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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[unknown] J.Period ?:??
1nce Again (J.Period refix) J.Period feat. A Tribe Called Quest ?:??
4th Time Around (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan 3:12
A Message From Talib Kweli J.Period 0:19
Africa (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan 3:04
Africa Unite (Outtro) J.Period & K’naan 0:56
Aquarius Outtro J.Period 0:46
Atcq Consists Of... J.Period 0:52
Bam Bam Interlude J. Period & Black Thought 0:26
Behind the Scenes: Award Tour J.Period 0:39
Behind the Scenes: Bob Power You There? J.Period 1:21
Behind the Scenes: Busta Rhymes/Scenario J.Period 1:18
Behind the Scenes: Don't Walk Away J.Period 1:14
Behind the Scenes: Ghetto Origins J.Period 1:24
Behind the Scenes: Hood R.I.P. J.Period 0:51
Behind the Scenes: Reinvention J.Period 2:27
Behind the Scenes: The Native Tongues J.Period 1:06
Behind the Scenes: We Got the Jazz J.Period 1:22
Behind the Scenes: What Is Kapelka? J.Period 0:43
Belly Full (Bob Marley Tribute) J.Period & K’naan feat. Kardinal Offishall, Steele & Bajah 4:39
Belly Full (Messengers Remix) f. Kardinal, Steele & Bajah J.Period & K’naan 4:31
Big Cat Zion I & J.Period 2:02
Big Spender Zion I & J.Period 2:45
Billy Rage Is Back (Audiobook) J.Period feat. Danny Hoch ?:??
Bomb First (intro) Zion I & J.Period 0:49
Bonus - Go Hard (live at Bk Hip Hop Fest) J. Period & Black Thought 3:18
Bonus: It's Alright, Ma (J.Period remix) J.Period & K’naan 2:55
Borough Check J.Period feat. Biz Markie ?:??
Buggin Out Kid Cudi feat. Consequence & J. Period 1:59
Buggin Out 2009 (Tribute remix) J.Period feat. Consequence & Kid Cudi 1:56
Can You Hear? (intro) J.Period & Nneka 1:22
Carter Barron Zion I & J.Period 1:38
Cartoon Cereal Zion I & J.Period 3:54
Changes (J.Period remix) J.Period & Nneka feat. M‐1 & General Steele 3:21
Changes 2 (J.Period Dubplate) J.Period & Nneka feat. Lauryn Hill & John Forte 2:29
Clones (live) J. Period & Black Thought 2:29
Complex Magazine (interlude) J.Period ?:??
Conscious Lyrics (interlude) J.Period & Nneka 0:48
Coral Reefs J.Period feat. Homeboy Sandman ?:??
D.O.A. (J.Period live remix) J. Period & Black Thought 0:51
Dillanor Rigby (J.Period remix) (main) J. Period feat. J Dilla, Blu, Porn & Black Thought ?:??
Don't Think Twice (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan 3:18
Doom Zion I & J.Period 3:20
Empire State (interlude) J.Period feat. Jay-Z ?:??
Epilogue: Hard Knock J.Period feat. Joey Bada$$ ?:??
Epilogue: Jay Reed J.Period feat. A$AP Mob ?:??
Excursions (Tribute remix) J.Period feat. De La Soul 3:55
F_ck Up the Fun Zion I & J.Period 2:17
Fatima / Stir It Up (Messengers Remix) J.Period & K’naan 4:34
Fighting a War (Interlude) J.Period & K’naan 1:01
Flower Child Zion I & J.Period 3:20
For the Good of Humanity (interlude) J.Period & Nneka 0:23
Forever (J.Period live remix) J. Period & Black Thought 0:59
Gentleman (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan feat. Bajah 3:36
Gin & Juice (J.Period live remix) J. Period & Black Thought 1:09
Global Consciousness (interlude) Zion I & J.Period 1:30
God of Mercy (J.Period remix) J.Period & Nneka feat. Zumbi 3:00
Got My Dream (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan 2:51
Grown Up Zion I & J.Period 2:25
Guru - Just to Get a Rep (Tribute remix) J. Period & Black Thought 1:26
Gypsy/Infamous (J.Period Exclusive) J.Period & Nneka 4:12
Hard (J.Period Monumental refix) J.Period feat. Styles P, Sean Price & General Steele ?:??
Hard Rain (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan 4:08
Hard Times (J.Period remix) (dirty) J. Period feat. dead prez & The Roots ?:??
Heartbeat (J.Period remix) J.Period & Nneka feat. Talib Kweli 2:36
Herb Man Trafficking J.Period feat. Welton Irie ?:??
Hiiipower Zion I & J.Period 4:18
Hip Hop Zion I & J.Period 3:44
Hip Hop (interlude) J.Period feat. Common ?:??
Hip Hop (J.Period live remix) J. Period & Black Thought 0:50
Hip Hop Comes From Africa (interlude) J.Period & Nneka 0:31
Hot Butter (interlude) J.Period 0:25
Human Rights (interlude) J.Period & Nneka 0:19
In the Ghetto (Wake Up!) (dirty) J. Period feat. Black Thought, Rakim & John Legend ?:??
In the Ghetto (Wake Up!) (instrumental) J. Period ?:??
In the Heart of Man (J.Period Exclusive) J.Period & Nneka 3:24
In Transit (interlude) J.Period & Nneka 0:47
Introduction to Bob Dylan J.Period & K’naan 3:12
Introduction to Bob Marley J.Period & K’naan 1:11
Introduction to Fela Kuti J.Period & K’naan 2:50
Invocate Freestyle J.Period feat. Blu ?:??
It’s Working (interlude) J.Period ?:??
Jamrock (J.Period live remix) J. Period & Black Thought 0:31
Jazz (Tribute remix) J.Period feat. Blu 1:54
Jazz Pt. 2 (Tribute remix) J.Period feat. Dres 3:06
Jazz, Part 2 (Tribute remix) J.Period feat. Blu 1:46
Johnny Was (Messengers Remix) f. Netic the Rebel J.Period & K’naan 4:09
Jungle Zion I & J.Period 1:46
Kane - Raw (Tribute remix) J. Period & Black Thought 1:08
Killing a Soundboy (J.Period refix) J.Period feat. The Notorious B.I.G. ?:??
Lay Lady Lay (intro) J.Period & K’naan 0:55
Let Me Introduce Me (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan 2:24
Let the Madness Begin (J.Period Exclusive) J.Period & Nneka 3:00
Let's Start (Fela Kuti Tribute) J.Period & K’naan 2:56
Let's Start (Messengers remix) J.Period & K’naan 2:36
Liftoff (interlude) J.Period ?:??
Likwid (Dubplate) Zion I & J.Period 2:09
Little Ghetto Boy (J.Period remix) (dirty) J. Period feat. Q‐Tip & The Roots ?:??
Live Mixtape Intro J. Period & Black Thought 0:15
Live Mixtape Outtro J. Period & Black Thought 0:32

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