Arena (British prog rock band)

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Album + Compilation

1997Progfest '97Various Artists1
1998Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 11Various Artists1
1999Classic Rock #002: Classic Cuts No. 2Various Artists1
2000The Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 2Various Artists1
2000Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 21Various Artists1
2000Metal Hammer: Noise Inc. Volume 5Various Artists1
2000Classic Rock #015: Classic Cuts No.11Various Artists1
2000Classic Rock #016: Classic Cuts No.12Various Artists1
2000Classic Rock Free 10 Track CD!Various Artists1
2003The Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 19Various Artists1
2004Nobody’s Land, Act 2Various Artists1
2005Compilation Rock Hard 40Various Artists1
2005The Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 29Various Artists1
2005The Best Symfo RockVarious Artists1
2006iO Pages Tenth Anniversary Compilation (A Decade of Prog)Various Artists1
2011The Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 59Various Artists1
2012The Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 63Various Artists1
2015Music From Time and Space, Vol. 56Various Artists1
2016Absolutely Ambient Music, Vol. 2Various Artists1
2018Prog-Perlen: The Editor's Choice: The World of Prog and Artrock (1990 - Present)Various Artists1
Frontiers Promo CD, Volume 6Various Artists1

Album + Soundtrack

2002O beijo do vampiro: InternacionalVarious Artists1
Rock Internacional - O Melhor das Novelas Da Globo Vol.02Various Artists1


1999"Lions And Fables" Verglas Music Sampler Vol IVarious Artists1

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