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1984-05-27DivertimentoFrench hornRichard Todd, James Gemmell6:56
1984-05-27My ShipFrench hornRichard Todd, Ed Schuller6:13
1984-05-27RhodoraiesFrench hornRichard Todd, James Gemmell8:59
1984-05-27Trois Hommages: Chanson. Hommage à Darius MilhaudFrench hornRichard Todd, James Gemmell4:02
1984-05-27Trois Hommages: Intermezzo. Hommage à Frederick DeliusFrench hornRichard Todd, James Gemmell3:33
1984-05-27Trois Hommages: Pavane. Hommage à Maurice RavelFrench hornRichard Todd, James Gemmell3:10
1984-05-28Au PrivaveFrench hornRichard Todd, Billy Pierce, Ed Schuller, Akira Tana4:21
1984-05-28Matchmaker, MatchmakerFrench hornRichard Todd, Billy Pierce, Ed Schuller, Akira Tana, Dave Stewart6:53
1984-05-28What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?French hornRichard Todd, Dave Stewart, Ed Schuller, Akira Tana6:09
1984-11-21When the Sun Comes OutFrench hornRichard Todd3:44
2006-09 – 2006-10I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face (My Fair Lady)French horn and soloThomas Quasthoff4:52
A New LifeFrench hornJerry Goldsmith4:56
A New LifeFrench hornJerry Goldsmith4:57
A New Life (alternate 1)French hornJerry Goldsmith5:41
A New Life (alternate 2)French hornJerry Goldsmith3:17
A Portrait of Bert WilliamsFrench hornAndré Previn4:13
A Song / The ObservatoryFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:40
AftermathFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:12
All Is WellFrench hornAndré Previn4:42
All Most BluesFrench hornJeff Lorber4:25
Annabella’s SongFrench horn and guestEverclear4:36
Arthur's FanfareFrench hornJerry Goldsmith0:45
Arthur's FarewellFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:27
Arthur’s FarewellFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:28
AssassinsFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:44
Be SafeFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:52
Boat TripFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:05
Boat Trip (alternate segment)French hornJerry Goldsmith1:08
Bring Me DownFrench hornKanye West feat. Brandy3:19
CamelotFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:20
CamelotFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:40
Camelot LivesFrench hornJerry Goldsmith4:04
Camelot LivesFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:39
Can’t StayFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:44
CarmelFrench hornDavid Benoit3:11
CelebrationFrench hornKanye West3:18
CrazyFrench hornDiane Schuur3:57
Does It Please You / Look At MeFrench hornJerry Goldsmith3:27
Escape from the CaveFrench hornJerry Goldsmith3:28
Gauntlet DrumsFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:53
Getting There / C SystemsFrench hornJerry Goldsmith4:15
Here’s to LifeFrench horn and soloShirley Horn5:38
Holy Spirit in MeFrench hornAndré Previn3:20
I'm Beginning to See the LightFrench hornAndré Previn5:18
Ice ChaseFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:53
Inside the PlantFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:01
InvadersFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:04
It Was a Very Good YearFrench hornRay Charles with Willie Nelson5:00
Lily and Chen / EddieFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:29
Meet EddieFrench hornJerry Goldsmith4:55
Meet the QueenFrench hornJerry Goldsmith0:47
My Job / The DealFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:42
Never SurrenderFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:43
Never Surrender (alternate)French hornJerry Goldsmith5:20
Night BattleFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:55
Night BattleFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:40
No Joy / Try Her / Wedding Plans / I Will FightFrench hornJerry Goldsmith3:00
No SolutionFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:45
On Your WayFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:50
Open Door (extended)French hornJerry Goldsmith3:18
Open MindsFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:49
Open the Door /No One MoveFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:59
Out of the HoleFrench hornJerry Goldsmith3:32
Outside the CafeFrench hornAndré Previn3:10
Promise MeFrench hornJerry Goldsmith4:06
Promise MeFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:22
Prove ItFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:57
QuestionsFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:45
Raid on LeonesseFrench hornJerry Goldsmith5:12
Raid on LeonesseFrench hornJerry Goldsmith4:28
Requiem for GandalfFrench hornJeff Lorber3:43
Sardines and CrackersFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:05
Self-DefenseFrench hornPaul Westerberg3:15
Send in the ClownsFrench hornBarbra Streisand4:43
September in the RainFrench hornDiane Schuur5:08
Sonata for Horn and Piano: I. Andante, with innermost expressionFrench hornRichard Todd, Jon Sakata6:45
Sonata for Horn and Piano: II. Allegro energicoFrench hornRichard Todd, Jon Sakata2:55
Sonata for Horn and Piano: III. Adagio mesto - Allegro giocosoFrench hornRichard Todd, Jon Sakata9:55
Sonata in E-flat major for Horn and Piano, op. 178: I. Con motoFrench hornRichard Todd, Kevin Fitzgerald11:29
Sonata in E-flat major for Horn and Piano, op. 178: II. Quasi adagioFrench hornRichard Todd, Kevin Fitzgerald6:33
Sonata in E-flat major for Horn and Piano, op. 178: III. Con fuocoFrench hornRichard Todd, Kevin Fitzgerald6:07
Sonata in F major for Horn and Piano, op. 17: I. Allegro moderatoFrench hornRichard Todd, Kevin Fitzgerald8:24
Sonata in F major for Horn and Piano, op. 17: II. Poco adagio, quasi andanteFrench hornRichard Todd, Kevin Fitzgerald1:29
Sonata in F major for Horn and Piano, op. 17: III. Rondo: Allegro moderatoFrench hornRichard Todd, Kevin Fitzgerald5:05
Super Fusion UnitFrench hornJeff Lorber3:52
System DownFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:30
Take the a TrainFrench hornAndré Previn4:50
The Ambush / First Sight (alternate)French hornJerry Goldsmith5:48
The CaveFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:16
The Gauntlet / No KissFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:05
The KissFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:00
The Legend of CamelotFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:00
The MuseumFrench hornJerry Goldsmith4:01
The Number / Deeper InFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:19
The Old HouseFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:50
To LeonesseFrench hornJerry Goldsmith3:25
To LeonesseFrench hornJerry Goldsmith3:27
To Leonesse (alternate)French hornJerry Goldsmith2:44
Too LateFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:28
True Love / The Ambush / First SightFrench hornJerry Goldsmith6:26
Village RuinsFrench hornJerry Goldsmith3:23
Village RuinsFrench hornJerry Goldsmith3:21
Village Ruins (alternate)French hornJerry Goldsmith3:31
Visitors / The MeetingFrench hornJerry Goldsmith4:25
Walls of AirFrench hornJerry Goldsmith1:35
Warm ValleyFrench hornAndré Previn5:29
Well DoneFrench hornJerry Goldsmith2:02
What Headphones?French hornAndré Previn6:08
Where Do You Start?horn and soloShirley Horn4:36
You Are My AllFrench hornAndré Previn5:26
You Never Gave Up on MeFrench hornAndré Previn4:32
You're Gonna Hear From MeFrench hornAndré Previn4:19
粉雪は忘れ薬French horn中島みゆき6:32
DingoFrench hornMiles Davis & Michel Legrand
Manilow Sings SinatraFrench hornBarry Manilow
TestifyFrench hornThe Simpsons
Testify: A Whole Lot More Original Music From the Television SeriesFrench hornThe Simpsons