Arena (British prog rock band)

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members:John Carson (from 1995 until 1995-09: lead vocals)
Cliff Orsi (from 1995 until 1996-05: bass guitar)
Keith More (from 1995 until 1997: guitar)
John Jowitt (from 1996 until 1999, from 2011 until 2014-07-24: bass guitar)
Paul Wrightson (from 1996 until 1999: lead vocals)
John Mitchell (UK guitarist, vocalist and songwriter (It Bites, Arena)) (from 1997 to present: guitar)
Rob Sowden (from 1999 to ????: lead vocals)
Ian Salmon (from 1999 to present: bass guitar)
Paul Manzi (from 2011 to present: lead vocals)
original members:Clive Nolan (from 1995 to present: keyboard)
Mick Pointer (from 1995 to present: membranophone, drums (drum set))
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