Name ISRCs Rating Length
Tender Heart 2:27
Tender Heart 2:59
Tender Heart 2:27
The Anchor 3:37
The Boxing Mirror 5:44
The En ?:??
The End 3:42
The End 3:41
The End 3:42
The Ladder 2:56
The Musical Escovedo Family: "Alejandro, You Said the Song We Just Heard.../... They All Played Percussion." 1:59
The New Album, 'With These Hands': "Hello Everybody.../... Does That Makes Sense?" 2:13
The Rain Wo'Nt Help You When It's Over 3:07
The Song "Guilty": "The New Album 'With These Hands'.../... Back Into Society, You Know" 1:25
The Song "Pyramid of Tears": "There's a Song Called Pyramid of Tears.../... Crying a Pyramid of Tears, You Know." 0:42
The Song "Thirteen Years," Written From a Woman's Perspectiv: "Now Coming From a Musical Family.../... Promises That Never Come True." 0:58
The Songwriting Process: "Al, With the Release of the New Album.../... Take That Ride With You." 1:56
The Way It Goes 5:36
The Way It Goes ?:??
Thirteen Years 4:03
Thirteen Years 4:04
Thirteen Years 4:03
Thirteen Years ?:??
Thirteen Years Theme 0:49
Thirteen Years Theme 1:10
Thirteen Years Theme 1:30
Thirteen Years Theme 1:03
This Bed Is Getting Crowded 3:17
This Bed Is Getting Crowded 4:00
Thought I’d Let You Know 4:15
Tired Skin 4:07
Tired Skin 3:51
Tired Skin 3:53
Too Little Too Late 3:49
Too Many Tears 5:08
Trac5 8:31
True Believers: "Alejandro, When You Go on the Road.../... That's What It's About." 1:29
Try Try Try 4:34
Try Try Try 4:57
Try, Try, Try 4:35
Tugboat 6:04
Tula 3:49
Two Angels 4:44
Two Angels 4:43
Undesired 4:27
Velvet Guitar 4:23
Velvet Guitar ?:??
Velvet Guitar 3:56
Velvet Guitar 4:02
Wasn't I Always a Friend to You? ?:??
Wave 5:28
Wave 5:27
Wave 5:12
Wave 5:26
Wave 5:41
Wave ?:??
Way It Goes 4:57
Way It Goes 5:13
We Used to Be Friends 3:30
Wedding Day 3:54
Wedding Day 3:52
Wedding Day 3:54
Wedding Day 3:55
With These Hands 4:44
With These Hands 3:29
With These Hands ?:??
With These Hands 3:30
With These Hands ?:??

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