Ed Greene (drummer)

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supporting artists:Reginald Bradley Smith (Nashville-based keyboardist)
supporting drums (drum set) for:Barry White
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DateTitleCredited asAttributesArtistLength
1971-08-25Jamiedrums (drum set)Donald Byrd3:49
1971-08-25The Emperordrums (drum set)Donald Byrd15:39
1971-08-26The Little Rastidrums (drum set)Donald Byrd17:42
1972-05Make It Rightdrums (drum set)Tim Buckley4:08
1972-05Sweet Surrenderdrums (drum set)Tim Buckley6:47
1974-05-30 – 1974-05-31Blanket on the BeachmembranophoneStanley Turrentine4:30
1974-05-30 – 1974-05-31Blanket on the Beach (take 11 - alternate)membranophoneStanley Turrentine3:35
1974-05-30 – 1974-05-31Deep in LovemembranophoneStanley Turrentine4:04
1974-05-30 – 1974-05-31EvilmembranophoneStanley Turrentine4:12
1974-05-30 – 1974-05-31I Know It's YoumembranophoneStanley Turrentine6:25
1974-05-30 – 1974-05-31I'm in LovemembranophoneStanley Turrentine4:01
1974-05-30 – 1974-05-31I'm in Love (take 9 - alternate)membranophoneStanley Turrentine3:35
1974-05-30 – 1974-05-31Midnight and YoumembranophoneStanley Turrentine4:39
1974-05-30 – 1974-05-31Pieces of Dreams (take 5 - alternate)membranophoneStanley Turrentine5:01
1975-04-15Mr. D.J. (5 for the D.J.)drums (drum set)Aretha Franklin4:25
1975-10-03 – 1975-10-15Theme From Three Days of the Condordrums (drum set)Lee Ritenour4:10
1976Don’t You Lie to Medrums (drum set)B.B. King6:08
1976Mother Fuyerdrums (drum set)B.B. King3:06
1976The Same Love That Made Me Laughdrums (drum set)B.B. King3:34
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Fire Dancedrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie4:23
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Free Ridedrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie5:18
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Incantationdrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie6:40
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Love Poem for Donnadrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie4:32
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Ozone Madnessdrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie6:29
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02The Last Stroke of Midnightdrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie4:33
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Unicorndrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie6:49
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Wrong Numberdrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie4:35
1977Bundle of Joydrums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard5:36
1977From Behinddrums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard4:56
1977From Now Ondrums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard4:38
1977I Don’t Want to Lose Youdrums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard4:02
1977Portrait of Jennydrums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard6:20
1977Rahsanndrums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard6:37
1977Rainy Day Songdrums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard3:58
1977Tucson Stompdrums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard4:42
1978Deeper Than the Nightdrums (drum set) [drums]Olivia Newton‐John3:39
1978Talk to Medrums (drum set) [drums]Olivia Newton‐John3:31
1979-07-16 – 1979-07-19I Ain’t Gonna Cry Tonightdrums (drum set) [drums]Barbra Streisand5:05
1979-07-16 – 1979-07-19Splish Splashdrums (drum set) [drums]Barbra Streisand4:18
1980Dancin’drums (drum set)Olivia Newton‐John with The Tubes5:17
1980Suddenlydrums (drum set)Olivia Newton‐John with Cliff Richard4:02
1980Suspended in Timedrums (drum set)Olivia Newton‐John3:54
1984-10Into the Nightdrums (drum set)B.B. King4:12
1990 – 1990-06Crucifydrums (drum set)Tori Amos5:00
24-7-365membranophonePercy Sledge3:34
A Lonely ViolinmembranophonePercy Sledge3:08
A Man I Loveddrums (drum set)Barbra Streisand4:02
Alwaysdrums (drum set)Leonard Cohen8:04
American Girlsdrums (drum set)Bob Welch2:47
And I Thought You Loved Medrums (drum set)The Righteous Brothers3:37
Angel Lady (Come Just in Time)drums (drum set)Boz Scaggs3:32
AngelinamembranophoneColleen Peterson2:54
Are You Thinking?drums (drum set)Deniece Williams4:17
As Long as I Still Have Youdrums (drum set)Alessi Brothers3:42
Baby Don’t Knockdrums (drum set)Carl Graves?:??
Baretta's Theme ('Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow')drums (drum set)Rhythm Heritage5:09
Be Tender With My Lovedrums (drum set)Carl Graves?:??
Bedroom Eyesdrums (drum set)Dionne Warwick4:45
Believerdrums (drum set)Alessi3:24
Bernadettedrums (drum set)Bob Welch2:53
Bi‐Coastaldrums (drum set)Peter Allen4:22
Big Blue DiamondsmembranophonePercy Sledge3:53
Bobbie Lee (What’s the Difference, I Gotta Live)drums (drum set)Barry Manilow3:32
Break Down the Doordrums (drum set)Barry Manilow3:01
Breaking Up Is Hard to Dodrums (drum set)Carl Graves?:??
Cafe L.A.drums (drum set)Tony Sciuto4:59
Can’t Be Seendrums (drum set)Dane Donohue3:00
Can’t Hold Your Love Backdrums (drum set)Bob Welch3:36
Can’t Say GoodbyemembranophoneBobby Caldwell5:04
Captain Wonderfuldrums (drum set)Tony Sciuto4:37
Change My MindmembranophonePercy Sledge4:21
Color Medrums (drum set)Brad Love3:21
Come On Backdrums (drum set)Carlene Carter2:58
Come Spend the Morningdrums (drum set)Engelbert Humperdinck2:28
Come to MemembranophoneBobby Caldwell2:53
Could It Be the Magicdrums (drum set)The Waters4:26
CupidmembranophoneColleen Peterson3:02
Dance Awaydrums (drum set)Barry Manilow4:00
Dancing in the Streetdrums (drum set)Livingston Taylor3:25
Disco (Where You Gonna Go) (stereo)drums (drum set)Elliot Lurie3:15
Disco‐fieddrums (drum set)Rhythm Heritage3:53
Don’t Fall in Love With Medrums (drum set)Barry Manilow3:22
Don’t Fall in Love With Medrums (drum set)Barry Manilow3:36
Don’t Let Me Touch Youdrums (drum set)Bob Welch2:51
Don’t Throw It All Awaydrums (drum set)Carl Graves?:??
Don’t Wish Too Harddrums (drum set)Peter Allen5:13
Down for the Third TimemembranophoneBobby Caldwell5:05
Dr. Rock and Rolldrums (drum set)The Righteous Brothers3:38
Dream Ondrums (drum set)The Righteous Brothers3:32
Driftin’drums (drum set)Alessi3:11
Easy From Now Ondrums (drum set)Carlene Carter4:30
Evilmandrums (drum set)Alessi Brothers5:18
Fall Inside Your EyesmembranophonePercy Sledge4:08
Feverdrums (drum set)Bob Welch3:10
Fever (12″ version)drums (drum set)Bob Welch5:29
Fever (single remix)drums (drum set)Bob Welch2:59
Float On Bydrums (drum set)Rhythm Heritage3:30
Fly Awaydrums (drum set)Peter Allen4:01
Fools Get Luckydrums (drum set)Barry Manilow4:11
Freedomdrums (drum set)Dane Donohue3:04
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1990drums (drum set)The Temptations
1990drums (drum set)The Temptations
Aaron Neville's Soulful ChristmasmembranophoneAaron Neville
Be With Medrums (drum set)Billy Griffin
Being With Youdrums (drum set) [drums]Smokey Robinson
Estate of Minddrums (drum set)Evie Sands
Gruska on GruskaJay Gruska
I Won’t Changedrums (drum set)John Valenti
King Sizedrums (drum set)B.B. King
Lisa HartmanmembranophoneLisa Hartman
Listen to Your Heartdrums (drum set)Paul Anka
Never Gonna Be Another OnemembranophoneThelma Houston
Respectdrums (drum set)Billy Griffin
Robert Johndrums (drum set)Robert John
Still Waitingdrums (drum set)HEAT
Streisand Superman (made in Mexico)Barbra Streisand
Streisand SupermanBarbra Streisand
Streisand SupermanBarbra Streisand
Streisand SupermanBarbra Streisand
Streisand SupermanBarbra Streisand
Streisand SupermanBarbra Streisand
Streisand SupermanBarbra Streisand
Take Me to Your Heaven (Specialty Records Corporation pressing)drums (drum set)Stevie Woods
The Grand TourmembranophoneAaron Neville
The Keane Brothersdrums (drum set)The Keane Brothers
The Tattooed Heartdrums (drum set)Aaron Neville
The Woman in My LifeEdward Greenedrums (drum set)Stevie Woods
The Woman in My LifeEdward Greenedrums (drum set)Stevie Woods
Truly for Youdrums (drum set)The Temptations
Youdrums (drum set)Aretha Franklin
Rocky RoadThe Ventures
Green Light
Green Light