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Eric Allan Dolphy is simply the most important jazz multi-instrumentist ever, if such "rankings" should apply in music.
At ease in any formations, from Chico Hamilton to Ornette Coleman, Dolphy featured, empowered and blew ahead each and every important session of the first half of the 60's.
Taking the right channel on Free Jazz as morning sessions, leading John Coltrane to new grounds in the afternoon, messing extensively with Charles Mingus formations as a pause, he still found time to gig nightly at the Five Spot in historical sets with Mal Waldron and the regretted Booker Little.
Literally blasting Blue Note in three sessions, leaving Prestige with an unmanageable amount of material, Eric Dolphy career had all the sights of an unstoppable storm.
Taking a high speed "A" train for a crazy European tour with brotherly-minded Mingus in 1964, Dolphy brutally passed in somewhat mysterious conditions, leaving Mingus filled with grief, retiring from music until 1970.

In a five years long time period, Eric Dolphy simply changed the face of music.

Curious people may start with any of the Blue Note or Prestige, possibly with one of the rejoicing Five Spot sessions.

Important readings include Simosko & Tepperman reference disco-biography and Alan Saul work at
Uwe Reichardt work can also be found, though most of the discographic information has been subsumed into Simosko's.

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1960Outward Bound (Dolphy debut album released on New Jazz)Eric Dolphy513
1961Looking Ahead (Ken McIntyre second album as a leader released on New Jazz)Ken McIntyre & Eric Dolphy43
1961Screamin' the Blues (Oliver Nelson album released on New Jazz)Oliver Nelson Sextet Featuring: Eric Dolphy / Richard Williams47
1961Caribé (Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet album released on New Jazz)The Latin Jazz Quintet + Eric Dolphy45
1961Out There (Dolphy second studio album released on Prestige / New Jazz)Eric Dolphy412
1961Straight Ahead (Oliver Nelson album released on Prestige / New Jazz)Oliver Nelson with Eric Dolphy35
1961Where? (Ron Carter debut album released on New Jazz)Ron Carter with Eric Dolphy, Mal Waldron56
1962Far Cry (Dolphy third studio album released on New Jazz, notably featuring Booker Little)Eric Dolphy with Booker Little14
1962The Quest (Mal Waldron album released on New Jazz)Mal Waldron with Eric Dolphy and Booker Ervin6
1963Conversations (Dolphy studio album released on FM, alternatively reissued as Music Matador or Memorial Album)Eric Dolphy10
1964Out to Lunch! (Dolphy studio album released posthumously on Blue Note)Eric Dolphy4.321
1965Last Date (Dolphy broadcast from Hilversum released posthumously by Fontana)Eric Dolphy5
1966Here and There (posthumous Dolphy release consisting of previously unreleased Prestige material from Five Spot, Outward Bound, Copenhagen 61)Eric Dolphy2
1968Iron Man (Dolphy studio album released posthumously by Douglas - same recording sessions as Conversations)Eric Dolphy56
1981Stockholm Sessions (Dolphy broadcast from Sweden released posthumously by enja)Eric Dolphy4
1982Dash One (posthumous Dolphy release containing alternate takes and unreleased material from Prestige' sessions Outward Bound / Far Cry / Five Spot)Eric Dolphy1
1987Other Aspects (Dolphy collection of unreleased tapes released posthumously by Blue Note)Eric Dolphy1
1989Candid Dolphy (Dolphy collection of alternate/unreleased takes from Candid sessions as a sideman, released posthumously)Eric Dolphy3
2018WHERE ? + THE QUESTEric Dolphy1

Album + Compilation

1975Magic (bundles Far Cry / Where?)Eric Dolphy & Ron Carter1
1976Chico Hamilton, Eric Dolphy, Charles Lloyd, Gabor Szabo (bundles two Chico Hamilton releases (three tracks from The Three Faces of Chico & the entirety of A Different Journey))Chico Hamilton, Eric Dolphy, Charles Lloyd, Gabor Szabo1
1978Fire Waltz (bundles Looking Ahead / The Quest)Eric Dolphy2
1991The Essential Eric Dolphy (best-of from Prestige material)Eric Dolphy1
1995The Complete Prestige Recordings (complete edition of all Prestige sessions (Outward Bound / Screamin' / Looking Ahead / Out There / Caribé / Trane Whistle / Far Cry / Straight Ahead / Where? / The Quest / Five Spot / In Europe))Eric Dolphy1
1996Hot & Cool Latin (dumb bundle of That Hamilton Man and Latin Jazz Quintet, missing the tracks where Dolphy is not there)Eric Dolphy1
1997Eric Dolphy (best-of from Prestige material released by Warner)Eric Dolphy1
1997Original Jazz Classics Collection (best-of from Prestige material)Eric Dolphy1
2004Prestige Profiles, Volume 5: Eric Dolphy (best-of from Prestige material)Eric Dolphy2
2004Complete Memorial Album Sessions (Conversations/Iron Man sessions, bootlegs and late / shady reissues with no master provenance)Eric Dolphy2
2011Out There (bundles Out There / Outward Bound)Eric Dolphy1
20127 Classic Albums (bundles Outward Bound / Far Cry / Out There / Screamin' the Blues / The Latin Jazz Quintet / Five Spot / Here and There)Eric Dolphy1
201412 Classic Albums: 1959 - 1962 (bundles Caribé / Outward Bound / Out There / Looking Ahead / Here and There / Where? / Far Cry / Five Spot / The Blues / The Quest / Straight Ahead / In Europe)Eric Dolphy1
2014Four Classic Albums (bundles Outward Bound / Out There / Far Cry / At the Five Spot)Eric Dolphy1
2018Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions (complete 1963/07 NYC studio sessions (Iron Man + Conversations + additional tracks))Eric Dolphy3
2021Reach Out - Latin VibesEric Dolphy1

Album + Compilation + Live

1980Favorites (!!! Likely one tune from Copenhagen, another from Birdland, and the third not clear)John Coltrane & Eric Dolphy1
1988European Impressions (garbage mash of Baden and Stockholm concerts)John Coltrane & Eric Dolphy2
2015So Many Things: The European Tour 1961 (bunch of different 1961 live bits from Europe)The John Coltrane Quintet featuring Eric Dolphy1

Album + Live

1961At the Five Spot, Volume 1 (1961/07/16, Five Spot, NYC, US, "Volume 1")Eric Dolphy with Booker Little, Mal Waldron, Richard Davis, Eddie Blackwell14
1962In Europe (1961/09/08, "Studenterforeningen", Copenhagen, Denmark - Debut original release)Eric Dolphy featuring Chuck Israels, Bent Axen, Erik Moseholm, Jorn Elniff1
1964At the Five Spot, Volume 2 (1961/07/16, Five Spot, NYC, US, "Volume 2")Eric Dolphy8
1974Playing: Epistrophy (1964/06/01, Eindhoven, Holland | 1972/06/06, Amsterdam, Holland)Eric Dolphy / Misha Mengelberg / Jacques Schols / Han Bennink1
1976Live at Birdland (1962)John Coltrane feat. Eric Dolphy8
1986Vintage Dolphy (1963/04/14 & 1963/04/18, "Carnegie Hall", NYC, US | 1962/03/10 "Everson Museum", Syracuse, NY, US)Eric Dolphy3
1987On Stage 1962John Coltrane Quartet featuring Eric Dolphy1
1988Last Recordings (1964/06/11, Paris, France, last known recordings of Dolphy)Eric Dolphy & Donald Byrd4
1989Memorial Album (1961/07/16, Five Spot, NYC, US, "Memorial")Eric Dolphy & Booker Little4
1989Eric Dolphy in Europe, Volume 1 (1961/09/08, "Studenterforeningen", Copenhagen, Denmark - Prestige Volume 1)Eric Dolphy3
1989Live in Oslo 1964 (1964/04/12, "University Aula", Oslo, Norway)Charles Mingus featuring Eric Dolphy3
1990Berlin Concerts (1961/08/30, "Club Jazz Salon" and "Funkturm Exhibition Hal", Berlin, West Germany)Eric Dolphy2
1990Eric Dolphy in Europe, Volume 3 (1961/09/06, "Berlingske Has", Copenhagen, Denmark &1961/09/08, "Studenterforeningen", Copenhagen, Denmark - Prestige Volume 3)Eric Dolphy2
1990Eric Dolphy in Europe, Volume 2 (1961/09/06, "Berlingske Has", Copenhagen, Denmark, Volume 2)Eric Dolphy3
1992Live in Germany (1961/12/01, Munich, West Germany, presumably transcribed from a broadcast)Eric Dolphy2
1993The Uppsala Concert (1961/09/04, "Västmanland-Dala Nation", Uppsala, Sweden)Eric Dolphy1
1999The Illinois Concert (1963/03/10, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL)Eric Dolphy2
2003Left Alone (1962/10/07, Gaslight Inn)Eric Dolphy3
2005Together (1954, Dolphy's house, Los Angeles, US)Clifford Brown + Eric Dolphy1
2007Cornell 1964 (1964/03/18, "Cornell University", Ithaca, NY)Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy1
2009Complete 1961 Copenhagen Concert (1961/11/20, Falkonercentret, Copenhagen, Denmark (not to be confused with the September concert))John Coltrane Quintet & Eric Dolphy3
2009Eric Dolphy, a Night in CopenhagenEric Dolphy1
2010The Unissued German Concerts (1961/11/27 & 1961/11/29 & 1961/12/02)John Coltrane Quintet with Eric Dolphy1
2012In Europe. The Complete 1961 Copenhagen Concerts (1961/09/06 & 1961/09/08 Copenhagen)Eric Dolphy1
2023Evenings at the Village Gate (1961/08, Village Gate, New York, United States)John Coltrane with Eric Dolphy310

EP + Live

2023Impressions (1961/08, Village Gate, New York, United States)John Coltrane feat. Eric Dolphy1

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