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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Ghosts in the Mist (part of “Bargrooves: Black” DJ-mix) 8:38
In a State 8:40
In a State (Fucked dub mix) 6:04
In A State (Fucked dub) ?:??
In a State (fUcKed vocal mix) 6:02
In a State (Saturn mix) ?:??
New Solution (Salvation mix) (live, part of a “Soundscape: Live from Melbourne” DJ‐mix) 2:38
No Frills 5:21
No Frills Drum Fills 6:32
Out Of The Dark 6:51
Out Of The Dark (16 Bit Lolitas Remix) 5:42
Out of the Dark (Night Flight) 7:53
Scent of Love (part of “Sandra Collins: Lost in Time” DJ-mix) 6:11
Sonic Strategy 5:17
Sonic Strategy (part of a “Fantazia: Aural Pleasure” DJ‐mix) 4:45
Sonic Strategy (original mix) 9:04
Waves 5:37
Waves (Bay of Islands mix) 4:53
Waves (Bay of Islands mix) 5:30
Waves (E Mission remix) (part of a “Jaguar 2005, Volume 2” DJ‐mix) 7:59
Waves (E-Mission mix) 5:19
Waves (E-Mission mix) 4:53
Waves (King Unique mix) (part of “Underwater Episode 04” DJ-mix) 5:34
Waves (King Unique remix) 5:29

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