member of:Karma (1970s soul/funk band) (ended)
Billy Higgins Quintet
Brass Fever
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1968-07-24Basie'strumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:35
1968-07-24Blues in Hoss's FlattrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra5:12
1968-07-24CherokeetrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:13
1968-07-24Everyday I Have the BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:23
1968-07-24Going to Chicago BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra6:32
1968-07-24Good Times BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra6:47
1968-07-24I've Got RhythmtrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:28
1968-07-24In a Mellow TonetrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra5:36
1968-07-24Jumping at the WoodsidetrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra2:20
1968-07-24Lil' DarlingtrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:26
1968-07-24Lonely StreettrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra2:55
1968-07-24Magic FleetrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:22
1968-07-24Night in TunisiatrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:34
1968-07-24Pleasingly PlumptrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra4:01
1968-07-24Stormy Monday BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:50
1968-07-24Vine Street RumbletrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:35
1968-07-24Wee Baby BluestrumpetThe Count Basie Orchestra3:14
1969-01BroadwaytrumpetCount Basie3:34
1969-01Li'l Darlin'trumpetCount Basie4:55
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03At the Source: Ashes & Rust / Eucalyptus / Obsidianflugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson8:20
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Clockwork of the Spiritsflugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson7:16
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Hey Harold (bonus track)flugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson17:39
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Jonathan (bonus track)flugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson9:54
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Many Thousands Goneflugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson11:17
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Mtumeflugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson8:25
1971-07-01 – 1971-07-03Togo Land (bonus track)flugelhorn and trumpetBobby Hutcherson15:43
1972-06Don't Pass Me BytrumpetHampton Hawes6:53
1972-06Drums For PeacetrumpetHampton Hawes8:57
1972-06J.B.'s MindtrumpetHampton Hawes9:18
1972-06Josie BlacktrumpetHampton Hawes8:15
1972-06Little BirdtrumpetHampton Hawes1:17
1972-06Love Is BettertrumpetHampton Hawes2:41
1972-06UniversetrumpetHampton Hawes3:05
1972Chocolate MessflugelhornHarold Land7:34
1972Chocolate MesstrumpetHarold Land7:34
1972DamisitrumpetHarold Land9:11
1972DamisiflugelhornHarold Land9:11
1972In the Back, in the Corner, in the DarkflugelhornHarold Land5:53
1972In the Back, in the Corner, in the DarktrumpetHarold Land5:53
1972PakistanflugelhornHarold Land8:01
1972PakistantrumpetHarold Land8:01
1972Step Right Up to the BottomtrumpetHarold Land4:44
1972Step Right Up to the BottomflugelhornHarold Land4:44
1973-02-15 – 1973-02-19Listen to the DawnbrassKenny Burrell4:25
1974-10Canto de Ossanha (feat. Cannonball Adderley)flugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza3:55
1974-10Chants to Burn (feat. Cannonball Adderley)flugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza4:52
1974-10Crystal Silenceflugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza11:21
1974-10Dr. Honoris Causaflugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza7:09
1974-10Festivalflugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza4:44
1974-10Nanãflugelhorn and trumpetRaul de Souza3:52
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10125th & 7th Avenueflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson6:22
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Baja Bossaflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson7:22
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Dumpy Mamaflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson4:43
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Flight for Freedomflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson4:27
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10One for Dukeflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson4:35
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Reuben’s Rondoflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson3:00
1975-01-07 – 1975-01-10Skull Sessionflugelhorn and trumpetOliver Nelson6:05
1975-01-10AdjustmentbrassHorace Silver5:19
1975-01-10BarbarabrassHorace Silver7:36
1975-01-10Dameron's DancebrassHorace Silver5:19
1975-01-10MysticismbrassHorace Silver8:08
1975-01-17Basically BluebrassHorace Silver6:27
1975-01-17Dufus RufusbrassHorace Silver5:34
1975-01-17Funky BunkybrassHorace Silver7:31
1975-01-17It's Got to Be FunkybrassHorace Silver6:46
1975-01-17Kissin' CousinsbrassHorace Silver7:55
1975-01-17Little MamabrassHorace Silver7:05
1975-01-17Put Me in the BasementbrassHorace Silver7:19
1975-01-17Song for My FatherbrassHorace Silver8:34
1975-01-17The Hillbilly BebopperbrassHorace Silver5:29
1975-01-17The Lunceford LegacybrassHorace Silver7:03
1975-01-17The Sophisticated HippiebrassHorace Silver7:05
1975-01-17The Walk Around - Look up and Down SongbrassHorace Silver5:56
1975-01-17When You're in LovebrassHorace Silver4:30
1975-01-17Yo' Mama's MambobrassHorace Silver3:37
1975-02-13GazellebrassJoe Henderson5:24
1975-02-13Immaculate DeceptionbrassJoe Henderson4:12
1975-02-13My Cherie AmourbrassJoe Henderson6:43
1975-02-13Old SlippersbrassJoe Henderson5:59
1975-02-14Black MiraclebrassJoe Henderson9:34
1975-02-14SolutionbrassJoe Henderson7:05
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25BoodaatrumpetBobby Hutcherson10:06
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25BoodaatrumpetBobby Hutcherson10:07
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Cowboy BobtrumpetBobby Hutcherson9:32
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Cowboy BobtrumpetBobby Hutcherson9:31
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Inner GlowtrumpetBobby Hutcherson7:59
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Inner GlowtrumpetBobby Hutcherson7:59
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Roses PosestrumpetBobby Hutcherson7:19
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Roses PosestrumpetBobby Hutcherson7:19
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Searchin' the TranetrumpetBobby Hutcherson8:05
1975-03-24 – 1975-03-25Searchin' the TranetrumpetBobby Hutcherson8:04
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14(Se acabo) la MalangatrumpetBobby Hutcherson4:17
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14Camel RisetrumpetBobby Hutcherson5:35
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14MontaratrumpetBobby Hutcherson4:58
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14Oye como vatrumpetBobby Hutcherson5:08
1975-08-12 – 1975-08-14YuyotrumpetBobby Hutcherson6:42
1975-10-04FarandoletrumpetHubert Laws10:55
1975-10-04Feel Like Moving LovetrumpetHubert Laws6:16
1975-10-04ModadjitrumpetHubert Laws12:10
1975-10-04ScheherazadetrumpetHubert Laws8:18
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1984-04-13 – 1984-05-17L.A. Is My LadytrumpetFrank Sinatra with Quincy Jones and Orchestra
Blues, Dues & Love News (club edition)solo and trumpetErnestine Anderson
Bustin’ Out of L SevenRick James
California Showertrumpet渡辺貞夫
DingotrumpetMiles Davis & Michel Legrand
DuetstrumpetFrank Sinatra
ForevertrumpetMichael Feinstein
InterludetrumpetJusto Almario
Just a Stone’s Throw Away (Santa Maria, CA pressing)Valerie Carter
Simple ThingsflugelhornCarole King
Simple ThingstrumpetCarole King
Singlebrass [horns]Bill Champlin
Straight Line Through TimetrumpetThe Broken Homes
Straight Line Through TimetrumpetThe Broken Homes
Takin My Timeflugelhorn, guest and hornBonnie Raitt
Takin My Timeflugelhorn, guest and hornBonnie Raitt
Takin My Timeflugelhorn, guest and hornBonnie Raitt
The CrowtrumpetGraeme Revell
The Crow: Original Motion Picture ScoretrumpetGraeme Revell
The Woman in My LifetrumpetStevie Woods
The Woman in My LifetrumpetStevie Woods
Turn You to LovetrumpetTerry Callier
Turn You to LovetrumpetTerry Callier
Unforgettable: With Love (Columbia House)trumpetNatalie Cole
What Up, Dog?guest and trumpetWas (Not Was)
What’s NewtrumpetLinda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra
Xocia's Danceflugelhorn and trumpetHarold Land