UFO (British Space Rock/Hard Rock band)

~ Group


members: Paul Chapman (Welsh guitarist) ( – ????)
Robbie France
Paul Gray (of Eddie & The Hotrods / The Damned) ( – ????)
Tommy McClendon (member of UFO & Soulmotor) ( – ????)
Vinnie Moore
Paul Raymond
Jim Simpson
Larry Wallis
Michael Schenker (1973 – 1979)
Danny Peyronel (1975 – 1976)
Michael Schenker (1993 – 1995)
original members: Phil Mogg (1969 –)
Andrew Maynard Parker (1969 –)
Pete Way (1969 –)
Allmusic: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/mn0000809999 [info]
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/153677 [info]
SecondHandSongs: https://secondhandsongs.com/artist/28718 [info]
Wikidata: Q251657 [info]
Wikipedia: en: UFO (band) [info]
discography pages: http://ufo.dave-wood.org/albums_ufo.html [info]
official homepages: http://www.ufo-music.info/ [info]
other databases: http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/ufo [info]
http://www.musik-sammler.de/artist/1059 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Doctor Doctor guest Uli Jon Roth 7:06
Let It Roll guest Uli Jon Roth 4:46
Midnight Train guest Uli Jon Roth 5:13
Rock Bottom guest Uli Jon Roth 11:59
Follow You Home (live) UFO 6:11
Only UFO Can Rock Me: A Tribute to UFO Various Artists
Let It Roll