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Billy Higgins Quintet
Brass Fever
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1968-07-24Basie'strumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:35
1968-07-24Blues in Hoss's FlattrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra5:12
1968-07-24CherokeetrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:13
1968-07-24Everyday I Have the BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:23
1968-07-24Going to Chicago BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra6:32
1968-07-24Good Times BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra6:47
1968-07-24I've Got RhythmtrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:28
1968-07-24In a Mellow TonetrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra5:36
1968-07-24Jumping at the WoodsidetrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra2:20
1968-07-24Lil' DarlingtrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:26
1968-07-24Lonely StreettrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra2:55
1968-07-24Magic FleetrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:22
1968-07-24Night in TunisiatrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:34
1968-07-24Pleasingly PlumptrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:01
1968-07-24Stormy Monday BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:50
1968-07-24Vine Street RumbletrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:35
1968-07-24Wee Baby BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:14
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03At the Source: Ashes & Rust / Eucalyptus / Obsidianflugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson8:20
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Clockwork of the Spiritsflugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson7:16
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Hey Harold (bonus track)flugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson17:39
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Jonathan (bonus track)flugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson9:54
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Many Thousands Goneflugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson11:17
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Mtumeflugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson8:25
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Togo Land (bonus track)flugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson15:43
1972Chocolate MesstrumpetHarold Land7:34
1972Chocolate MessflugelhornHarold Land7:34
1972DamisitrumpetHarold Land9:11
1972DamisiflugelhornHarold Land9:11
1972In the Back, in the Corner, in the DarktrumpetHarold Land5:53
1972In the Back, in the Corner, in the DarkflugelhornHarold Land5:53
1972PakistantrumpetHarold Land8:01
1972PakistanflugelhornHarold Land8:01
1972Step Right Up to the BottomtrumpetHarold Land4:44
1972Step Right Up to the BottomflugelhornHarold Land4:44
1973-02-15 – 1973-02-19Listen to the DawnbrassKenny Burrell4:25
1974-10Canto de Ossanha (feat. Cannonball Adderley)flugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza3:55
1974-10Chants to Burn (feat. Cannonball Adderley)flugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza4:52
1974-10Crystal Silenceflugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza11:21
1974-10Dr. Honoris Causaflugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza7:09
1974-10Festivalflugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza4:44
1974-10Nanãflugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza3:52
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10125th St. And 7th Ave.flugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson6:21
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Baja Bossaflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson7:24
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Dumpy Mamaflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson4:43
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Flight for Freedomflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson4:27
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10One for Dukeflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson4:35
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Reuben's Rondoflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson3:00
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Skull Sessionflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson6:06
1975-01-17Basically BluebrassHorace Silver6:27
1975-01-17Dufus RufusbrassHorace Silver5:34
1975-01-17Funky BunkybrassHorace Silver7:31
1975-01-17It's Got to Be FunkybrassHorace Silver6:46
1975-01-17Little MamabrassHorace Silver7:05
1975-01-17Put Me in the BasementbrassHorace Silver7:19
1975-01-17Song for My FatherbrassHorace Silver8:34
1975-01-17The Hillbilly BebopperbrassHorace Silver5:29
1975-01-17The Lunceford LegacybrassHorace Silver7:03
1975-01-17The Walk Around - Look up and Down SongbrassHorace Silver5:56
1975-01-17When You're in LovebrassHorace Silver4:30
1975-01-17Yo' Mama's MambobrassHorace Silver3:37
1975-02-13GazellebrassJoe Henderson5:24
1975-02-13Immaculate DeceptionbrassJoe Henderson4:12
1975-02-13My Cherie AmourbrassJoe Henderson6:43
1975-02-13Old SlippersbrassJoe Henderson5:59
1975-02-14Black MiraclebrassJoe Henderson9:34
1975-02-14SolutionbrassJoe Henderson7:05
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25BoodaatrumpetBobby Hutcherson10:06
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Cowboy BobtrumpetBobby Hutcherson9:31
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Inner GlowtrumpetBobby Hutcherson7:59
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Roses PosestrumpetBobby Hutcherson7:19
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Searchin' the TranetrumpetBobby Hutcherson8:04
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14(Se Acabo) La MalangatrumpetBobby Hutcherson4:17
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14Camel RisetrumpetBobby Hutcherson5:35
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14MontaratrumpetBobby Hutcherson4:58
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14Oye Como VatrumpetBobby Hutcherson5:08
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14YuyotrumpetBobby Hutcherson6:42
1975-10-04FarandoletrumpetHubert Laws10:55
1975-10-04Feel Like Moving LovetrumpetHubert Laws6:16
1975-10-04ModadjitrumpetHubert Laws12:10
1975-10-04ScheherazadetrumpetHubert Laws8:18
1975AdjustmentbrassHorace Silver5:19
1975BarbarabrassHorace Silver7:36
1975Bump IttrumpetBlue Mitchell4:53
1975Creepin'trumpetBlue Mitchell12:01
1975Dameron's DancebrassHorace Silver5:19
1975Kissin' CousinsbrassHorace Silver7:55
1975Melody for ThelmatrumpetBlue Mitchell6:55
1975MysticismbrassHorace Silver8:08
1975NuttytrumpetBlue Mitchell8:56
1975Satin SoultrumpetBlue Mitchell7:20
1975Spring Sounds from Rite of SpringtrumpetAlice Coltrane5:59
1975The Sophisticated HippiebrassHorace Silver7:05
1976-03All by MyselfbrassStanley Turrentine3:40
1976-03Can't Hide LovetrumpetAzar Lawrence4:16
1976-03Everybody Come On OutbrassStanley Turrentine4:17
1976-03Hope That We Can Be Together SoonbrassStanley Turrentine5:53
1976-03I’m Not in LovebrassStanley Turrentine4:02
1976-03Kickin' BacktrumpetAzar Lawrence6:42
1976-03Many Rivers to CrossbrassStanley Turrentine4:16
1976-03People MovingtrumpetAzar Lawrence5:47
1976-03Theme for a New DaytrumpetAzar Lawrence5:19
1976-04 – 1976-05CaricaturestrumpetDonald Byrd5:11
1976-04 – 1976-05Dance BandtrumpetDonald Byrd6:14
1976-04 – 1976-05Dancing in the StreettrumpetDonald Byrd4:44
1976-04 – 1976-05Onward 'til MorningtrumpetDonald Byrd3:48
1976-04 – 1976-05Return of the KingtrumpetDonald Byrd4:51
1976-04 – 1976-05Science FunktiontrumpetDonald Byrd4:51
1976-04 – 1976-05Tell MetrumpetDonald Byrd4:21
1976-04 – 1976-05Wild LifetrumpetDonald Byrd6:00
1976-05-03 – 1976-05-12Can't Hide LovetrumpetCarmen McRae3:54
1976-05-03 – 1976-05-12I Wish You WelltrumpetCarmen McRae3:17
1976-05-03 – 1976-05-12You're EverythingtrumpetCarmen McRae2:51
1976-08 – 1976-10Asfrantation WoogietrumpetSonny Rollins3:13
1976-08 – 1976-10Happy FeeltrumpetSonny Rollins3:54
1976-08 – 1976-10Island LadytrumpetSonny Rollins5:52
1976-08 – 1976-10Shout It OuttrumpetSonny Rollins5:44
1976-08 – 1976-10The Way I Feel About YoutrumpetSonny Rollins5:35
1976-09-20 – 1976-09-21Dark CloudtrumpetZoot Sims4:23
1976-09-20 – 1976-09-21FillingstrumpetZoot Sims5:27
1976-09-20 – 1976-09-21Hawthorne NightstrumpetZoot Sims4:43
1976-09-20 – 1976-09-21I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)trumpetZoot Sims6:19
1976-09-20 – 1976-09-21Main StemtrumpetZoot Sims5:05
1976-09-20 – 1976-09-21More Than You KnowtrumpetZoot Sims6:03
1976-09-20 – 1976-09-21Only a RosetrumpetZoot Sims5:10
1976-09-20 – 1976-09-21The Girl From IpanematrumpetZoot Sims4:13
1976-11-20AmbidextroustrumpetEddie Harris3:44
1976-11-20How Can I Find Some Way to Tell YoutrumpetEddie Harris5:34
1976-11-20How Can You Live Like ThattrumpetEddie Harris5:33
1976-11-20I'd Love to Take You HometrumpetEddie Harris3:40
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Fire DancetrumpetDizzy Gillespie4:23
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Free RidetrumpetDizzy Gillespie5:18
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02IncantationtrumpetDizzy Gillespie6:40
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Love Poem for DonnatrumpetDizzy Gillespie4:32
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Ozone MadnesstrumpetDizzy Gillespie6:29
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02The Last Stroke of MidnighttrumpetDizzy Gillespie4:33
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02UnicorntrumpetDizzy Gillespie6:49
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Wrong NumbertrumpetDizzy Gillespie4:35
1978-03California Showertrumpet渡辺貞夫5:34
1978-03Desert Ridetrumpet渡辺貞夫5:23
1978-03My Countrytrumpet渡辺貞夫4:54
1978-03Ngoma Partytrumpet渡辺貞夫4:49
1978-03Seventh Hightrumpet渡辺貞夫5:16
1978-03Turning Pages of Windtrumpet渡辺貞夫3:54
1978-10 – 1978-12HeartbeatsbrassHubert Laws6:34
1978-10 – 1978-12Land of PassionbrassHubert Laws5:45
1978-10 – 1978-12Music ForeverbrassHubert Laws5:13
1978-10 – 1978-12The KeybrassHubert Laws6:55
1978-10 – 1978-12We Will BebrassHubert Laws4:36
1978-10 – 1978-12We're in EcstacybrassHubert Laws7:07
1979-02 – 1979-03BrigittetrumpetFreddie Hubbard6:57
1979-02 – 1979-03Lazy AfternoontrumpetFreddie Hubbard10:02
1979-02 – 1979-03Little SunflowertrumpetFreddie Hubbard9:20
1979-02 – 1979-03The Love ConnectiontrumpetFreddie Hubbard8:17
1979-02 – 1979-03This DreamtrumpetFreddie Hubbard9:00
1979-08-14Black ButterflytrumpetZoot Sims3:56
1979-08-14I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)trumpetZoot Sims4:52
1979-08-14I Let a Song Go Out of My HearttrumpetZoot Sims3:03
1979-08-14In a Mellow TonetrumpetZoot Sims3:01
1979-08-14It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)trumpetZoot Sims5:04
1979-09-17 – 1979-09-19Cannonball JunctiontrumpetJ.J. Johnson5:35
1979-09-17 – 1979-09-19DeaktrumpetJ.J. Johnson6:29
1979-09-17 – 1979-09-19Mr. CleantrumpetJ.J. Johnson5:49
1979-09-17 – 1979-09-19See See RidertrumpetJ.J. Johnson6:46
1979Rodeo Drive (High Steppin')trumpetThe Crusaders4:21
1979Street LifetrumpetThe Crusaders11:15
1980-05-27 – 1980-05-28'round MidnighttrumpetKenny Burrell6:19
1980-05-27 – 1980-05-28Night in TunisiatrumpetKenny Burrell5:42
1980-05-27 – 1980-05-28When the Saints Go Marching IntrumpetKenny Burrell4:42
1980-10-20 – 1980-10-22Blues MarchtrumpetBenny Golson Featuring Curtis Fuller5:55
1980-10-20 – 1980-10-22California MessagetrumpetBenny Golson Featuring Curtis Fuller5:43
1980-10-20 – 1980-10-22Free AgaintrumpetBenny Golson Featuring Curtis Fuller7:14
1980-10-20 – 1980-10-22I Remember CliffordtrumpetBenny Golson Featuring Curtis Fuller6:29
1980-10-20 – 1980-10-22Soul TracktrumpetBenny Golson Featuring Curtis Fuller6:33
1980-10-20 – 1980-10-22The BerlinertrumpetBenny Golson Featuring Curtis Fuller5:50
1980-10-20 – 1980-10-22Whisper NottrumpetBenny Golson Featuring Curtis Fuller9:00
1980-1013th HousetrumpetMcCoy Tyner5:59
1980-10Leo RisingtrumpetMcCoy Tyner9:13
1980-10Love SambatrumpetMcCoy Tyner8:39
1980-10Search for PeacetrumpetMcCoy Tyner7:34
1980-10Short SuitetrumpetMcCoy Tyner7:46
1981-10-22Ah, I SeebrassHarold Land9:51
1981-10-22Blues for YoubrassHarold Land4:53
1981-10-22Daisy ForeverbrassHarold Land9:18
1981-10-22Dark MoodbrassHarold Land8:15
1981-10-22Dark Mood (alt.)brassHarold Land7:25
1981-10-22To Lydia With LovebrassHarold Land12:10
1981-10-22Xocia's Dance (Sue-Sha's dance)brassHarold Land4:48
1982-07MapenzibrassBobby Hutcherson13:29
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19'Tain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)brassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:33
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19Brush ThisbrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:30
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19GeorgiabrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:22
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19Groove ShopbrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:50
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19How Great Thou ArtbrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:33
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19I Won't DancebrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:25
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19Melt Away/A Time for LovebrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:37
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19Night TrainbrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra9:53
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19RaincheckbrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:38
1989-04-18 – 1989-04-19SashaybrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra6:09
1989-09-14Day by DaytrumpetErnestine Anderson2:12
1991-0215 Minutes LatebrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra7:18
1991-02Blues Blower's BluesbrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:34
1991-02Come SundaybrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:27
1991-02Easy MoneybrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:54
1991-02Heart and SoulbrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:07
1991-02I Be Serious 'Bout Dem BluesbrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra9:42
1991-02Little Old LadybrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra8:08
1991-02SoupbonebrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra7:16
1991-02Take the 'A' TrainbrassThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra4:18
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Ballad for SusantrumpetTeddy Edwards5:14
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Blue SaxophonetrumpetTeddy Edwards5:27
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Brazilian SkiestrumpetTeddy Edwards4:29
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Glass of WatertrumpetTeddy Edwards8:03
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Going HometrumpetTeddy Edwards6:27
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Hot Tamale JoetrumpetTeddy Edwards3:20
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Hymn for the HomelesstrumpetTeddy Edwards4:10
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Lennox LadytrumpetTeddy Edwards7:35
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10No Name Number OnetrumpetTeddy Edwards6:37
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10PreludetrumpetTeddy Edwards2:18
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Serenade in BluetrumpetTeddy Edwards6:21
1992-06-08 – 1992-06-10Them Dirty Old BluestrumpetTeddy Edwards7:34
1995Going HometrumpetKenny Rogers58:27
1997-11-24 – 1997-11-25AnthropologytrumpetThe Gerald Wilson Orchestra5:51
1997-11-24 – 1997-11-25SummertimetrumpetThe Gerald Wilson Orchestra13:27
1997-11-24 – 1997-11-25Theme for Monterey: Cookin' on Cannery RowtrumpetThe Gerald Wilson Orchestra6:51
1997-11-24 – 1997-11-25Theme for Monterey: Lyon's Roar (For Jimmy Lyons) (Homage to 17 Mile Drive and Carmel by the Sea)trumpetThe Gerald Wilson Orchestra12:18
1997-11-24 – 1997-11-25Theme for Monterey: RomancetrumpetThe Gerald Wilson Orchestra6:29
1997-11-24 – 1997-11-25Theme for Monterey: Spanish BaytrumpetThe Gerald Wilson Orchestra8:49
1997-11-24 – 1997-11-25Theme for Monterey: The Lone CypresstrumpetThe Gerald Wilson Orchestra9:30
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10’Deed I DotrumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:23
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10Along Came BettytrumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra6:54
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10Back Home Again in IndianatrumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:28
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10Bags’ GroovetrumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:54
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10EmilytrumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:48
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10EvidencetrumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:25
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10Major Deagan (Blues for Dan)trumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:36
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10RecoverytrumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra6:44
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10Since I Fell for YoutrumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra7:42
1998-06-09 – 1998-06-10The Nearness of YoutrumpetMilt Jackson meets The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:21
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04Barbara's RosetrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra2:04
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04Day by DaytrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:35
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04GrizzlytrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra4:46
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04How InsensitivetrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra9:04
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04I Want a Little GirltrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:39
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04MaxtrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra6:36
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04Nice to Meet YoutrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:29
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04One for Horace TapscotttrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra4:58
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04Plunger Mute SyndrometrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra4:47
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04Shout Me OuttrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra9:27
2000-05-03 – 2000-05-04Yellow Flowers AftertrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra7:03
7/73flugelhornPatrice Rushen12:35
7/73trumpetPatrice Rushen12:35
125th St. and 7th Ave.trumpetRichard "Groove" Holmes3:37
A Beautiful FriendshiptrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:38
A DreamtrumpetDonny Hathaway4:14
A Prayer for PeacetrumpetBobby Bryant9:00
AnontrumpetMoacir Santos4:13
Another StartrumpetJoe Farrell5:16
Answer Me, My LovetrumpetPharoah Sanders6:44
As You AretrumpetPharoah Sanders feat. Phyllis Hyman5:10
Avalonbrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band4:18
Beauty and the Electric TubChe-ChitrumpetHenry Franklin12:41
Beauty and the Electric TubChe-ChiflugelhornHenry Franklin12:41
Black Is BluetrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra4:55
Blue FlametrumpetRandy Crawford6:28
Blue LightstrumpetHenry Franklin7:03
Blues for StephanietrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra7:03
Body & Soulbrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band5:27
BoodaatrumpetBobby Hutcherson10:07
BroadwaytrumpetCount Basie3:34
Bugle Call Ragbrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band2:54
Bullet BagtrumpetMilt Jackson4:01
Bumpin' AroundtrumpetArthur Adams2:33
Burchfield NinestrumpetMichael Franks4:38
Camino El BuenotrumpetRamsey Lewis3:53
Caring for YoutrumpetRamsey Lewis5:31
Casa de los sospensostrumpetJoe Farrell7:21
Casa ForteflugelhornFlora Purim3:56
Cedar LanetrumpetMilt Jackson3:59
Chicago SidewalktrumpetArthur Adams3:20
ChurntrumpetBilly Higgins Quintet15:22
Coisa No. 2trumpetMoacir Santos4:38
CompassiontrumpetMilt Jackson4:32
CorcovadotrumpetRegina Belle5:57
Cowboy BobtrumpetBobby Hutcherson9:32
Deed I DotrumpetDiane Schuur2:19
DevotiontrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:31
Disc-O-MitetrumpetRichard "Groove" Holmes5:20
Do What Cha Doin'trumpetArthur Adams2:55
Double ScaletrumpetRichard "Groove" Holmes4:11
Dumpy MamatrumpetRichard "Groove" Holmes4:45
Everybody Has the BluestrumpetJames Taylor2:03
Everything I Have Is GoodtrumpetPharoah Sanders feat. Phyllis Hyman5:59
Face to Face That I Shall Meet HimcornetRy Cooder3:21
First-Class WomanflugelhornArthur Adams4:02
First-Class WomantrumpetArthur Adams4:02
Fly Me to the MoontrumpetRegina Belle5:24
For All We KnowtrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra5:10
Free FalltrumpetEverette Harp5:55
Happy Meeting in GlorycornetRy Cooder3:16
Haw Right NowflugelhornPatrice Rushen8:05
Haw Right NowtrumpetPatrice Rushen8:05
Here's That Rainy DaytrumpetMilt Jackson5:20
Home BrewtrumpetArthur Adams4:56
Honeysuckle Rosebrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band3:42
Hop ScotchtrumpetHarvey Mason7:03
Hot HousetrumpetBilly Higgins Quintet7:55
How Do You Keep the Music PlayingtrumpetMilt Jackson5:43
I Believe to My SoultrumpetDonny Hathaway3:51
I Can't Get Startedbrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band5:30
I Got MinecornetRy Cooder4:28
I Just Wanna Make Love to YouflugelhornJimmy Smith3:56
I Just Wanna Make Love to YoutrumpetJimmy Smith3:56
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heartbrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band3:59
Inner GlowtrumpetBobby Hutcherson7:59
IntimacytrumpetRamsey Lewis6:00
Isn't She Lovelybrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band3:50
It Never Entered My MindtrumpetMilt Jackson4:32
J.C.trumpetMilt Jackson6:57
Jackie-IngtrumpetBilly Higgins Quintet9:54
Jazz PartytrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra4:40
Je vous aime (I Love You)trumpetDonny Hathaway3:32
JequietrumpetMoacir Santos2:53
Just Friendsbrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band3:57
KambatrumpetMoacir Santos4:30
KatherinetrumpetJoe Farrell6:28
Keep on DancingtrumpetArthur Adams3:32
KermistrumpetMoacir Santos4:13
Last Dance at DancelandtrumpetRandy Crawford4:58
Lazy AfternoonflugelhornRegina Belle5:22
Li'l Darlin'trumpetCount Basie4:55
Little Girl BluetrumpetMilt Jackson6:57
Little Miss LaurieChe-ChitrumpetHenry Franklin7:42
Little Miss LaurieChe-ChiflugelhornHenry Franklin7:42
Love Is HeretrumpetPharoah Sanders feat. Phyllis Hyman4:44
Love Will Find a WaytrumpetPharoah Sanders5:14
Mama's GroovetrumpetRichard "Groove" Holmes7:06
Marching in the StreettrumpetHarvey Mason6:37
MaxtrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra6:19
MistytrumpetDonny Hathaway3:36
Moanin'trumpetRegina Belle5:52
My Angel’s SmiletrumpetRamsey Lewis5:18
My Heart Is Not as Young as It Used to Besolo and trumpetRandy Crawford3:55
My Old Flamebrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band2:42
Newest BluestrumpetMilt Jackson3:15
Now We May BegintrumpetRandy Crawford4:56
On the Sunny Side of the StreettrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra3:55
Once Is Not EnoughtrumpetRichard "Groove" Holmes3:26
One Day I'll Fly AwaytrumpetRandy Crawford5:03
Only in It for the MoneytrumpetJimmy Smith4:35
Only in It for the MoneyflugelhornJimmy Smith4:35
Oo Pah DootrumpetGerald Albright7:10
OutbreakChe-ChiflugelhornHenry Franklin10:09
OutbreakChe-ChitrumpetHenry Franklin10:09
Over & OvertrumpetJimmy Smith5:53
Over & OverflugelhornJimmy Smith5:53
PharombatrumpetPharoah Sanders4:33
Plastic Creek StompChe-ChitrumpetHenry Franklin3:27
Plastic Creek StompChe-ChiflugelhornHenry Franklin3:27
Poor Butterflybrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band3:42
Prelude to a KisstrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra4:34
Puttered BopcorntrumpetPatrice Rushen4:17
Puttered BopcornflugelhornPatrice Rushen4:17
Quiet CarnivaltrumpetMoacir Santos5:52
ReverencetrumpetMilt Jackson4:20
ReverencetrumpetThe Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra7:09
Rockin' ChairtrumpetMaria Muldaur3:46
Roses PosestrumpetBobby Hutcherson7:19
Route InfinitrytrumpetMoacir Santos3:32
Salsa de AlmatrumpetRichard "Groove" Holmes5:20
Same Old Story (Same Old Song)trumpetRandy Crawford4:08
SampaguitatrumpetMoacir Santos3:08
Searchin' the TranetrumpetBobby Hutcherson8:05
SeekertrumpetBilly Higgins Quintet10:57
Shortie's PortionflugelhornPatrice Rushen8:46
Shortie's PortiontrumpetPatrice Rushen8:46
Six Million Dollar MantrumpetRichard "Groove" Holmes5:54
Skippin’trumpetRamsey Lewis3:08
Soft SpirittrumpetHenry Franklin7:32
St. Louis Bluesbrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band3:54
Step Right Up to the BottomtrumpetBilly Higgins Quintet8:14
Sugar LeetrumpetDonny Hathaway4:03
SuperstartrumpetThe Broken Homes4:35
Tender Falls the RaintrumpetRandy Crawford4:12
Tequila MockingbirdtrumpetRamsey Lewis5:22
Thank You for All Your LovetrumpetEverette Harp5:42
Thank You Master (For My Soul)trumpetDonny Hathaway5:47
That Ole Bach MagictrumpetRamsey Lewis3:12
That's the Way You MovetrumpetArthur Adams3:03
The Beauty of Her SoultrumpetBobby Bryant7:15
The BluestrumpetArthur Adams4:37
The GhettotrumpetDonny Hathaway6:51
The Magic BoytrumpetHenry Franklin8:49
The Man I LovetrumpetRegina Belle5:20
The SkipperChe-ChiflugelhornHenry Franklin5:21
The SkipperChe-ChitrumpetHenry Franklin5:21
The VisiontrumpetBilly Higgins Quintet11:07
Theme for JoJoChe-ChiflugelhornHenry Franklin7:47
Theme for JoJoChe-ChitrumpetHenry Franklin7:47
Things Ain't What They Used to Bebrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band5:18
This MasqueradetrumpetMilt Jackson7:13
Three Shades of Bluebrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band5:17
To Be Young, Gifted and BlacktrumpetDonny Hathaway6:41
Tomorrow Is MinetrumpetMoacir Santos3:31
Too LatetrumpetRachelle Ferrell4:07
TraverseflugelhornPatrice Rushen10:56
TraversetrumpetPatrice Rushen10:56
Tryin’ TimestrumpetDonny Hathaway3:14
Venus Fly TraptrumpetHenry Franklin6:17
Vera CruzflugelhornFlora Purim4:14
Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)trumpetDonny Hathaway3:28
Waltz for BoobusstrumpetHenry Franklin3:33
Wandering RosetrumpetRamsey Lewis5:41
We Just Couldn't Say GoodbyetrumpetMaria Muldaur3:40
We Shall Be HappycornetRy Cooder3:14
We've Got an UnderstandingtrumpetArthur Adams3:06
What Are You Afraid OftrumpetRegina Belle4:49
What is This Thing Called Lovebrass [trumpet, flugelhorn]Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band5:52
What WastrumpetHenry Franklin8:28
When Your Life Was LowtrumpetRandy Crawford3:20
Wild RicetrumpetHarvey Mason6:41
You Must Believe in SpringtrumpetBilly Higgins Quintet10:14
Young and FoolishtrumpetMilt Jackson4:43
Blues, Dues & Love News (club edition)solo and trumpetErnestine Anderson
Bustin’ Out of L SevenRick James
California Showertrumpet渡辺貞夫
DingotrumpetMiles Davis & Michel Legrand
InterludetrumpetJusto Almario
Just a Stone’s Throw Away (Santa Maria, CA pressing)Valerie Carter
Lush LifetrumpetLinda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra
Simple ThingsflugelhornCarole King
Simple ThingstrumpetCarole King
Singlebrass [horns]Bill Champlin
Straight Line Through TimetrumpetThe Broken Homes
Straight Line Through TimetrumpetThe Broken Homes
Takin My Timeflugelhorn, guest and hornBonnie Raitt
Takin My Timeflugelhorn, guest and hornBonnie Raitt
Takin My Timeflugelhorn, guest and hornBonnie Raitt
The CrowtrumpetGraeme Revell
The Crow: Original Motion Picture ScoretrumpetGraeme Revell
The Woman in My LifetrumpetStevie Woods
The Woman in My LifetrumpetStevie Woods
Turn You to LovetrumpetTerry Callier
Turn You to LovetrumpetTerry Callier
Unforgettable: With Love (Columbia House)trumpetNatalie Cole
What Up, Dog?guest and trumpetWas (Not Was)
What’s NewtrumpetLinda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra
Xocia's Danceflugelhorn and trumpetHarold Land