Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Arrow to My Drunken Eye Evangelista 2:56
Artificial Lamb Evangelista 5:02
Bells Ring Fire Evangelista 5:35
Black Jesus Evangelista 5:00
Crack Teeth Evangelista 4:15
Die Alone Evangelista 3:53
Enter the Prince Evangelista 4:50
Evangelista I Evangelista 9:21
Fly Little Demon OvO feat. Evangelista 8:12
For the L'il Dudes Evangelista 2:48
Hands of Leather Evangelista 2:25
Hatching Evangelista 4:58
Hello, Voyager! Evangelista 12:13
Hello, Voyager! Evangelista 11:35
I Lay There in Front of Me Covered in Ice Evangelista 5:06
In Animal Tongue Evangelista 5:54
Iris Didn't Spell Evangelista 7:06
Lucky Lucky Luck Evangelista 3:27
Nels' Box Evangelista 3:19
On the Captain's Side Evangelista 9:38
Paper Kitten Claw Evangelista 5:14
Pissing Evangelista 5:08
Smooth Jazz Evangelista 2:29
The Blue Room Evangelista 4:53
The Frozen Dress Evangelista 6:28
The Slayer Evangelista 7:35
The Slayer (promo) Evangelista 5:58
Tremble Dragonfly Evangelista 6:18
Truth Is Dark Like Outer Space Evangelista 2:26
Truth Is Dark Like Outer Space Evangelista 1:45
Tunnel to the Stars Evangelista 4:10
Winds of St. Anne Evangelista 4:06
Winds of St. Anne Evangelista 8:06
You Are a Jaguar Evangelista 4:02

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