Paul McCartney (The Beatles)

~ Person

Legal name: James Paul McCartney

Also performs as: Clint Harrigan, Percy “Thrills” Thrillington



1970McCartneyPaul McCartney3.517
1971RamPaul & Linda McCartney4.520
1980McCartney IIPaul McCartney3.527
1980Japanese Tears (aka Go Now and In Flight)Denny Laine feat. Paul McCartney55
1982Tug of WarPaul McCartney420
1983Pipes of PeacePaul McCartney419
1986Press to PlayPaul McCartney311
1988Снова в СССРPaul McCartney9
1989Flowers in the DirtPaul McCartney315
1993Off the GroundPaul McCartney313
1995Danger ZoneDenny Laine with Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Steve Holly, Henry McCulloch, Denny Seiwell1
1997Flaming PiePaul McCartney510
1997Standing StonePaul McCartney; London Symphony Orchestra, Lawrence Foster3
1999Run Devil RunPaul McCartney49
1999Working ClassicalPaul McCartney2
2000Liverpool Sound CollagePaul McCartney2
2001Driving RainPaul McCartney5
2005Chaos and Creation in the BackyardPaul McCartney416
2006Ecce Cor MeumPaul McCartney2
2007Memory Almost FullPaul McCartney410
2011Ocean’s KingdomPaul McCartney3
2012Kisses on the BottomPaul McCartney38
2012Lovers LightDenny Laine With Paul McCartney41
2013NewPaul McCartney513
2018Egypt StationPaul McCartney316
2020McCartney IIIPaul McCartney47

Album + Compilation

1987All the Best!Paul McCartney56
1993Karaoke Lennon & McCartneyJohn Lennon & Paul McCartney1
1994Beatles Classic HitsJohn Lennon & Paul McCartney1
1995Gold BalladsPaul McCartney1
2001Wingspan: Hits and HistoryPaul McCartney46
2006Best 16Paul McCartney1
2006Best SelectionPaul McCartney1
2008Greatest Hits, Volume 2Paul McCartney1
2016Pure McCartneyPaul McCartney7
20178LP Exclusive Color Vinyl BundlePaul McCartney1
Tug of War / Pipes of PeacePaul McCartney1
The McCartney YearsPaul McCartney1

Album + Compilation + Interview

2012In His Own WordsPaul McCartney1

Album + Soundtrack

1967The Family Way: Original Soundtrack RecordingPaul McCartney6
1984Give My Regards to Broad StreetPaul McCartney14
1995The Family Way (Updated recordings)Paul McCartney; George Martin Orchestra, Carl Aubut1
1998バッハ on アビイ ロードPaul McCartney , John Lennon1
2014Destiny (Original Soundtrack)Michael Salvatori, C Paul Johnson, Martin O’Donnell & Paul McCartney1

Album + Interview

2009In the 80'sPaul McCartney1

Album + Live

1990Tripping the Live FantasticPaul McCartney36
1990Tripping the Live Fantastic: Highlights!Paul McCartney34
1991Liverpool OratorioPaul McCartney3
1991Unplugged: The Official BootlegPaul McCartney6
1993Paul Is LivePaul McCartney37
2002Back in the U.S. Live 2002Paul McCartney4
2003Back in the WorldPaul McCartney5
2003Put It TherePaul McCartney1
2006The Space Within USPaul McCartney1
2009Good Evening New York CityPaul McCartney3
2012iTunes Live from Capitol StudiosPaul McCartney1
2014BBC Electric Proms 2007: Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney1
2019Amoeba GigPaul McCartney4
The Love We MakePaul McCartney31

Album + Remix

2021McCartney III ImaginedPaul McCartney4


1971Another Day / Oh Woman Oh WhyPaul McCartney3
1971The Back Seat of My CarPaul & Linda McCartney1
1979Wonderful ChristmastimePaul McCartney2
1980Coming UpPaul McCartney54
1980WaterfallsPaul McCartney1
1982Take It AwayPaul McCartney2
1982Tug of WarPaul McCartney1
1982Ebony and IvoryPaul McCartney2
1983Say Say SayPaul McCartney & Michael Jackson56
1983Pipes of PeacePaul McCartney1
1984No More Lonely Nights (ballad) / No More Lonely Nights (playout version)Paul McCartney2
1984We All Stand TogetherPaul McCartney and the Frog Chorus4
1985Spies Like UsPaul McCartney3
1986PressPaul McCartney2
1986Pretty Little HeadPaul McCartney2
1986Only Love RemainsPaul McCartney2
1987Once Upon a Long AgoPaul McCartney5
1989Party PartyPaul McCartney2
1989Figure of EightPaul McCartney2
1989Figure of Eight / Ou est le soleil?Paul McCartney1
1989My Brave FacePaul McCartney2
1989Ou est le soleil?Paul McCartney1
1989Put It TherePaul McCartney1
1989This OnePaul McCartney1
1992Hope of DeliverancePaul McCartney35
1992Hope Of Deliverance - MixesPaul McCartney1
1993Off the GroundPaul McCartney2
1993Biker Like an IconPaul McCartney1
1993C’mon PeoplePaul McCartney2
1997Young BoyPaul McCartney5
1997Beautiful NightPaul McCartney2
1997The World TonightPaul McCartney3
1999No Other BabyPaul McCartney1
1999VO!CEHeather Mills feat. Paul McCartney1
2001From a Lover to a FriendPaul McCartney2
2001Freedom / From a Lover to a FriendPaul McCartney2
2002Your Loving FlamePaul McCartney1
2004Tropic Island Hum / We All Stand TogetherPaul McCartney3
2005Really Love YouPaul McCartney & Freelance Hellraiser1
2005Fine LinePaul McCartney2

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