member of:Chu Berry and His "Little Jazz" Ensemble
Chu Berry and His Jazz Ensemble
Chu Berry and His Stompy Stevedores
Buck & His Band (saxophone)
Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Benny Carter and His Orchestra
The Chocolate Dandies
Teddy Hill and His Orchestra
Teddy Hill and His Orchestra (tenor saxophone)
Gene Krupa’s Swing Band (tenor saxophone)
Sammy Stewart's Ten Knights of Syncopation
Spike Hughes and His Decca-Dents
Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra (tenor saxophone)
Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra (from 1935 until 1937: tenor saxophone)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Christopher Columbus
Swing Is Here
1933-10-10Once Upon a Timetenor saxophoneThe Chocolate Dandies3:28
1933-10-10Once Upon a Timetenor saxophoneThe Chocolate Dandies3:32
1933-11-24Do Your Dutytenor saxophoneBessie Smith3:31
1933-11-24Do Your Dutytenor saxophoneBessie Smith3:29
1933-11-24Gimme a Pigfoottenor saxophoneBessie Smith3:31
1933-11-24Gimme a Pigfoottenor saxophoneBessie Smith3:36
1933-11-24Gimme a Pigfoot (Columbia matrix W152578-2)Chu BerrysaxophoneBessie Smith with Buck and His Band3:30
1933-11-24Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beertenor saxophoneBuck & His Band3:30
1933-11-24I'm Down in the Dumpstenor saxophoneBessie Smith3:14
1933-11-24Take Me for a Buggy Ridetenor saxophoneBessie Smith with Buck and His Band2:40
1935-01-25Blues in E‐flattenor saxophoneRed Norvo & His Swing Octet3:01
1935-02-26(Lookie, Lookie, Lookie) Here Comes Cookietenor saxophoneTeddy Hill and His Orchestra3:05
1935-09-20Someday, Sweethearttenor saxophoneMildred Bailey & Her Swing Band3:31
1935-09-20When Day Is Donetenor saxophoneMildred Bailey3:27
1935-10-25Eeny Meeny Miney Motenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:15
1935-10-25If You Were Minetenor saxophone [tenor sax]Billie Holiday3:14
1935-10-25If You Were Minetenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:13
1935-10-25Twenty-Four Hours a Daytenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:02
1935-10-25Twenty-Fours Hours a Daytenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson3:04
1935-10-25Yankee Doodle Never Went to Towntenor saxophoneBillie Holiday2:46
1936-02-29I Hope Gabriel Likes My Musictenor saxophoneGene Krupa and the Band That Swings With Strings3:07
1936-02-29I Hope Gabriel Likes My Musictenor saxophoneGene Krupa’s Swing Band3:04
1936-02-29I'm Gonna Clap My Handstenor saxophoneGene Krupa3:00
1936-02-29Mutiny in the Parlortenor saxophoneGene Krupa3:05
1936-02-29Swing Is Heretenor saxophoneGene Krupa’s Swing Band2:56
1936-02-29Swing Is Heretenor saxophoneGene Krupa and the Band That Swings With Strings2:59
1936-03-27Blue Loutenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson and His Orchestra3:10
1936-03-27Christopher Columbustenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson3:04
1936-03-27Stealin' Applestenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson and His Orchestra2:59
1936-04-09I'll Always Be in Love With Youtenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson3:02
1936-04-09I'm a Fool for Loving Youtenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson2:37
1936-04-09Jangled Nervestenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson2:35
1936-04-09Moonrise on the Lowdownstenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson2:42
1936-05-14Blues in C Sharp Minortenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:21
1936-05-14Blues in C-sharp minortenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson3:16
1936-05-14Mary Had a Little Lambtenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra2:57
1936-05-14Too Good to Be Truetenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:10
1936-05-14Warmin' Uptenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:16
1936-05-23Grand Terrace Rhythmtenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson2:41
1936-05-23Riffin'tenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson2:20
1937-03-02Rhythm of the Tambourinetenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson2:41
1937-03-22Back in Your Own Backyardtenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson2:35
1937-06-03Chris and His Gangtenor saxophoneFletcher Henderson3:03
1937-09-10Chuberry Jamtenor saxophoneChu Berry and His Stompy Stevedores2:19
1937-12-17I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Metenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson2:49
1937-12-17My First Impression of Youtenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson2:47
1937-12-17When You're Smilingtenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson2:51
1938-01-10Lover, Come Back to Metenor saxophoneMildred Bailey & Her Orchestra3:16
1938-01-10Thanks for the Memorytenor saxophoneMildred Bailey & Her Orchestra2:37
1938-01-10Thanks for the Moneytenor saxophoneMildred Bailey2:41
1938-04-21Rock It for Metenor saxophoneMildred Bailey2:53
1938-11-10Body and Soultenor saxophone [tenor sax]Roy Eldridge with Chu Berry and His Little Jazz Ensemble3:54
1938-11-11Body and Soultenor saxophoneChu Berry and His "Little Jazz" Ensemble3:55
1938-11-11Forty-Six West Fifty-Twotenor saxophoneChu Berry and His "Little Jazz" Ensemble2:35
1938-11-11Sittin' Intenor saxophoneChu Berry and His "Little Jazz" Ensemble2:14
1938-11-11Stardusttenor saxophoneChu Berry and His "Little Jazz" Ensemble3:57
1938-11-28Hello, My Darlingtenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson2:46
1938-11-28Let's Dream in the Moonlighttenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson2:55
1938-11-28You're Gonna See a Lot of Metenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson3:01
1938-11-28You're So Desirabletenor saxophoneTeddy Wilson2:53
1939-02-02Oh, Lady Be Goodtenor saxophoneCount Basie3:07
1939-02-03Blame It on My Last Affair (1st take)tenor saxophoneCount Basie3:08
1939-02-03Blame It on My Last Affair (2nd take)tenor saxophoneCount Basie3:17
1939-02-03Cherokee, Part 1tenor saxophoneCount Basie2:48
1939-02-03Cherokee, Part 2tenor saxophoneCount Basie2:53
1939-02-03Cherokee, Parts 1 & 2tenor saxophoneCount Basie6:14
1939-02-03Jive at Fivetenor saxophoneCount Basie2:56
1939-02-04Evil Bluestenor saxophoneCount Basie2:49
1939-02-04Lady Be Good (New York, 1939-02-04)tenor saxophoneCount Basie3:11
1939-02-04Oh, Lady Be Goodtenor saxophoneCount Basie2:43
1939-02-04Thursdaytenor saxophoneCount Basie3:06
1939-04-03High SocietyreedsLionel Hampton3:16
1939-04-03I Can Give You LovereedsLionel Hampton2:50
1939-04-03It Don't Mean a ThingreedsLionel Hampton3:16
1939-04-03It Don't Mean a Thing (alternate take)reedsLionel Hampton3:15
1939-04-03Johnny Get Your HornreedsLionel Hampton3:11
1939-04-05Denison Swingtenor saxophoneLionel Hampton3:18
1939-04-05Shufflin at the Hollywoodtenor saxophoneLionel Hampton3:06
1939-04-05Shufflin' at the Hollywood (alternate take)tenor saxophoneLionel Hampton3:08
1939-04-05Sweethearts on Paradetenor saxophoneLionel Hampton3:00
1939-04-05Wizzin the Wizztenor saxophoneLionel Hampton2:25
1939-04-05Wizzin' the Wizz (alternate take)tenor saxophoneLionel Hampton2:26
1939-04-26Jumpy Nervestenor saxophoneWingy Manone and His Orchestra2:48
1939-06-09Ain'Tcha Comin' HomereedsLionel Hampton3:20
1939-06-09Big Wig in the WigwamreedsLionel Hampton2:33
1939-06-09If It's GoodreedsLionel Hampton2:51
1939-06-09Stand by! For Further Announcements (And More Good News)reedsLionel Hampton2:57
1939-06-13Hot Malletstenor saxophoneLionel Hampton Orchestra2:19
1939-09-11Early Session Hoptenor saxophoneLionel Hampton2:41
1939-09-11Hot Malletstenor saxophoneLionel Hampton2:17
1939-09-11One Sweet Letter From Youtenor saxophoneLionel Hampton3:21
1939-09-11When Lights Are Lowtenor saxophoneLionel Hampton and His Orchestra2:15
1939-09-11When Lights Are Low (matrix no. 041406-1)tenor saxophoneLionel Hampton2:16
1939-09-11When Lights Are Lowtenor saxophoneLionel Hampton2:15
1939-09-11When Lights Are Low (alternate take)tenor saxophoneLionel Hampton2:09
1940-03-19Tickle Toe (New York, 1940-03-19)tenor saxophoneCount Basie2:35
1940-05-15Hard Times (Topsy Turvy) (matrix no. 27299-1)tenor saxophoneCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:21
1941-08-28Sunny Side of the Streettenor saxophone [tenor sax]Chu Berry and His Jazz Ensemble4:03
A Ghost of Chancetenor saxophoneCab Calloway and His Orchestra2:58
Blame It on My Last Affairtenor saxophoneCount Basie & His Orchestra2:50
Jive at Fivetenor saxophoneCount Basie & His Orchestra2:56
Oh, Lady Be Goodtenor saxophoneCount Basie & His Orchestra3:10
Uptown Rhapsody