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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
My Country / Small Axe (Messengers Remix) J.Period & K’naan 3:22
Need You So (Wailers Interlude) J.Period & K’naan 0:32
New York State of Mind (interlude) J.Period feat. Alicia Keys & Nas ?:??
Nino Brown Zion I & J.Period 1:17
No Great Message (interlude) J.Period & K’naan 0:27
Now You Do Zion I & J.Period 2:53
Oh Yeah (J.Period live remix) J. Period & Black Thought 1:13
Ololufe Mi (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan 3:59
One Love (J.Period refix) J.Period feat. Nas ?:??
One More Chance (J.Period live remix) J. Period & Black Thought 1:05
Perceptions of Africa (interlude) J.Period & K’naan 1:02
Perseverance Is Character (interlude) J.Period & Nneka 0:34
Police in Helicopter Dub J.Period ?:??
Pouches of Tuna Zion I & J.Period 1:56
Queens Represent (interlude) J.Period 0:33
Rage Is Back J.Period feat. Black Thought ?:??
Rakim - Juice (Tribute remix) J. Period & Black Thought 1:06
Raw Freestyle J.Period feat. Shad ?:??
Reaching Out Zion I & J.Period 2:38
Relationships Lay (Bob Dylan Tribute) J.Period & K’naan 2:54
Relationships Lay (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan 2:52
Respect to Ali Shaheed Muhammed (interlude) J.Period 0:46
Respect to Phife Dawg (interlude) J.Period 0:29
Rhythm (Scratch intro) J.Period feat. Prince Paul, Questlove & Randy Watson 1:39
Rhythmic Poetry (interlude) J.Period & K’naan 0:25
Right On (live) J. Period & Black Thought 2:06
Rise & Shine (J.Period remix) (dirty) J. Period feat. Blu & The Roots ?:??
Rise & Shine (J.Period remix) (instrumental) J. Period ?:??
Ritual Union (J.Period Refix) Zion I & J.Period 3:30
Run New York (J.Period refix) J.Period feat. Nas & Angel Haze ?:??
Satisfy My Soul (Outtro) J.Period & K’naan 2:11
Shook Ones Interude J. Period & Black Thought 0:18
Shot the Sheriff (Messengers Remix) J.Period & K’naan 4:07
Show Love (J.Period remix) J.Period & Nneka feat. Rakaa & Aceyalone 4:38
Simon Says (J.Period live remix) J. Period & Black Thought 0:57
Sixteen (edit) Zion I & J.Period 4:57
Skypager: Bob Power & Big Daddy Kane J.Period 0:42
Slick Rick - Children's Story (Tribute remix) J. Period & Black Thought 0:42
Sound Boy Burial (J.Period Monumental refix) J.Period feat. Smif’n’Wessun ?:??
Sound Boy Killing (remix) J.Period feat. Mega Banton ?:??
Spread Love (Brooklyn to Zion) (J.Period remix) J.Period & Nneka 4:03
Star People (Exclusive) Zion I & J.Period 3:15
Stay Zion I & J.Period 2:24
Stay Alive (interlude) J.Period & Stro Elliot USAT21603231 0:33
Storm Season (J.Period Refix) Zion I & J.Period 3:38
Street Dreams (J.Period refix) J.Period feat. Nas ?:??
Strength/Kangpe (J.Period Dubplate) J.Period & Nneka feat. Big Boi 3:25
Style Was DNA (Audiobook) J.Period feat. Danny Hoch ?:??
Suffri (Nigerian in Berlin remix) J.Period & Nneka feat. Fela Kuti 2:57
Survival (J.Period live remix) J. Period & Black Thought 0:19
Survival of the Fittest (J.Period refix) J.Period feat. Mobb Deep ?:??
Symptoms of My Madness (Outtro) J.Period & Nneka 0:30
Take a Minute (J.Period remix) J.Period & K’naan 3:52
Take Knowledge (dub mix) Zion I & J.Period 2:37
Teach the Youth (interlude) J.Period feat. Guru ?:??
That Real Zion I & J.Period 3:28
The Great Depression (Dylan Tribute) J.Period & K’naan 2:51
The Lord Giveth (Audiobook) J.Period feat. GZA ?:??
The Next Chapter (Still Love H.E.R.) J.Period feat. Common ?:??
The Next Movement (live) J. Period & Black Thought 2:40
The Pizza Box Bandit (interlude) J.Period feat. Keo ?:??
The Story of Fela (Open & Close) J.Period & K’naan 3:35
The Uncomfortable Truth J.Period & Nneka 3:09
This Is a True Story (interlude) J.Period & K’naan 0:21
This Is the Story Of… (intro) J.Period ?:??
Thought @ Work (live) J. Period & Black Thought 2:38
Tom Thumb's Blues (J.Period remix) J.Period & K’naan 3:23
Toolz of the Trade J.Period feat. Smif’n’Wessun ?:??
Trust the DJ (Audiobook) J.Period feat. Danny Hoch ?:??
Twenty One (edit) Zion I & J.Period 1:40
Untainted Love (interlude) J.Period & Nneka feat. Damien Marley 0:50
Use Your Mind (J. Period Dubplate) Zion I & J.Period 2:50
Ventilation Zion I & J.Period 2:01
Voice of the Other Side (interlude) J.Period & K’naan 0:49
Wake Up Africa (J.Period remix) J.Period & Nneka 1:55
Wake Up World (interlude) J.Period & Nneka 1:15
Walking (J.Period remix) J.Period & Nneka feat. Jay Electronica 3:38
Walking 2 (J.Period Dubplate) J.Period & Nneka feat. Nas 3:44
War Through Poetry / Sun Is Shining (Interlude) J.Period & K’naan 1:53
Welcome J.Period 0:21
What Makes an MC (interlude) J.Period feat. Q‐Tip ?:??
What? (Tribute remix) J.Period feat. Skillz, Questlove & Randy Watson 2:27
What's the Charge (interlude) Zion I & J.Period 1:03
Who Is Fela? (interlude) J.Period & K’naan 1:49
Wildfire (J.Period Refix) Zion I & J.Period 2:51
Wrong Side J.Period feat. The Kid Daytona ?:??
Wu-Banger (Mathematics mix) J.Period feat. Wu‐Tang Clan ?:??
Youthful (Tribute remix) J.Period feat. Questlove, Talib Kweli & Randy Watson 2:30

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