Catherine Anne Davies (British multi-instrumentalist and songwriter)

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member of (as Catherine A.D.): The Dark Flowers
performs as: The Anchoress
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Rivers of Ice The Anchoress 3:43
Bury Me The Anchoress 3:43
Chip on Your Shoulder The Anchoress 2:58
Confessions of a Romance Novelist The Anchoress 6:26
Doesn't Kill You The Anchoress 4:39
Intermission (Notes to the Editor) The Anchoress 2:08
Long Year The Anchoress 3:51
One for Sorrow The Anchoress 3:24
P.S. Fuck You The Anchoress 3:18
Popular The Anchoress 3:56
Rivers of Ice The Anchoress 3:43
Waiting to Breathe The Anchoress 3:02
What Goes Around The Anchoress 4:17
You and Only You The Anchoress feat. Paul Draper 4:08
Rivers of Ice Catherine A.D. lead vocals Simple Minds 3:41
Sit Down by the Fire Catherine A.D. background vocals The Veils 3:51
Bury Me
Chip on Your Shoulder
Confessions of a Romance Novelist
Doesn't Kill You
Intermission (Notes to the Editor)
Long Year
One for Sorrow
P.S. Fuck You
Waiting to Breathe
What Goes Around
You and Only You