Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Lyrics Languages Attributes Rating
70 Thousand Light Years From Home
Afro-Cuban Fantasy
Battle for the Array
Beamed to the Farm
Dance of the Blue Wonder Soundtrack
  • zxx
  • 340353175 (ASCAP ID)
Escape From the Ocampa Underground
Lifesigns in the Barn
Maniac Song
  • eng
  • zxx
Not Enough Time
Orchestral Suite From The Inner Light
Pagliacci (Maynard Ferguson jazz adaptation of "Vesti la giubba" from Leoncavallo's Pagliacci)
  • zxx
Paris Takes the Helm
Primal Scream
Quest for Planet Mars Soundtrack
  • zxx
  • 0470096494 (ASCAP ID)
Set Course for Home
Shenandoah Fantasy
  • zxx
Star Trek: Voyager: End Credit
The Caretaker's Hoedown
Theme From Space Age Soundtrack
  • zxx
  • 0490736808 (ASCAP ID)