Rozovian (OverClocked ReMixer)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Wish Rozovian 3:24
Amp (The Mega Ballers vs. Wily Machine #5) Phonetic Hero feat. SuperiorX & Rozovian 4:09
Aurora Australis Rozovian 5:44
Beef vs. Chicken (Blizzard Buffalo vs. Overdrive Ostrich) Rozovian 3:11
Civilization (Ancient Culture Exhibition) Rozovian 6:09
F-Zero 'Eat Your Own Dust' OC ReMix Rozovian 4:57
F-Zero GX 'Beyond Velocity' OC ReMix Rozovian 4:04
Figureskates (Blizzard Buffalo vs. Spark Mandrill) Rozovian 3:35
Final Fantasy IV 'Lacrima' OC ReMix Rozovian 5:01
Final Fantasy X 'No Escape, No Hurry' OC ReMix Rozovian 4:37
Frostbites Rozovian 6:22
Frozen River Rozovian 9:10
Ghosts on a Disco Train Cash and Change feat. Rozovian 4:13
Halite (Crystal Man in Wily Stage 7-4) Rozovian feat. SuperiorX & Phonetic Hero 3:49
Heart of the Cave (Cavern Caprice GBA) Rozovian 8:21
Ice Cream Nachos (Chill Man vs. Napalm Man) Rozovian 2:17
Into the White Rozovian 4:51
Mega Man X 'Braincooler' OC ReMix Rozovian 4:46
No Time for Doctors (Crystal Man in Cossack Fortress 4-2) Rozovian 2:11
Pokémon Blue Version 'Blue Haze' OC ReMix Rozovian & WillRock 5:22
Pokémon Red Version 'Spume' OC ReMix Rozovian 4:44
Reverse Rain (The Amazing Water) Rozovian 6:29
Scalpelactic Immolation shadow24 feat. Rozovian 2:13
Secret of Mana "Frozen Rose" OC ReMix Rozovian 4 7:42
Secret of Many Rozovian 7:05
Seiken Densetsu 3 'Aurora Borealis' OC ReMix Rozovian 5:48
Seiken Densetsu 3 'Dragonfireplace' OC ReMix Rozovian 5:36
Snowbox Rozovian 4:48
Solidity (Crystal Man in Wily Castle 5) Rozovian 5:08
Sub Rozovian 3:33
Super Metroid 'Dragonfood' OC ReMix Rozovian 4:30
Swing Into the Sunset (Ending & Epilogue) Rozovian 6:19
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Eye of the Storm' OC ReMix Rozovian 5:48
Whiteness Rozovian 4:46
Winter Weather (Blizzard Buffalo vs. The Skiver) Rozovian 5:00
Winter's Grasp Rozovian 5:52
Yo Momma AlmightyArceus feat. Rozovian 3:08

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