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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Soul Love Austra & CFCF 2 3:28
Strange Form of Life CFCF 6:43
Strange Form of Life (North Americans remix) CFCF 5:35
Summerlong CFCF 1:53
Tethered in Dark CFCF 6:56
The Crossing CFCF 5:41
The Explorers CFCF 3:31
The Explorers CFCF 3:36
The Explorers CFCF feat. Sally Shapiro 3:37
The Explorers CFCF 3:36
The Explorers (Sally Shapiro version) CFCF 3:39
The Explorers (Woodhands remix) CFCF 3:59
The Forest at Night CFCF 6:18
The Forest at Night (John Roberts remix) CFCF 4:08
The Pyramid CFCF 2:41
The River CFCF 6:36
The River CFCF 6:36
The Ruined Map CFCF 2:58
This Breath CFCF 4:28
Touching the Earth CFCF 3:00
Transcend CFCF 3:29
Transcend (Huerco S Temple remix) CFCF 6:31
Tropical Realities CFCF 2:10
Turnstile CFCF 2:11
Two Mirrors CFCF 5:36
Upon the Hill CFCF 5:10
Vermont CFCF ?:??
Walking in the Dust CFCF 4:10
Windswept CFCF 6:12
You Hear Colours CFCF 5:38
You Hear Colours CFCF CA2SK0800002 5:10

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