollins Band 3:18
Nickelback Bluetip 1:40
Nightmare Faith 1:11
Nightmare (demo) Faith 1:11
No Choice Faith 1:08
No Choice (demo) Faith 0:55
No Rights Government Issue 0:49
O.D.B. Edie Sedgwick 3:39
Organized Sports Void 1:08
Otherside (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 3:05
Page Two Lois 2:01
Past Tense Bluetip 4:11
Pocket Hurts (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 3:46
Precious Bluetip 2:59
Problems Faced When Traveling (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 1:34
Red Dawn Edie Sedgwick 3:30
Religious Ripoff Government Issue 1:14
Rob Lowe Edie Sedgwick 3:33
Rock'n'Roll Bullshit Government Issue 1:14
Sacred Heart of the Highway Bluetip 6:51
Say No More Faith 1:30
Scott's Instrumental (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 1:59
Self-Defense Void 0:50
Sheer Terror Government Issue 1:29
Sissy Spacek Edie Sedgwick 2:51
Slowdown Faith 2:59
St. What's-Her-Name Lois 3:08
Static Jawbox 3:30
Subject to Change Faith 1:34
Sweet Superior Bluetip 3:27
Talk to Me Sometime Branch Manager 2:51
Tangle Bluetip 4:03
Texas 10 West Bluetip 2:52
The Guacamole Act of 1917 Branch Manager 4:26
The Holly Syndrome Branch Manager 3:29
Think Void 1:49
Time to Die Void 1:36
Trapped Faith 0:46
Trapped (demo) Faith 0:49
Trigger (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 5:03
War (Remastered 2014) Soul Side 2:02
War Hero Void 1:19
What You Think Faith 0:49
What's Wrong With Me (demo) Faith 0:44
What's Wrong With Me? Faith 0:41
Who Are You? Void 2:21
Who Are You?/Time to Die Void 3:36
With the Lord as My Witness Bluetip 1:43
You're X'd Faith 1:06
You're X'd (demo) Faith 1:07
1985 Plays For Lovers Gumbo Mackaye Beefeater
1991 Plays For Lovers & House Burning Down Gumbo MacKaye Beefeater
Black Eyes Black Eyes
Black Eyes Black Eyes
DC EP John Frusciante
Life Time Rollins Band
Life Time Rollins Band
Nothing Is Underrated Joe Lally
Rites of Spring Rites of Spring
Rites of Spring Rites of Spring
Rites of Spring Rites of Spring
There to Here Joe Lally
2003-07 Crowns Antelope 1:52
2003-07 The Flock Antelope 1:53
I Count Et At It
Reflector Antelope
video appearance
Teenage Riot Sonic Youth 4:19
12XU lead vocals Minor Threat 1:04
Asshole guest Government Issue feat. Ian MacKaye 1:08
Back to Base lead vocals Fugazi 1:45
Bed for the Scraping lead vocals Fugazi 2:50
Betray lead vocals Minor Threat 3:04
Birthday Pony lead vocals Fugazi 3:09
Bottled Violence lead vocals Minor Threat 0:54
Cashing In lead vocals Minor Threat 3:44
Filler lead vocals Minor Threat 1:33
Good Guys (Don’t Wear White) lead vocals Minor Threat 2:20
Guilty of Being White lead vocals Minor Threat 1:18
I Don’t Wanna Hear It lead vocals Minor Threat 1:14
I’m So Tired Fugazi 1:59
In My Eyes lead vocals Minor Threat 2:49
It Follows lead vocals Minor Threat 1:51
Little Debbie Fugazi 1:49
Little Friend lead vocals Minor Threat 2:18
Long Distance Runner lead vocals Fugazi 4:22
Look Back and Laugh lead vocals Minor Threat 3:16
Me and Thumbelina Fugazi 0:46
Minor Threat lead vocals Minor Threat 1:27
No Reason lead vocals Minor Threat 1:58
Out of Step lead vocals Minor Threat 1:21
Out of Step (With the World) lead vocals Minor Threat 1:16
Salad Days lead vocals Minor Threat 2:44
Screaming at a Wall lead vocals Minor Threat 1:32
Seeing Red lead vocals Minor Threat 1:03
Shaken All Over Fugazi 0:58
Small Man, Big Mouth lead vocals Minor Threat 0:56
Sob Story lead vocals Minor Threat 1:51
Stand Up lead vocals Minor Threat 0:53
Steppin’ Stone lead vocals Minor Threat 2:12
Straight Edge lead vocals Minor Threat 0:45
Stumped lead vocals Minor Threat 1:55
Think Again lead vocals Minor Threat 2:18
Minor Threat Minor Threat
Out of Step Minor Threat
2014 Rodent Threat
Asshole Dub
Back to Base
Bed for the Scraping
Betray (Minor Threat)
Birthday Pony
Bottled Violence
By You
Cashing In
Dear Justice Letter
Do You Like Me
Downed City
Epic Problem
Exit Only
Fell, Destroyed
Forensic Scene
Full Disclosure
Guilty of Being White
I Will Refuse
I’m So Tired
In My Eyes
It Follows
Latest Disgrace
Latin Roots
Life and Limb
Link Trak
Little Debbie
Little Friend
Long Distance Runner
Long Division
Look Back and Laugh
Me and Thumbelina
Minor Threat
Nice New Outfit
No Reason
Out of Step
Pink Frosty
Runaway Return
Salad Days
Seeing Red
Shut the Door
Sieve-Fisted Find
Sob Story
Song Number One
Steady Diet
The Kill
Think Again
Turkish Disco
Two Beats Off