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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Jesus Met the Woman at the Well Chanticleer 5:59
John Tavener - Village Wedding Chanticleer 9:43
Joseph, lieber Joseph mein Chanticleer 2:16
Journey to Recife Chanticleer 4:04
Journey to Recife Chanticleer 4:03
Keep Your Hand On The Plow Chanticleer 3:36
King Chanticleer Chanticleer 4:26
Kirie "Leroy" Chanticleer 3:25
Kyrie; from Missa pro Defunctis Chanticleer 2:49
L'amour de moy Chanticleer 3:19
La petenera Chanticleer 4:41
La vasija de barro Chanticleer 5:11
La villanella Chanticleer 3:19
Labbra Vermiglie E Belle Chanticleer 4:36
Labbra Vermiglie E Belle Chanticleer 4:31
Lazy Bones Chanticleer 4:06
Le Cantique des cantiques: Épithalame Chanticleer 3:24
Les fleurs et les arbres Chanticleer 1:37
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Chanticleer 5:11
Let's Do It Chanticleer 4:01
Liebst du um Schönheit Chanticleer 3:02
Loch Lomond Chanticleer 4:40
Lord I Want To Be A Christian Chanticleer 6:10
Lost in the Stars Chanticleer 5:25
Lost in the Stars Chanticleer 5:28
Love Is a Beautiful Dream Chanticleer 2:47
Love is Letting Go Chanticleer 3:36
Love Is Letting Go Chanticleer 3:40
Love Walked In Chanticleer 5:02
Luci serene e chiare Chanticleer 3:25
Magnificat à 12 Chanticleer 3:47
Marabile mysterium Chanticleer 3:46
Mary and the Baby Medley: I. Maria Wanders Through the Thorn / II. What Child Is This? / III. Mary and the Baby Chanticleer 7:23
Mary and the Baby Medley: IV. Jerusalem in the Morning Chanticleer 4:45
Maundy Thursday: Antiphon: Dominus Jesus Chanticleer 1:27
Molihua Chanticleer 2:58
Moon River Chanticleer 3:44
Mushrooms Chanticleer 2:22
My Funny Valentine Chanticleer 2:55
My heart is inditing Chanticleer DEA800300410 16:02
My Soul Is A Witness Chanticleer 5:41
My Spirit Sang All Day Chanticleer 1:27
Na Bahia Tem Chanticleer 3:36
Nelly Bly Chanticleer 2:36
Nelly Bly Chanticleer 2:37
Night and Day Chanticleer 3:04
Noel canon Chanticleer 1:59
Noël Nouvelet Chanticleer 2:56
Noël Nouvelet Chanticleer 2:52
Now Make We Joy Chanticleer 2:12
Now that the sun hath veiled his light (‘An Evening Hymn’) Chanticleer DEA800300408 5:03
Nowell Chanticleer 1:58
Nude Descending a Staircase Chanticleer 2:14
O admirabile commercium Chanticleer 3:15
O admirabile commercium Chanticleer 2:35
O Clap Your Hands Chanticleer 4:26
O Come All Ye Faithful Chanticleer 2:37
O dolorosa gioia Chanticleer 3:10
O Holy Night Chanticleer 4:32
O Holy Night Chanticleer 4:43
O Jesulein süß, o Jesulein mild Chanticleer 3:12
O Lord, rebuke me not Chanticleer DEA800300406 9:29
O magnum mysterium Chanticleer 4:06
O magnum mysterium Chanticleer 4:06
O virgo virginum Chanticleer 8:45
O virgo virginum Chanticleer 7:06
O Waly, Waly Chanticleer 3:44
Observer in the Magellanic Cloud Chanticleer 6:21
Observer in the Magellanic Cloud Chanticleer 6:22
Old Time Religion Chanticleer 4:01
Old Time Religion Chanticleer 4:00
Opinion Counts Chanticleer 3:34
Or'cha Bamidbar Chanticleer 2:03
Out of This World Chanticleer 3:39
Out of This World (live) Chanticleer 4:03
Oy, Polná, Polná Koróbushka Chanticleer 2:28
Packing Up Chanticleer 3:34
Palm Sunday: Antiphon: Dominus Jesus Chanticleer 4:12
Past Life Melodies Chanticleer 8:58
Past Life Melodies (live) Chanticleer 8:24
Pilgrim Strangers: How few of life's days and hours ... Chanticleer 7:50
Pilgrim Strangers: I have noticed through most of the hospitals ... Chanticleer 4:45
Pilgrim Strangers: No sooner had our men surrendered ... Chanticleer 7:01
Pilgrim Strangers: Tonight as I was trying to keep cool ... Chanticleer 6:10
Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me Chanticleer DEA800300407 11:02
Psallite unigenito Chanticleer 1:16
Quaeramus cum pastoribus Chanticleer 3:42
Quand'havra fin' Amore Chanticleer 2:16
Quatre Petite Prieres de St. Francois d'Assise Chanticleer 7:30
Quelle est cette odeur agréable Chanticleer 4:30
Recessional: Angélicas Milicias Chanticleer 4:17
Rejoice in the Lord (‘The Bell Anthem’) Chanticleer DEA800300403 8:16
Remember not, Lord, our offences Chanticleer DEA800300404 2:52
Resonet in laudibus Chanticleer 3:43
Responsorio Segundo de S.S. Jose Chanticleer 2:47
Ríu, ríu, chíu Chanticleer 2:06
Rock a My Soul Chanticleer 3:13
Rocking Carol (Hajej, nynej, Ježíšku) Chanticleer 1:47
Rough on Rats Portland Cello Project feat. Chanticleer 3:03
S’andasse Amor a caccia Chanticleer 1:41

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