Thor (Canadian heavy/power metal band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
2045 Thor 0:50
2045 Thor 0:52
2045 Thor 0:52
Abandon Thor 2:55
All My Might Thor 3:36
Anger Thor 3:14
Anger Thor 3:42
Anger Thor 3:36
Anger Thor 3:21
Anger III Thor 3:22
Apocalyptic Explosion Thor 2:22
Atomic Man Thor 4:27
Attack of the Minions Thor and the Tritonz 0:22
Back for Blood Thor 3:41
Back for Blood Thor 4:39
Back For Blood Thor 4:08
Beyond the Pain Barrier Thor 3:37
Call of the Triumphant Thor 4:50
Call Of The Triumphant Thor 4:51
Calm Before the Fear Thor and the Tritonz 2:04
Catch a Tiger Thor 4:38
Cold White Ghost Thor 4:37
Corridors of Life Thor 3:48
Creature Feature Thor 4:23
Crimson King Thor 3:34
Damage Control (Let's Rock One) Thor and the Tritonz 1:56
Danger I’m Mad Thor 3:23
Death March Thor 2:43
Death March Thor 2:47
Deeper Shades Thor 2:41
Deity in the Sky Thor 5:07
Destruct Thor 3:27
Devastation of Musculation Thor 3:40
Dogz II Thor 3:53
Drive Thor 3:29
Easy Woman Thor 3:18
Electric Eyes Thor 2:52
Electric Eyes (alternate version) Thor 3:26
Energy Thor and the Tritonz 3:31
Energy Thor 3:46
Everybody Needs a Hero Thor 3:17
Everybody Needs A Hero Thor 3:17
Eyes on the Cup Thor 3:21
Face Off (The Final Confrontation) Thor and the Tritonz 1:58
Fear of Reality Thor 2:54
Feel the Fear Thor 2:51
Fight For You Thor 2:24
Freedom Thor 3:04
Fubar Is a Super Rocker Thor 2:45
Fubar Is A Super Rocker Thor 2:48
Galactic Sun Thor 2:58
Ghost Walker Thor and the Tritonz 2:53
Gladiator Romp Thor 3:18
Glimmer Thor 3:57
Glory Thor 4:07
Gonna Have a Hard Time Thor 3:37
Hail Steeve Reeves Thor 3:18
Hail Steve Reeves Thor 3:14
Hard to Cry Thor 3:23
Heads Will Turn Thor and the Tritonz 3:04
Heavy Load Thor 4:35
Higher Thor 3:46
Hot Flames Thor 3:09
Hot Flames Thor 3:11
Hot Flames Thor 3:10
Hot Flames Thor 2:40
I Am Thor Thor 3:59
I Am Your Sire Thor 3:56
I Heard Luanne Scream Thor and the Tritonz 0:29
I Knew If I Pissed You Off Thor and the Tritonz 0:09
I Want More Thor 4:11
I'm So Proud Thor 2:30
In the Court of the Crimson King Thor 3:36
Interception Thor 3:39
Intercessor Thor 3:06
Intercessor Thor 3:06
Intro / Heads Will Turn Thor 3:10
Invader Thor 4:01
Invader Thor 3:54
Invader Thor 3:50
Keep the Dogs Away Thor 3:30
Keep the Dogs Away Thor 3:01
Kings of Thunder and Lightning Thor 2:50
Knock 'em Down Thor 4:11
Knock 'em Down Thor 4:13
Knock 'em Down Thor 4:12
Knock 'em Down (live) Thor 4:24
Knock Them Down Thor 3:53
Kryptic Code Thor 4:30
Lady of the Night Thor 2:51
Laws of the Universe Thor 3:14
Lazer Eyes Thor 3:25
Lazer Eyes Thor 3:13
Lazer Eyes Thor 3:11
Legions of the Psykon World Thor 4:29
Lend Me Your Ears Thor and the Tritonz 7:58
Let the Blood Run Red Thor 4:27
Let the Blood Run Red Thor 4:29
Let the Blood Run Red Thor 4:28
Let the Blood Run Red Thor 4:09

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