member of:The Mando Boys
The New Prairie Ramblers (house band on A Prairie Home Companion for part of 1980) (from 1980-01 until 1980: fiddle)
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1975-04-19Sister Nell and Dirty Reuben (live, 1975-04-19: St. Paul-Ramsey Arts and Sciences Center, Saint Paul, MN, USA)fiddleBill Hinkley, Cal Hand, Soupy Schindler, Peter Ostroushko2:29
1995-05-13Air Mail Special (live, 1995-05-13: Fitzgerald Theater, Saint Paul, MN, USA)mandolinPeter Ostroushko and The Mando Boys3:26
1996-03-27Sail Away, LadiesmandolinJohn Koerner3:30
1997-09-12Sailing Down My Golden RivermandolinGreg Brown3:52
Blackberry BlossomfiddleNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko3:37
Blake's MarchfiddleNorman & Nancy Blake2:29
Blake’s Railroad BluesmandolinNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko8:45
ChickamaugafiddleNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko4:04
Christmas Eve Is Coming, AnnafiddleNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko3:03
Columbus Stockade BluesmandolinNorman Blake3:32
Columbus Stockade BluesmandolinNorman Blake3:26
Dusty RosemandolinNorman & Nancy Blake3:51
Georgia HomefiddleNorman & Nancy Blake2:59
I Cannot Call Her MotherfiddleNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko3:46
I Was Born 4,000 Years AgomandolinNorman Blake3:00
In the Spring of the YearfiddleNorman Blake4:16
Little BessiemandolaNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko6:03
Mandolin Medley: Caperton Ferry, Ruins of Richmond, Valley HeadmandolaNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko4:59
Marjorie’s Waltz #3mandolinNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko6:52
Muddy CreekmandolaNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko2:59
My Name Is Morgan (But It Ain't J.P.)mandolinNorman Blake3:08
Nashville BluesmandolinNorman Blake3:48
Nashville BluesmandolinNorman Blake3:43
Natasha's WaltzmandolinNorman & Nancy Blake4:09
New Brick RoadmandolinNorman & Nancy Blake3:33
Nobody's BusinessmandolinNorman Blake3:10
Nobody's BusinessmandolinNorman Blake3:16
Oh DeathmandolaNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko4:54
Oklahoma RedbirdmandolinNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko2:44
Old Fiddler's Roll CallfiddleNorman & Nancy Blake2:11
Only a Bunch of VioletsfiddleNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko4:34
PeezlewhistermandolinNorman & Nancy Blake3:45
Pig on the EnginemandolinNorman & Nancy Blake2:51
President Richard Milhous Nixon’s HornpipefiddleNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko3:17
Pretty BirdmandolinNorman Blake1:59
Pretty SaroguitarJames Galway; Jay Ungar & Molly Mason4:58
PueblofiddleNorman & Nancy Blake2:45
PueblomandolinNorman & Nancy Blake2:45
Rise When the Rooster CrowsfiddleNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko3:14
RockabyemandolinRobin Holcomb4:30
Sally AnnfiddleNorman Blake3:09
Streamlined CannonballfiddleNorman Blake5:00
The Banks of Good Hope / The Green Fields of AmericafiddleNorman Blake5:52
The Banks of Good Hope / The Green Fields of AmericafiddleNorman Blake5:57
The Goodnight-Loving TrailviolinRobin Holcomb4:25
The Little Log Hut in the LanemandolinNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko2:41
The Old Hickory CanefiddleNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko3:20
The Streamlined CannonballfiddleNorman Blake4:55
The TonealitymandolinNorman & Nancy Blake3:34
The Unquiet GravemandolinDáithí Sproule with Peter Ostroushko and Tom Schaefer3:57
The Whalebone FeathersfiddlePeter Ostroushko & Dean Magraw4:32
Third Street Gypsy RagmandolinNorman & Nancy Blake3:03
Third Street Gypsy RagfiddleNorman & Nancy Blake3:03
Walnut RiverfiddleNorman & Nancy Blake2:22
Walnut RivermandolinNorman & Nancy Blake2:22
A Song of Home: An American Musical JourneymandolinJames Galway; Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
Celtic Fiddlemandolin[unknown]
Celtic FiddlemandolinTom Schaefer, Dirk Freymuth, Laura MacKenzie, Peter Ostroushko, Joel Sayles & John Jensen
Distant BordersmandolinGlen Helgeson
North by Southwestfiddle and mandolinDakota Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn
One More Goodnight KissviolinGreg Brown
One More Goodnight KissviolinGreg Brown
One More Goodnight KissviolinGreg Brown
Over My Shoulderfiddle and mandolinDave Moore
1982-09-04Miles to GoadditionalJan Marra2:13
Little BessieNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko6:03
Oh DeathNorman Blake & Peter Ostroushko4:54
North by Southwestbackground vocalsDakota Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn
Over My Shoulderbackground vocalsDave Moore
Red Dancing Shoes