injury (OverClocked ReMixer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Subtle Dissection of Anas Platyrhynchos Children of the Monkey Machine vs. Injury 4:08
Chrono Trigger 'Magus (Decay of Hope)' OC ReMix Children of the Monkey Machine & Injury 6:04
Contra 'Bases Loaded' OC ReMix DarkCecil13 & injury 2:36
Dig Dug 'Six Feet Under' OC ReMix injury 2:28
Donkey Kong Country 'Permutation' OC ReMix Nicole Adams, injury & Entheogen 5:50
EarthBound 'Venus-Signed Banana Peel' OC ReMix injury & Aquas 2:20
Final Fantasy Legend II 'Injured Hero's Blood' OC ReMoved injury 4:27
Final Fantasy Legend III 'Talon (Injury mix)' OC ReMoved injury 1:12
Katamario Damacoins injury 1:11
Mega Man 'Circuit Breaker' OC ReMix injury 5:56
Mega Man 'Set Me Up the Bomb Man' OC ReMix injury 3:31
Mega Man 2 'The Tallest Building' OC ReMix injury 3:55
Mega Man 3 'Blue Reflection' OC ReMix injury 5:04
Mega Man 3 'Intro (Injury Mix)' OC ReMix injury 2:39
Super Mario Bros. '8-bit Eighties' OC ReMix injury 3:46
Tales of Symphonia 'Altar Perception' OC ReMix Monobrow, Protricity, AeroZ & injury 4:59

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