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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Around Me Xgenic 6:49
Blaster Xgenic 5:57
Blaster (Blazer remix) Xgenic 1:40
Blaster (Blazer remix) XGenic 4:51
Blaster (Blazer remix) Xgenic 8:38
Blaster (Blazer remix) Xgenic 4:51
Blaster (Blazer remix) (part of a “The Gallery: 18 Years” DJ‐mix) Xgenic 3:19
Blaster (Blazer remix) (part of a “We Are Planet Perfecto, Volume 03: Vegas to Ibiza” DJ‐mix) Xgenic 4:51
Blaster (original mix) XGenic 8:38
Blaster (radio edit) XGenic 3:59
Collision (original mix) XGenic 8:37
Collision (original mix) Xgenic 8:37
Collision (original mix) (part of a “The Gallery: 18 Years” DJ‐mix) Xgenic 6:22
Ganges Xgenic & Proyal 8:10
Ganges (part of a “Ministry of Sound: Trance Nation” DJ-mix) Xgenic & Proyal 4:54
Gigabyte Xgenic 5:20
Ignition (Dark mix) Xgenic 7:08
Ignition (Dark Mix) Xgenic 7:09
Iphonic (Xgenic Remix) York Presents Lifted Emotion Remix By: Xgenic 7:06
Prometeus (2008-10-30: A State of Trance #376) Xgenic 5:47
Sensitive Xgenic 7:28
Touched By God (Xgenic Remix) York Remix By: Xgenic 8:18

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