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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
12 Days of Christmas Destruction Smosh 1:34
A Whole New Vader Smosh feat. Ryan M. Todd 0:36
Ac3 (Killa remix) Smosh feat. Petey Wunder 4:00
Anthony's Gone (Creeed) Smosh 0:48
B.F.F. Smosh feat. Brian Jennings 1:06
B.F.F. Reprise Smosh feat. Young Aundee & Brian Jennings 0:34
Be Jabba's Guest Smosh feat. Ryan M. Todd 0:18
Best Food in the World Smosh feat. Ryan M. Todd 0:52
Bot Best Friend Activated Smosh 1:03
Bot Best Friend Commercial Smosh 0:34
Bow to the Unicorns Smosh 0:16
Boxman Smosh 4:42
Boxman 2.0 Smosh 2:47
Boxman for President Smosh 3:27
Boxman's Christmas (Holiday Bonus) Smosh 2:52
Boxman's Girlfriend Smosh 3:27
Boxman's Happy Song Smosh 0:13
Christmas With Billy (Holiday Bonus) Smosh 1:54
Corn Cob Smosh feat. Ryan M. Todd 1:11
Cute Furry Kittens Smosh 1:47
Dixon Cider Smosh 3:20
Driver's Ed Rap Smosh 2:41
Dubstep Collection Smosh 2:59
Evil Santa Smosh 0:27
Firetruck! Smosh 2:01
Hair Ballad Smosh feat. Young Aundee 1:41
Happy Cow Smosh 0:58
Happy Elves Smosh 0:30
Hardcore Max Smosh 2:36
Hardcore Max 2 Smosh 2:27
Hawking's Gonna Drop a Phat Remix Smosh 0:12
I Heart Burgers Smosh 1:19
I Want to Be Where the Jedis Are Smosh feat. Ryan M. Todd 0:40
I've Got the Force in Me Smosh feat. Ryan M. Todd 0:27
If Music Were Real (Intro) Smosh 0:20
If Music Were Real (Outro) Smosh 1:07
Meat In Your Mouth Smosh 1:36
Metal Mom Smosh 1:10
Milky Milkshake Smosh 1:49
Milky Milkshake (Hawking Remix) Smosh 1:24
Most Epic Vacation Ever (Cannon Penis) Smosh 1:07
My Fanny Pack Smosh 1:31
Parents Suck Smosh 2:22
Parents Suck (Beastmode) Smosh feat. Petey Wunder 2:21
Parents Suck (Happy Go Lucky) Smosh feat. Petey Wunder 2:16
Pen15 Smosh feat. Ryan M. Todd 1:27
Pimps of Prom Smosh 3:32
Pirate Life Smosh 4:12
Pirate's Life (Glitch Hop) Smosh feat. Petey Wunder 4:09
Pokemon Theme Song Revenge Smosh 3:19
Predicate Rap Smosh 0:59
Renaissance Love Smosh 1:02
Segway Polo Smosh 2:04
So Frickin Tired of Christmas Smosh 1:20
Teleporting Fat Guy Smosh 1:11
The Album's Done [Outro] Smosh 0:51
The End of Christmas Smosh 0:24
The Legend of Zelda Rap Smosh 3:02
The Legend of Zelda Rap (Dark Link mix) Smosh feat. Petey Wunder 3:55
The Oz Lamat & Smosh 7:20
This Album's Smoshtastic (Intro) Smosh 1:09
Transformers Rap Smosh 2:49
Ultimate Assassins Creed 3 Song Smosh 3:34
Vader Is My Friend Smosh 2:10
We Rule High School Smosh 2:55

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