Jad Fair

~ Person



1988Roll Out the BarrelJad Fair And Kramer2
1989Great ExpectationsJad Fair1
1989It's SpookyJad Fair & Daniel Johnston4
1991Greater ExpectationsJad Fair1
1992Half RobotJad and Nao1
1992I Like It When You SmileJad Fair1
1996DQE and Jad FairJad Fair & DQE1
1996Monsters, Lullabies ... and the Occasional Flying SaucerPhono-Comb & Jad Fair2
1996We Are The RageJad Fair & The Shapir-O'Rama1
1997Half AlienJad And Nao1
1998Strange but TrueJad Fair & Yo La Tengo2
1998Monster Songs for ChildrenJad & David Fair1
1999The Sound of Music: An Unfinished Symphony in 12 PartsJad Fair & Kramer1
1999Enjoyable SongsJason Willett & Jad Fair1
1999I Like Your FaceJad Fair & The Shapir-O'Rama1
2000The Attack Of EverythingJad Fair & Jason Willett1
2001The Lucky Sperms: Somewhat HumorousJad Fair & Daniel Johnston2
2002Words of Wisdom & HopeTeenage Fanclub & Jad Fair2
2002FairMooreJad Fair & R. Stevie Moore1
2004WhaleJad Fair & Bill Wells1
2006Six Dozen CookiesJad & David Fair1
2008Half MonsterJad And Nao1
2011His Name Itself Is MusicJad Fair1
2011Enjoy Your LifeJad Fair & Tenniscoats1
2012Songs From a Haunted HouseJad Fair and Gilles-Vincent Rieder1
2013Happy Fun SongsJad Fair, Lumberob1
2014Let's Born to Rock!Jad Fair & Strobe Talbot2
2014Solid Gold HeartJad Fair & Danielson1
2014How Many GlasgowJad Fair, Tenniscoats & Norman Blake1
2014The Great American Songbook Vol. 1Jad Fair & R. Stevie Moore1
2015YesJad Fair & Norman Blake2
2016Shake, Cackle and SquallJad Fair & David Fair1
2016Don't Give UpJad Fair + Hifiklub + Kptmichigan1
2016Honey BeeJad Fair, Jason Willett1
2016Mighty Hypnotic EyeJad Fair, Jason Willett1
2017The History Of CryingJad Fair & Kramer1
2019Jad & JoeJad Fair & Doc Wör Mirran1
Jason Willett Jad Fair Gilles RiederJason Willett / Jad Fair / Gilles Rieder51

Album + Compilation

2017RaindropsJad Fair, Tenniscoats & Norman Blake1


1992Jad Fair & The Pastels N°2Jad Fair & The Pastels1
1992This Could Be The NightJad Fair and The Pastels1
1995In A Haunted HouseJad Fair & Phono-Comb1
2002Always in My HeartJad Fair & Teenage Fanclub1
2002Near to YouJad Fair & Teenage Fanclub2
2006Like a Monkey in a ZooTeenage Fanclub & Jad Fair1
2023CelebrationJad Fair1


1980The Zombies of Mora-TauJad Fair3
2011Bird HouseHifiklub + Jad Fair + kptmichigan1

Broadcast + Live

2005-04-27: Phoning It In, "Jad Fair (Half Japanese)"Jad Fair1

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