A Kiss Could Be Deadly (electro/punk/new wave)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Acoustic Romance 3:23
Acoustic Romance (alternate version) 3:52
And So It Ends 3:20
Broken Music 4:24
Broken Music 4:24
Damage Control 4:25
Damage Control (Carnage remix) 4:45
Daniel Castleman Is God!!! 0:12
I Guess You Didn't Mean It 3:35
I Guess You Didn't Mean It (remix) 3:08
I Wrote You a Love Song 3:34
I'll Be Your Anti-Hero, Baby 3:28
Just Another Mystery 4:28
Metro 3:56
Midnight Romance 3:22
Only in Darkness 4:04
Only In Darkness 4:05
Poison IV 3:30
Poison IV 3:30
Poison IV 3:27
So It Ends 3:25
The Book, Not the Feeling 4:56
The Day the Covenant Found Earth 4:09
The Exit 3:30
The Exit 3:27
The Sequel (The Vampire Strikes Back) 4:19
Version 1.9 3:31

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