Jacob Yeh

~ Artist


Broadcast + Audio drama

20172017-12-12: Circle Round #14, "The Shepherd's Disguise"Rebecca Sheir feat. Kim Schraf, Maizy Scarpa, Roseann Cane, Jacob Yeh, Mitch Hebert & Tony Hale1
20182018-01-02: Circle Round #17, "Latchkey Stew"Rebecca Sheir feat. Roseann Cane, Anne Undeland, Hana Kenny, Maizy Scarpa, Jacob Yeh, Jefferson Russell, Thom Whaley & Jurnee Smollett-Bell1
20182018-02-13: Circle Round #22, "The Magic Cloth"Rebecca Sheir feat. Kelly Hu, Albert Tsai, Jacob Yeh, Ray Sheen, Sarah Storm & JaBen Early1
20182018-02-27: Circle Round #23, "The Drum"Rebecca Sheir feat. Jacob Yeh, Sarah Storm, Eric Messner, Hana Kenny, Mitch Hebert, Phoebe Lloyd, Anu Yadav & Shankar Vedantam1
20182018-03-20: Circle Round #26, "The Hat, the Horn, and the Purse"Rebecca Sheir feat. Bobby Moynihan, Judith Ivey, Thom Whaley, Jacob Yeh, Jason McCool, Jefferson Russell & Sarah Marshall1
20182018-04-17: Circle Round #29, "The Piper and the Pooka"Rebecca Sheir feat. Maizy Scarpa, Hana Kenny, Jacob Yeh, James Konicek, Jenny Bacon & Damian McGinty1
20182018-04-24: Circle Round #30, "The Lamb With the Golden Fleece"Rebecca Sheir feat. Laura Gardner, Maizy Scarpa, Jacob Yeh, Evan Casey & Kathleen Chalfant1
20182018-06-05: Circle Round #31, "A Taste of Honey"Rebecca Sheir feat. Hannah Simone, Naren Simone, Elle Borders, Evan Casey, Maurice Parent, Lynette Rathnam, Anne Undeland, Craig Wallace, Thom Whaley & Jacob Yeh1
20182018-07-24: Circle Round #37, "The Unwelcome Guest"Rebecca Sheir feat. Elle Borders, Evan Casey, Laura Gardner, Mitchell Hébert, Maurice Parent, Craig Wallace, Thom Whaley, Jacob Yeh & Richard Kind1
20182018-07-31: Circle Round #38, "Cow Wells and Cow Bells"Rebecca Sheir feat. Billy Porter, Joshua Boone, Delores King Williams, Lynette Rathnam, Jacob Yeh & Richard Epstein1

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