Legal name: Edward Francis Sharp


Unspecified type

1993InfernoEdward Ka-Spel1
2002Lilith And The RoseEdward Ka-Spel1
2020Splendid Isolation Chapter 2Edward Ka-Spel1
2021The Neon Weeps TonightEdward Ka-Spel1
2021A Sentient GlitchEdward Ka-Spel1


2017An Abandoned Laboratory Volume 1Edward Ka-Spel1


1985Eyes! China DollEdward Ka-Spel3
1985Chyekk, China DollEdward Ka-Spel5
1987AaΔzhyd China DollEdward Ka-Spel6
1988Khataclimici China DollEdward Ka-Spel34
1989Laugh China DollEdward Ka-Spel1
1991Tanith and the Lion TreeEdward Ka-Spel45
1993Lyvv China DollEdward Ka-Spel22
1995The Scriptures of IlluminaEdward Ka-Spel23
1998The Blue RoomEdward Ka-Spel2
2000Public DisturbanceEdward Ka-Spel1
2000Red LettersEdward Ka-Spel2
2001Absence of EvidenceEdward Ka-Spel1
2001Caste O' Graye SkreeensEdward Ka-Spel3
2002Khalash Nykow China DollEdward Ka-Spel1
2002O'er A Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt AyEdward Ka-Spel2
2002Textures of IlluminaEdward Ka-Spel21
2003An Unlikely EventEdward Ka-Spel21
2004Pieces of ∞Edward Ka-Spel1
2005Fragments of IlluminaEdward Ka-Spel2
2005A Long Red Ladder to the MoonEdward Ka-Spel23
2005Laugh China DollEdward Ka-Spel1
2007Dream Logik, Part OneEdward Ka-Spel1
2008The Painted River of RegretsEdward Ka-Spel1
2008Dream Logik, Part TwoEdward Ka-Spel1
2009Dream LoopsEdward Ka-Spel21
2009The Whispering WailEdward Ka-Spel and The Silverman1
2009Trapped in AmberEdward Ka-Spel1
2010DevascapesEdward Ka-Spel3
2010The Thirty Year ItchEdward Ka-Spel and The Silverman1
2010The Minus TouchEdward Ka-Spel21
2010Red Sky at NightEdward Ka-Spel & Alena Boykova1
2010Transmit Acoustique Abstraction ½Armchair Migraine Journey / Edward Ka-Spel / Orbit Service / Nadja1
2010Transmit Acoustique Abstraction TwoEdward Ka-Spel / Armchair Migraine Journey1
201111.11.11.11Edward Ka-Spel21
2012A Pleasure Cruise Through 9 DimensionsEdward Ka-Spel4
2012This Saturated LandEdward Ka-Spel31
2012Live at The Brainwaves Festival 2006Edward Ka-Spel & The Silverman1
2012Ghost LogikEdward Ka-Spel21
2013One Last Pose Before the RuinEdward Ka-Spel1
2013Fire IslandEdward Ka-Spel31
2013800 Saints in a DayTwilight Circus meets Edward Ka-Spel1
2014The Greenhouse EffectEdward Ka-Spel, The Silverman, Nicoletta Stephanz1
2014Are You Receiving Us, Planet Earth?!Edward Ka-Spel & Philippe Petit1
2015The Victoria DimensionEdward Ka-Spel31
2017I Can Spin a RainbowAmanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel4
2017High on Station Yellow MoonEdward Ka-Spel22
2018The Man Who Floated Away / The Closer You Are to the Center, the Further You Are From the EdgeEdward Ka-Spel / Steven Stapleton / Colin Potter / Quentin Rollet1
201810 To The Power Of 9 Chapters 3 & 4Edward Ka-Spel1
2019Midnight PharmacyEdward Ka-Spel & Nuits Rouge1
2019Tied by Wires Volume 1Edward Ka-Spel1
2019The Moon Cracked Over AlbionEdward Ka-Spel1
2019Alien SubspaceEdward Ka-Spel & Motion Kapture22
2020The 40 Year ScratchEdward Ka-Spel & The Silverman1
2020Live in Lueneburg 1998Edward Ka-Spel1
2020Angel TrombonesEdward Ka-Spel2
2020A Red Winter Night's DreamEdward Ka-Spel1
2021Prints of DarknessEdward Ka-Spel2
2021Songs of SolitudeEdward Ka-Spel1
2021The Great OutdoorsEdward Ka-Spel1
2021Fainting by NumbersEdward Ka-Spel1
2021The Scarlet Trail of Stinging TearsPatrick Q. Wright & Edward Ka-Spel1
2021Dark Window WaveEdward Ka-Spel1
2022Conspiracy of PylonsEdward Ka-Spel1
2022The Concrete DiariesEdward Ka-Spel1
2022AnagrammaEdward Ka-Spel & Motion Kapture31
2022100 Seconds to MidnightEdward Ka-Spel1
2022Tales From the TrenchesEdward Ka-Spel1

Album + Compilation

1989Perhaps We'll Only See a Thin Blue Line…Edward Ka-Spel1
1995Chyekk China Doll / AaΔzhyd China DollEdward Ka-Spel1
1995Down in the City of Heartbreak and NeedlesEdward Ka-Spel1
1998Down in the City of Heartbreak and Needles, Volume 2Edward Ka-Spel1
2001Needles ThreeEdward Ka-Spel2
2006Kissing Frogs Is FineEdward Ka-Spel1
2007Melancholics AnonymousEdward Ka-Spel1
2013The Singles RemasteredEdward Ka-Spel2

Album + Live

1987Apples (Big!) China DollEdward Ka-Spel1
2001Angelus ObscurosEdward Ka-Spel1
2012Live in Denver 19 May 2012Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman1
2017Live In ViennaAmanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel & Patrick Q. Wright1


1999Share The Day / Dream StealerEdward Ka-Spel1
2008Saturn's RingsSilver Stars feat. Edward Ka-Spel1
2011The Bowles GivenEdward Kaspel and Mark Spybey1
2018Pulp FictionAmanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel1
2020Night FlowercEvin Key with Edward KaSpel1

Single + Compilation

2020The 30 Year Itch / The 40 Year ScratchEdward Ka-Spel & The Silverman1


1984Dance China DollEdward Ka-Spel1
1995Textures of IlluminaEdward Ka-Spel1
2000A Birth Marked ConspiracyEdward Ka-Spel1
2001Lactamase 01Tony Conrad & Alexandria Gelencser / Edward Ka-Spel1
2002090301Edward Ka-Spel1
2005Happy New YearEdward Ka-Spel1
2005Hey RainmanEdward Ka-Spel1
2006Dream Logik X: A Small Voyage in Three PartsEdward Ka-Spel1
2017The Hands EPAmanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel1

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