Inon Zur

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2015Age of SirensInon Zur1


2014Universal Trailer Series: Eternal HeroInon Zur1

Album + Soundtrack

2001Fallout TacticsInon Zur1
2002Icewind Dale IIInon Zur3
2004Shadow Ops: Red MercuryInon Zur1
2004Syberia 2Inon Zur2
2006Lineage II Original Soundtrack: Oath of BloodInon Zur41
2007CrysisInon Zur3
2008Prince of PersiaStuart Chatwood & Inon Zur3
2009Dragon Age: OriginsInon Zur34
2010Company of Heroes: All Heroes RiseJeremy Soule, Ian Livingstone, Inon Zur & David Renn1
2010Company of Heroes: Songs From the FrontJeremy Soule, Ian Livingstone & Inon Zur1
2010Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana’s SongInon Zur32
2010Fallout New Vegas: Original Game SoundtrackInon Zur52
2011Dragon Age IIInon Zur2
2011Dragon Age II (Signature edition)Inon Zur1
2011Dragon Age II: The Darker SideInon Zur2
2011Dragon Age II: Epic TimesInon Zur2
2011Lineage II: InterludeInon Zur, Bill Brown, Hyobum Lim & Chihwan Kim1
2011The Lord of the Rings: War in the NorthInon Zur2
2012TERA Original SoundtrackRod Abernethy & Inon Zur1
2012ドラゴンズ ドグマ オリジナル・サウンドトラックTadayoshi Makino, Inon Zur, 近藤嶺 & 石川チャミィ2
2012Rift: Harmony of the Planes "Original Soundtrack"Inon Zur2
2013Fallout 3: Original Game SoundtrackInon Zur54
2015Sword Coast Legends (Original Game Soundtrack)Inon Zur1
2015Fallout 4: Original Game SoundtrackInon Zur52
2016Eagle FlightInon Zur1
2017Syberia 3 Official SoundtrackInon Zur1
2017Fallout 4: Music From Far Harbor & Nuka World (Original Game Soundtrack)Inon Zur1
2018The Elder Scrolls Blades: Original Game SoundtrackInon Zur1
2018Fallout 76 (Original Game Score)Inon Zur1
2019Into the StormInon Zur1
2020Fallout 76: Wastelanders (Original Game Score)Inon Zur1
2020Battle Through the Heaven, Vol. 1: Original Game SoundtrackInon Zur1
2021Fallout 76: Steel Dawn (Original Game Score)Inon Zur1


2018Into the StormInon Zur, Tina Guo & Caroline Campbell1
2019ShelayaInon Zur & Aubrey Ashburn1

Single + Soundtrack

2020Blacksad: Under the Skin (Main Theme)Inon Zur1

EP + Soundtrack

2015Fallout 4: Featured Music SelectionsInon Zur2
2018Fallout 76: Featured Music SelectionsInon Zur2

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