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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Sing joyfully unto God Chanticleer 2:19
Sirens: Sirens: II. Die Lorelei Chanticleer 5:51
Sirens: Stelle, vostra mercé l'eccelse sfere Chanticleer 1:57
Sit Down Servant - Plenty Good Room Chanticleer 7:01
Sit Down Servant/Plenty Good Room Chanticleer 6:57
So Many Stars Chanticleer 5:07
Soar Away Chanticleer 2:28
Sohran Bushi Chanticleer 2:20
Sohran bushi (arr. O. Shimizu and M. Uehara) Chanticleer 2:05
Somebody to Love (arr. V. Peterson) Chanticleer 4:26
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child - Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow - Walk In Jerusalem Chanticleer 10:31
Soon One Mornin' - What You Con' Do When The World's On Fire?- You Can't Hide - Run On For A Long Time Chanticleer 10:18
Sorry Portland Cello Project feat. Chanticleer 2:10
South Australia Chanticleer 3:09
Spanish Carol Chanticleer 1:51
Steal Away Chanticleer 5:25
Steal Away to Jeasus Chanticleer 5:10
Stelle, vostra mercé l’eccelse sfere Chanticleer 1:56
Steven Sametz - in time of Chanticleer 9:22
Steven Stucky - Cradle Songs - Buy Baby Ribbon Chanticleer 2:20
Steven Stucky - Cradle Songs - Lilajze, Jezuniu Chanticleer 3:35
Steven Stucky - Cradle Songs - Rouxinol do pico preto Chanticleer 4:24
Stille Nacht Chanticleer 4:16
Stille nacht - Douce nuit - Silent night Chanticleer 3:19
Stormy Weather Chanticleer 6:45
Straight Street Chanticleer 2:58
Summertime Chanticleer 4:10
Suo Gân Chanticleer 2:53
Surely God Is Able Chanticleer 3:50
Sweeter Still Chanticleer 3:28
Temptation (arr. V. Peterson) Chanticleer 4:44
The Angel Cried Out Chanticleer 4:56
The Blue Bird Chanticleer 3:32
The Christmas Song Chanticleer 4:22
The First Nowell Chanticleer 3:19
The First Nowell Chanticleer 5:06
The Garden of Paradise: Lullaby Chanticleer 3:05
The Illusion of Eternity Chanticleer 4:08
The Lotus Lovers: A Rich Brocade Chanticleer 1:49
The Lotus Lovers: All Night Chanticleer 3:15
The Lotus Lovers: Illusions Chanticleer 2:44
The Lotus Lovers: Late Spring Chanticleer 2:24
The Three Kings Chanticleer 3:17
The tide rises, the tide falls Chanticleer 4:43
The Uncovered Wagon Chanticleer 8:11
There Is A Balm In Gilead Chanticleer 4:54
There Is No Rose of Such Virtue Chanticleer 4:14
There Is Sweet Music, op. 53, no.1 Chanticleer 5:17
This Heart That Flutters Near My Heart Chanticleer 2:21
This Is the Truth Sent From Above Chanticleer 4:41
This Is The Truth Sent From Above Chanticleer 4:41
Three Moon Songs: No. 1. Harlequin Chanticleer 2:18
Three Moon Songs: No. 2. Moondrunk Chanticleer 2:28
Three Moon Songs: No. 3. The Alphabet Chanticleer 2:57
Today the Virgin Chanticleer 2:37
Tre canti sacri : Gloria in excelsis Deo Chanticleer 4:42
Trisagion - Improperia Chanticleer 6:01
Twelve Gates To The City Chanticleer 5:27
Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabella Chanticleer 1:39
Verbum caro factum est: Y la Virgen le dezia Chanticleer 1:06
Versa est in luctum Chanticleer 2:50
VI. Dunque amate reliquie un mar di pianto; from Lagrime d'amante al sepolcro dell'amata Chanticleer 2:51
Vita de la mia vita Chanticleer 2:13
Voices of Autumn Chanticleer, Joseph Jennings 4:45
Vom Himmel hoch Chanticleer 9:51
Wade in the Water Chanticleer 4:32
Wade in the Water Chanticleer 4:32
Wayfarin' Stranger Chanticleer 3:47
We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace Chanticleer 2:58
We Shall Walk Through The Valley In Peace Chanticleer 4:00
Where The Sun Will Never Go Down Chanticleer 11:56
Wherewithal Shall a Young Man... Chanticleer 5:11
Whispers Chanticleer 6:24
Wild Grass Chanticleer 2:18
Willow Weep for Me Chanticleer 3:44
Willow Weep for Me Chanticleer 3:40
With a Poet's Eye: I. The Uncertainty of the Poet Chanticleer 1:17
With a Poet's Eye: II. Rodin's Muse Chanticleer 4:07
With a Poet's Eye: III. The Badminton Game Chanticleer 1:57
With a Poet's Eye: IV. Coming From Evening Church Chanticleer 3:30
With a Poet's Eye: V. The Merry-Go-Round at Night Chanticleer 2:02
Wondrous Love Chanticleer 4:17
You and the Night and the Music Chanticleer 3:21
Zhou Long - Words of the Sun Chanticleer 4:46

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