2003I've Sound TributeBarbarian on the Groove2
2004ELEGANTRONICABarbarian on the Groove1
2004MELANCOLLAGEBarbarian on the Groove2
2005TAOS PUEBLOBarbarian on the Groove2
2005Le Monde Musical De Barbarian On The GrooveBarbarian on the Groove2
2005Diorama-ShadeBarbarian on the Groove1
2006SevenBarbarian on the Groove2
2006Dragon Valley TwilightBarbarian on the Groove1
2006Dragon Valley MisterioBarbarian on the Groove1
2007コスモス -変調する世界-Barbarian on the Groove2
2007Dragon Valley ~Arco-Iris~Barbarian on the Groove1
2007PetroglyphBarbarian on the Groove1
2008Classics Plus - 01Barbarian on the Groove1
2008Classics Plus - 02Barbarian on the Groove1
2008El Fin De La Infancia ~終焉と覚醒~Barbarian on the Groove1
2008Ars Combinatoria - アルス・コンビナトリア -Barbarian on the Groove1
2009POROROCKBarbarian on the Groove1
2009op.ComradeBarbarian On The Groove1
2010Barbarian On The Groove Works CollectionBarbarian on the Groove1
2011BarbarossaBarbarian On The Groove1
2011Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 2ndBarbarian On The Groove1
2011一角獣の謎 - Mystery of the UNICORN -Barbarian On The Groove2
2012Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 3rdBarbarian On The Groove1
2013一角獣に宿る夢 - Moonlit Phantom -Barbarian On The Groove2
2013Bandersnatch - 神に召されし獣~バンダースナッチ -Barbarian On The Groove1
2013Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 4thBarbarian On The Groove1
2013VISIONS -Saitan Gakkyokushuu ~ Daisanroku-Barbarian On The Groove1

Album + Soundtrack

2011シークレットゲーム CODE:Revise オリジナルサウンドトラックBarbarian On The Groove & TEAM Entertainment1


2009ParadigmShiftBarbarian on the Groove1
2009Nano UniverseBarbarian on the Groove1


2004Flying BarbarianBarbarian on the Groove1

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