Pet Shop Boys Commentary: Interpretations and Analyses of Every Song Written or Performed by Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant
by Wayne Studer, Ph.D. @

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1986PleasePet Shop Boys4.412
1987ActuallyPet Shop Boys4.2520
1988IntrospectivePet Shop Boys4.221
1990BehaviourPet Shop Boys4.410
1993VeryPet Shop Boys4.1520
1996BilingualPet Shop Boys3.3513
1999NightlifePet Shop Boys3.459
2002ReleasePet Shop Boys4.3510
2006FundamentalPet Shop Boys3.811
2009YesPet Shop Boys4.6514
2012ElysiumPet Shop Boys3.358
2013ElectricPet Shop Boys3.357
2016SuperPet Shop Boys3.654
2020HotspotPet Shop Boys49

Album + Compilation

1991Discography: The Complete Singles CollectionPet Shop Boys4.515
1995AlternativePet Shop Boys47
1998EssentialPet Shop Boys2
2003PopArt: The HitsPet Shop Boys315
2003PopArt: The VideosPet Shop Boys1
2009Party: The Greatest HitsPet Shop Boys1
2010UltimatePet Shop Boys5
2011Disco/Disco 2Pet Shop Boys1
2012Format: B‐sides and Bonus Tracks (1996–2009)Pet Shop Boys33

Album + Compilation + Remix

1986DiscoPet Shop Boys10
1994Disco 2Pet Shop Boys36
2003Disco 3Pet Shop Boys36
2005MegamixPet Shop Boys1
2007Disco 4Pet Shop Boys2

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2005Back to Mine: Pet Shop BoysPet Shop Boys1

Album + Soundtrack

2001Closer to HeavenPet Shop Boys1
2005Battleship PotemkinTennant/Lowe; Pet Shop Boys, Dresdner Sinfoniker, Jonathan Stockhammer2
2019Musik (Original Cast Recording)Pet Shop Boys1

Album + Live

2006Somewhere: Pet Shop Boys in ConcertPet Shop Boys1
2006ConcretePet Shop Boys with the BBC Concert Orchestra44
2007Pet Shop Boys in Concert: CubismPet Shop Boys1
2010PandemoniumPet Shop Boys2
2019Inner SanctumPet Shop Boys42
2021Discovery Live In Rio 1994Pet Shop Boys43

Album + Remix

1992West End Girls: MixesPet Shop Boys1
2001Ultra Hot Art, Disc FourPet Shop Boys1
Razormaid RemixesPet Shop Boys1


1984West End GirlsPet Shop Boys511
1984West End / SunglassesPet Shop Boys2
1984One More ChancePet Shop Boys2
1985Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money) (First release)Pet Shop Boys5
1985West End Girls (1985 re-recording)Pet Shop Boys10
1986West End Girls ’86Pet Shop Boys2
1986Love Comes QuicklyPet Shop Boys4
1986Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money) (Second release)Pet Shop Boys5
1986SuburbiaPet Shop Boys57
1986Paninaro (The Pet Shop Boys mix)Pet Shop Boys51
1987It’s a SinPet Shop Boys510
1987What Have I Done to Deserve This?Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield4
1987RentPet Shop Boys5
1987Always on My MindPet Shop Boys510
1988HeartPet Shop Boys54
1988Domino DancingPet Shop Boys59
1988Left to My Own DevicesPet Shop Boys6
1988One More Chance (New remix 88)Pet Shop Boys1
1988What Have I Done to Deserve This / RentPet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield1
1988ZYX Mega MixPet Shop Boys1
1989It’s AlrightPet Shop Boys8
1990So HardPet Shop Boys316
1990Being BoringPet Shop Boys3
1991JealousyPet Shop Boys7
1991Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)Pet Shop Boys14
1991How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?Pet Shop Boys6
1991DJ CulturePet Shop Boys7
1991Was It Worth It?Pet Shop Boys8
1993Can You Forgive Her?Pet Shop Boys10
1993Go WestPet Shop Boys517
1993I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of ThingPet Shop Boys9
1993Can You Forgive Her?Pet Shop Boys1
1994LiberationPet Shop Boys8
1994Yesterday, When I Was MadPet Shop Boys6
1995Paninaro ’95Pet Shop Boys12
1995Paninaro '95 (The Remixes Part One)Pet Shop Boys1
1995Paninaro '95 (The Remixes Part Two)Pet Shop Boys1
1996BeforePet Shop Boys12
1996Se a vida é (That’s the Way Life Is)Pet Shop Boys15
1996Single-BilingualPet Shop Boys8
1997A Red Letter DayPet Shop Boys7
1997SomewherePet Shop Boys7
1999I Don’t Know What You Want but I Can’t Give It Any MorePet Shop Boys8
1999New York City BoyPet Shop Boys19
1999You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re DrunkPet Shop Boys13
2001Break 4 LovePeter Rauhofer & Pet Shop Boys5
2002Home and DryPet Shop Boys11
2002I Get AlongPet Shop Boys7
2002LondonPet Shop Boys4
2003MiraclesPet Shop Boys7
2004FlamboyantPet Shop Boys4
2006I’m With StupidPet Shop Boys7
2006Fundamentalism (Part 1)Pet Shop Boys1
2006MinimalPet Shop Boys7
2006Fundamentalism (Part 2)Pet Shop Boys1
2006NumbPet Shop Boys4
2007She’s Madonna: MixesRobbie Williams with Pet Shop Boys2
2007IntegralPet Shop Boys2
2009Love etc.Pet Shop Boys9

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